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Living as Dead by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8 - The Flower Bunch
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Living as Dead

Chapter 8 - The Flower Bunch

That afternoon an eerie silence hung in the house. Remus had gone off to find Dumbledore and the others were in Diagon Ally. Harry lay on the couch alone and stared at the ceiling. The cracks on the roof made different patterns, and Harry tried to make pictures out of them. It was hopeless; Harry wanted to go do something.

He swung around to sit up, no longer deciphering cracks on the roof. He pulled himself up to lean on his legs. Pain rose up to his thighs as he walked through the hallway. Where was he going? He didn’t know, he just wanted to go do something. He walked out to the back garden and saw the patch of trees where he had once lay, five years ago. It was a strange feeling being near that patch again. He could almost here whispers of unwelcome guests. The trees where not supposed to be at Grimauld Place, they just stood there covered with a sickly green moss.

Sitting on the ground was a bunch of dead flowers, obviously put there by one of the order. He reluctantly walked over to them and picked up the bunch. Sitting in between the leaves of the bunch was a small letter. It was addressed to Mr Harry Potter. Harry shivered as he turned it around in his fingers.

Harry turned the letter over and ripped it open. It was no less than three weeks old, according to the date at the top of the letter.


you have once again escaped from my presence. But be assured, not for long. It may be weeks, months, or years. But be ready, because I will come for you again, and this time I won’t play nice. Your friends may be a good start, so just be aware, there may be more deaths than you bargained for. That is unless you tell me the Prophecy, then everything can be forgotten, I can kill you and your friends won’t be harmed, just under my control. There is nothing you can do, so don’t try. Be ready.

Sincerely Lord Voldemort.

Harry felt a shiver run down his spine. He won’t play nice this time. He had never played nice. Torturing of was not playing either, it was an inhumane act of terror. Harry felt tears swelling in his eyes, but refused to let them fall. He felt like fainting, but only fell to the ground from the exhaustion of being on his legs too long. He dragged himself under a tree and fell into a light, dreamless sleep of pain.


“Harry? What are you doing out here?” Came a clumsy voice from beside his fallen body.

Harry shifted and opened his eyes, wincing at the pain in his legs. Standing next to him was no other than Tonks. She frowned at Harry before sitting down next to him.

“Tonks?” Harry barely said.

“What are you doing out here? We have been looking everywhere for you. You should be on the couch. You weren’t meant to get up.” She said, patting Harry’s leg, causing him to wince even more. After she muttered her apologies, he started to talk.

“I wanted to get some fresh air.” He finally said. Then he held up the flowers. “ Then I found these.” He handed them to Tonks.

“One of the Order must have put them there ages ago.” She said, not looking sure herself.

“No, I found this too.” He handed her the note. It had been sealed with dark green wax, forming the shape of a snake. She flicked open the letter and minutes later gasped.

“Have you found him, Tonks?” Someone called from inside the house.

“Yes. You’d better come here Remus.” She said.

Instantly Lupin came running from the house. Tonks gave him the letter after he looked Harry over. He scanned the letter before handing it back to Tonks, frowning. He then whispered something to Tonks.

“Dumbledore is waiting for us inside.” He grabbed Harry’s arm, Tonks doing the same with the other and helped him inside.

They climbed the stairs towards the room at the top of the house. Sitting in the room was a lot of the Order. Ron, Hermione and Ginny sat on the floor. Hermione holding Estel and Ron refused to look up, an annoyed look was set upon his face.

Mr and Mrs Weasley stood opposite the door. Bill and Charlie were with their wives, as well as Fred, George, Ally and Samantha. Moody stood away from everyone, starring out the window, while some of Harry’s old professor’s sat on chairs.

Harry frowned at Snape who sat there starring at the floor. Snape had been the only one that he had seen during his time locked away. Why hadn’t Snape told anyone? Obviously he was still a spy for Dumbledore, so why hadn’t the Headmaster been informed. Harry thought, maybe Snape had not seen him. His back always towards him when ever Harry caught a glance at him. Other times Harry was locked up in a tiny cell.

Other members sat around the room. Most of the members where ones that could be trusted to not tell anyone.

“They found you, Harry.” Dumbledore exclaimed. Harry frowned even more. He felt like a trinket of some sort, something that would get lost easily.

“Dumbledore, maybe you should read this.” Tonks gave him the letter and led Harry to a seat at the other end of the room. Dumbledore scanned the letter and frowned just like Remus. He handed it back and began his speech.

“As you all know, we have to perform the secret keeping ritual again, because of Harry’s appearance. Do you all still have your necklaces?” Everyone nodded. But Remus seemed to notice something.

“Harry doesn’t have one, Albus.” He said flatly.

“Oh, I think he does.” Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled. It took the words a while to sink in, but Harry realised something.

In his seventh year, he had ventured down to the Chamber of Secrets for the last time. He was sent there to get something, a book. He retrieved the book, but on doing that he found a necklace. He hadn’t told anyone about it, but Dumbledore was sure to know about it. Dumbledore knew everything.

Harry reached down his collar and closed his fingers around the pendant. He pulled it out for everyone to see. It was a green emerald, the same colour as his eyes. Around the edge was a metal pattern, holding it into place. It hung on a silver chain, which was fastened around Harry’s neck. He had forgotten about the necklace and starred down at it in disbelief.

He pulled the pendant off from around his neck and handed it to Dumbledore, who accepted it. After studying it for a great while, he offered it back to Harry. Harry was going to take it back, but decided to just use his wand less powers and summoned it back to his hand. The room gasped, but soon realised what he had actually done and clapped. Harry blushed and looked at the floor.

“Now we must get on with the ritual.” Dumbledore placed a small table in middle and motioned for everyone to place their necklaces upon it. Harry sent his over without thinking.

Dumbledore starred at the necklaces for a long time. He was thinking hard about something. Suddenly something hit Dumbledore, like a jet of water. He looked shocked, though his face did not show this emotion as much as it would on a normal person. He reached forward and placed Harry’s pendant in his hand. He then grabbed another pendant of a silver Phoenix and placed it into the back of the pendant. It was a perfect fit. He muttered something under his breathe, which, Harry couldn’t quite get, but it sounded something like veil.

A light glow emitted from the pendant and lit up the whole room. Everyone starred at the two necklaces, scared to take their eyes off them. Dumbledore took them apart and the light quickly Disapparated. The whole room was left speechless. What ever Dumbledore had done, it must have been important, because he smiled and his eyes twinkled with glee.

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