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Harry Potter and the Djinn by Nobodysboy
Chapter 8 : The Most Horrible Dream
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(I'm finally glad i'm getting on this. I've had a lot on my mind lately, and I had to read Phoenix. I liked, I just wasn't bothered by the death. As for this chapter, I don't know. I don't know how it will turn out. I hope it'll be good, though. Well, here goes nothing.)

It was more like a nightmare, really. He was walking through a series of hallways, following screams. They were the screams of a girl. He didn't at all like the sound of them; they sounded horifing. He was getting closer to the source of the sound. It was just beyond a door in front of him. He walked through it. He found himself in a vast room decorated like a cathedral. Except, there were a lot of horrible looking instruments along the wall. In the center, he found the source of the blood-curtling screams. Selina.

Standing over her was Lukas. He was trying to do something horrible to her. He looked as if he was trying rape her. "SELINA!" Harry was furious. He needed to stop Lukas before he did something horrible. He took out his wand. He used the first spell that came to mind: Expecto Patronum. He thought of him and Selina, out of Hogwarts and married. He was holding their child, Jermey Harry James Sirus Potter. A stag, bigger and brighter than before, shot out of the end of his wand. It must have scared Lukas, because he started to run. Harry watched as the stag trampled Lukas, knocing him unconcious, then disappear.

Selina got up, then his dream was over. He was in a cold sweat and he was all tangled in his bed sheats. He apparently had been screaming, because he heard voices. " Harry....Harry? Wassamater? he heard Ron's voice come from beside him. "Nothing Ron, go back to sleep." "Nah, Harry, it's already morning,I can smell breakfast." "Ok then

( I'm going to add more. I've just had a case of writers block. I was tired of having this part of the chapter sitting around on my computer. Anyways, I'm off to try to write more.)

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Harry Potter and the Djinn: The Most Horrible Dream


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