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Still In Love With You by scarlet phoenix feathers
Chapter 1 : Still In Love With You
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Still In Love With You

Bill Weasley apparated into the lounge of his flat and began rushing about to pick up the mess. The flat was in the typical condition that you would expect from a bachelor. Empty bottles of butterbeer and fire whiskey lay about. While piles of dirty robes lay in heaps around the room. Take out boxes were scattered around the room including under the edge of the sofa. The Leaky Cauldron had grown quite accustomed to Bill stopping by for meals, as did other local cafes in Diagon Alley. What would his mother say if she saw this mess? He shuttered to think. He had all of fifteen minutes to hide it before the love of his life showed up. He took his wand from his inside pocket thought it was now or never to try out the cleaning spells his mother had always tried to teach him.

Bill had been seeing Fleur Delacour for eight months and he was at the point of moving forward. He was surprised at how fast he had fallen for her. He wanted to let down his guard and let her into his life completely. He had not even professed the love he had for her yet. But tonight was going to change everything.

Once the dirty laundry had been haphazardly been thrown into the wardrobe he stuffed the full garbage bag into the cupboard out of sight. He straightened the pillows on the sofa as he put a comb through his wet hair. He scanned the room. A new record. Lounge presentable, shower done, and take out on its way. He lit a few candles and sat back to take a quick breath.


There before him stood the woman he loved. The most beautiful woman on the face of the earth. He stood and made his way to her to hug her and get a kiss.

“Oh Bill, my hair.” She quickly released the embrace and began running her fingers through the long mane of blonde hair that flowed from her head.

“Sorry,” he said, “Dinner is on its way. Would you like some wine?”

“What do you have?” She looked down at her fingernails as if she were completely bored.

“White!” He smiled. He had spent a great deal of time trying to pick out the perfect bottle.

“I guess it will have to do, won’t it?” She never looked up to meet his eyes.

He poured the wine and sat beside her taking her hand. “Fleur, we have been seeing each other for some time now and I have loved every minute of it.”

She quickly interrupted him. “Bill, you are so sweet. How long do you think it will be before dinner arrives?” She asked cutting off his train of thought.

“Uum, maybe thirty minutes.” He didn’t know what to think.

“I need to run a quick errand before a shop closes. I’ll be right back.” She didn’t wait for a reply; she hopped up and apparated before he could say a thing.


Bill worked a bit in the kitchen while drinking the entire bottle of wine. He pulled out a folder and began reading through it. He was soon wrapped up in the maps and codes of Gringotts. He didn’t even notice Fleur had arrived.

“Bill, how long am I to wait before you notice me?” She placed her hands on her hips and strummed them in a fast rhythm.

“Please, have a seat.” He hurried around to her chair and pulled it from the table for her to sit.

As they sat down to eat, Fleur began to look closely at the plate before her plate and sniffed.

“Fleur,” He began again. “The reason I requested that we have dinner here is because I wanted privacy.”

Her attention was on him now, however she didn’t look excited at the fact that he wanted to be alone.

Dinner had been extremely quite and soon they ended up on the sofa. Bill tried to continue.

“Sweetheart, I know it has only been a short while, but I know that I love you. I enjoy our time together and I want us to always to be together. I guess what I’m trying to say is… will you marry me?” He presented a modest ring to her.

“Oh, Bill, I’m a bit shocked.” She had yet to show any real emotion.

He didn’t know what to say but he hoped she could see how she felt. He took her hand, caressing her fingers and kissed it. He then removed the ring from the small velvet box and delicately placed it on her finger. He stared into her bright blue eyes looking for a sign of happiness.

“Darling,” She turned her hand in different directions admiring the ring or so he thought. “It’s so…so…small.”

He was shocked, absolutely shocked.

She shrugged her shoulders. “I’ll let you get me a larger one.” She kissed his cheek and sat back holding her tea cup.

Bill now felt the heat rising inside and could feel his face beaming red. “Fleur Delacour! That is one of the rudest things I’ve ever heard in my life. Just who do you think you are? I pour out my heart and give you my life and all your worried about is some ring? For Merlin’s sake!! I don’t need this.” He grabbed his cloak and apparated to the back garden of the Burrow leaving her standing there alone.

Bill sat in the swing and watched the reflection of the moon on the garden pond. “How could I be so thick?” He asked himself, and then answered himself thereafter. “Because I love her.”


Fleur sat on the sofa not believing the event that had just taken place. “Honestly, what an oaf. Men need you to spell everything out for them.” She gathered her things and apparated to her mothers home.

“Mum!” She screamed like a tattling child.

A woman bearing a great resemblance to Fleur came into the room. “What is it dear?”

“Look!” She thrust her hand to her mother to show her the ring.

“Oh, how lovely, does this mean Bill has proposed?” She was ecstatic.

“Well, yes,” She stuttered. “but look how small. When I brought it to his attention he left me sitting all alone in his flat.” She rolled her eyes like he had been the rude person here.

“Fleur, how could you? You are a spoiled brat. That man has been nothing but wonderful to you.” She looked disgusted by her daughter’s behavior. “You act more like your grandmother everyday, and it pains my heart to see it. Bless her, she was my mother, but she was spoiled too.” Fleur’s grandmother had always said men were nothing but servants. They were put her to please her. “You may have just lost the most precious man you will ever meet. He has put up with your attitude a lot longer than any of the others.”

“I haven’t lost him.” She said rather smugly. She then thought he was very angry when he left. She had never actually seen him like that before. “Have I?” She then felt something that she had never felt before…love. Tears began to well up in her eyes. “Mum, I love him, I can’t lose him now.” She tried hard to swallow the lump in her throat. Her breathing was becoming shallow and her hands were trembling. “What do I do now?”

Mrs. Delacour had hoped her daughter would realize what she already knew. “Go after him, find him, and tell him what you’ve told me.”


Mrs. Weasley bustled about the kitchen wanting desperately for Bill to talk to her. She had been to the garden several times, but he refused. She was just thankful that it wasn’t dreadfully cold out today. She turned her head to the door that lead to the lounge. She swore she heard the distinct sound of someone apparating coming from that direction.

“Is anyone home?”

Fleur. Mrs. Weasley thought now that she could very well be the cause of Bill’s moping. “In here dear.” She called.

The door flung open and Fleur appeared, her eyes red and puffy. “Please tell me you have seen Bill. He left the flat in an awful rage. I’m afraid I have upset him.” She felt horrible. The one man that truly loved her, and not because she was part Veela, she had hurt.

“He’s in the garden dear. He won’t speak to me. What is going on?” Mrs. Weasley questioned her.

She broke down and sobbed uncontrollably. “Mrs. Weasley, I have been a horrid person and I have some apologies to make to Bill. Please?”

Although Mrs. Weasley wanted the whole story, she led her to the back door. She could sense the urgency in Fleur’s voice and hope Bill would talk to someone.


Fleur stood just feet from Bill and was going over in her head what she intended to say. She looked at him as he lie back on the bench with his eyes shut. He was so handsome. He had one arm resting on his forehead and the other lay across his waist. She heard him mumbling things about how much love stank and he would never pour his heart out again. She couldn’t stand to hear him so upset. She had to make it better. She finally broke her silence. “Bill.”

He sat upright not quite believing she was standing there. “Come to finish stomping on my heart, did you? You know, I had reservations about asking you out. I really didn’t want to put my heart on the line for a Veela, even a part Veela. I guess I should have listened with my head and not my heart. All my heart has given me is grief.”

“Please, Bill, stop.”

“No! I have listened to your last insult. I have bent over backwards for you. NO MORE, Fleur. Go find some other bloke to make a fool of, I’m done.” He turned his back to her and began walking. He didn’t know where, but he had to walk.

Fleur began sobbing again. “Bill!” She screamed. “I love you.” She managed through the tears. Her voice cracked and jerked. “I’m sorry I hurt you. Let me make it up to you. Let me be your wife.” She had lost control. She fell to her knees, her face in her hands.

Bill turned swiftly seeing her on the ground. Without thinking, as if by instinct, he rushed to her side and took her into his arms. She turned her red, tear-stained face to him. “Please forgive me. I’ve been a horrible person. I can’t lose you now. Please, Bill.” She continued to beg his forgiveness.

How could he not forgive her? She was the love of his life. “I’ll get you the ring you deserve one day, I promise.”

“You already have, I want this one. You bought it out of love. Love for me.” She took his face in her hands and kissed him. She pushed the long locks from his eyes and kissed him again.

Bill chuckled as he helped her to stand. “It seems I’ve messed up your hair.”

She smiled. “It doesn’t matter.”

“I love you, Fleur.” Bill swooped her up and carried her to the Burrow, all the while kissing her like there wouldn’t be a tomorrow.

And there standing in the door was a very happy Mrs. Weasley, smiling.

A/N Okay, call me a hopeless romantic that wants everyone to be happy. I am planning fic like this for every Weasley family member. I already have Ron and Hermione's posted. Thanks to all of you who have supported me thus far. I appreciate it.

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