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Living as Dead by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11 - The Healers.
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Living as Dead

Chapter 11 - The Healers

A mournful presence hung in the air as Harry, Hermione, Sirius and the Weasley’s walked down the hallway in St Mungo’s. Harry would hear Mrs Weasley sniffle a few times, before she burst out into tears again. Ginny tried her hardest not to cry, but now and again a tear escaped her eye. The male population of the family looked very stern, but sad at the same time. They looked as if they wanted to keep their feelings inside.

Harry turned to look left, when he saw Hermione clinging onto Ron’s shoulder. Sirius walked a few strides behind him. Harry was leading the way. The potions that hung in the air of the hospital was quite refreshing for Harry, he was able to walk through the building without pain shooting up his legs.

Finally the group reached the room Tonks was sleeping in. She had asked them to come see her, because she felt sad and lonely. the Weasley’s, Harry, Hermione and Sirius made her feel better, with their jokes and things. Harry opened the door and felt Mrs Weasley brush past him.

“Oh Tonks! I am so sorry...” She was cut off by Remus’s frown.

“Molly, she is asleep.” He whispered. Mrs Weasley just took a seat.

Harry noticed two healers standing at the back of the room talking. He wanted to find out what they were chatting about, so he moved around to the other side of the bed, closer to the two.

“Bloody werewolf, I am suprised they let him in here to visit her. I suppose he is somehow related. Gosh I wonder what she would say if she woke up. Probably freak out or something.” One of them whispered. Harry felt an angry look cross across his face.

“Maybe we should go somewhere quieter. I Have to write up the report, we can talk then.” One of them said, eyeing Harry. The two witches made there way to the door.

Harry noticed that Hermione and Fred had been listening as well. He motioned for them to follow the healers down the corridor. Once the coast was clear they set off down the dimly lit corridor. The witches entered a near by room and closed the door behind them.

“You may be wanting some of these.” Fred motioned to his hand, which held three flesh coloured strings, which were known as extendable ears.

“I am suprised Fred, that you haven’t like upgraded them or anything. I mean they still look the same.” Harry said, starring at the Weasley’s creation.

“Oh yes, we have upgraded them. They now can hear through anything, even with a silencing charm put upon it!” He exclaimed brightly, handing them over.

The three stuck the ears onto the door and listened to the silence behind. Finally a noise was heard from behind the door.

“What? You mean the werewolf was the father? No wonder the baby didn’t survive!” One exclaimed.

“The baby didn’t survive because he was a werewolf and she was a metamorphagus or something. Didn’t you see her changing her hair colour? The two just didn’t go together. Do you mind keeping your voice down, I have to write this” the other said.

“You mean you have no worries about him being a werewolf? Gosh if it was me as the wife, I would have him thrown into Azkaban!” Harry had heard enough and reached for the door handle. But Hermione and Fred held him back.

“You don’t wont our cover thrown!” Fred exclaimed in a whisper.

“Fine” Harry said as he stormed off back to the room that housed Tonks.

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