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Living as Dead by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9 - The Ritual
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Living as Dead

Chapter 9 - The Ritual


In a room at the back of the Department of Mysteries was a veil. A veil like no other. This veil was the door between life and death, yin and yang. It was the door way to heaven, but also the doorway to hell.

Anyone who ever ventured in there, never came out alive. Or as was thought. Anyone who had been watching would have seen a sharp light emit out of nowhere. It disappeared as quickly as it came, leaving nothing.

Then suddenly a black dog fell clumsily out of the veil, landing on it side. It picked it self up and jumped around the room like it had never been free before. If anyone had been watching they would have seen the foot prints of the dog, slowly change to those of a man.

Standing in the corner of the room was someone who wasn’t supposed to be there. He wasn’t lifeless, like he was meant to be after seven years. He wore a smirk on his face. His black hair was pulled back into a pony tail and his eyes were full of life. His robes were not as they were seven years ago though, they were now tatty and worn. His wand was held in his hand.

The dog starred around at his surroundings and smiled. With a crack he Disapparated into thin air, causing anyone that was watching to jump. But no one was watching. No one saw the man disappear. He was thought to be dead. Cleared of all charges, but dead. He was Sirius Black, Harry Potter’s godfather, he was back.


“What was that?” Someone asked after a long silence. Harry turned to his right and saw that it was Tonks. The one that always broke the uneasy silences. Harry smiled at this.

Dumbledore smiled. He turned to face Tonks. “Just you wait and see. It is a surprise. I think that one of our old friends will come to pay a visit soon enough.” Everyone frowned in confusion at these words. Who was coming to visit. Wasn’t everyone here. The only person who had been part of the order beforehand that wasn’t here, was Sirius Black. But he was gone. He was dead.

A sudden crack made everyone jump. Chairs collided with each other and people landed on top of each other. The only three people left standing or sitting, where Dumbledore, Moody and Harry. They starred around the room raising their eyebrows. Harry had grown used to people Disapparating in and out. It was done constantly near his cell. Nothing really surprised him anymore.

“What the hell was that?” One of the members said.

“Someone just apparated. They can’t do that!” Another said.

“Yeah. Someone must have told them where the house is!”

“No one has been told, other than the people who already know.” Dumbledore said calmly. Everyone went silent, trying to interpret what the old man had just said.

“What do you mean, Albus?” Professor McGonagall asked.

“I mean that know one has told anyone. There is only one other person that is not here. Can you guess who that is?” He asked her.

She raised an eyebrow and starred at the Headmaster. Then suddenly it hit her. “You mean. He is still alive?” She asked.

“Yes Minerva. He is more alive than ever. I think he is looking for us right now.” no one understood what he meant. Sirius Black was surely not alive. He was the only other.

There was a knock on the door and Dumbledore went to open it.

“Are you sure Albus. It could be a Death Eater.” Said the paranoid Moody.

“I am sure Alastor.” He said calmly and opened the door. A black dog came bounding in. He jumped over to where Harry was sitting and started to lick his face. Harry just starred a the dog in shock, as did the rest of the group.

The animal slowly changed back to a man.

“I’m Black and I’m back!” He finally said, seeing the facing everyone was styling.

“Sirius?” Harry asked. The man looked down at Harry, before engulfing him in a huge hug.

“Harry.” He said. “I have missed you guys!” He tried to run his fingers through his hair, but it was in dreadlocks now and would not part. Even though he had spent seven years in that place, his face had not changed. He had not grown a beard or a moustache and he still had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Dumbledore reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace of a dog. He set it on the table with the others. “It seems like we need another.” He said. “Please sit down Sirius, we can chat later.” Dumbledore swished his wand and another chair appeared next the Harry’s. He gladly sat down and smiled at all the faces that were starring at him.

Harry smiled too. It must be quite a shock for two people, who were thought to be dead, to suddenly show up in the space of four weeks. But Sirius didn’t know that Harry had been missing for five years. He was going to have tell him later.

Dumbledore stood and the rest of the group fell silent from their whispers. They all looked up at the old man.

“Now as you know this is a secret keeping ritual, so you must keep quiet at all times, unless I tell you to speak.” He lifted up an old book and placed it on the table with the others.

The Order members took turns swearing that they would not tell anyone and signing a piece of parchment, which disappeared into thin air. It was now Harry’s turn and he slowly got up, Lupin helping him. Sirius look confused at this, but he kept quiet. Harry strolled over to the table and signed the piece of parchment. It turned a green colour and dissolved. Harry frowned at the colour. Everything he had or did seemed to be green, emerald green. That was Voldemort’s colour.

Harry pulled out his wand, despite the fact that his legs wanted to give in. He placed the tip on the book as Dumbledore showed him. He muttered the words that it said on the book, but no sound came out. No one had heard him. Suddenly the emerald on his necklace glowed red. It was a strange site, but no one looked miffed. Harry picked up the necklace and sat back down on his chair, his legs screaming at him.

Next was Sirius’s turn. He had done this before. He was supposedly Harry’s parent’s secret keeper, but changed it at the last minute. The necklace with the dog on it gleamed a red colour as well and Sirius went back to sit down.

The last pendant that sat on the table was the one styling a Phoenix. This was obviously Dumbledore, because as soon as he had signed the parchment, it glowed a gold colour. He picked it up and pulled it around his neck.

“Now that is over and done with, we should all go back down stairs and have that chat we have been waiting for.” With that they all climbed down the stairs, Harry, being helped.

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