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Living as Dead by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7 - The Album
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Living as Dead

Chapter 7 - The Album

Two days later

Harry had been let out of St Mungo’s a day later. All the visits he had from old friends were very enjoyable. He learnt a lot about everyone’s lives and what they were doing. Mrs Weasley also gave him a photo album which had photos from the last five years in it.

Harry enjoyed flicking through it.

It was now a very cold day and Harry sat in front of the fire at Grimauld Place. He watched the flames flicker, like something growing. He remembered seeing Sirius’s face for the first time in those flames. He hadn’t really got over the fact that Sirius was gone and felt tears welling in his eyes. Everything in the house reminded Harry of Sirius, including things that hadn’t been there when he was. All Harry thought was that, if Sirius were alive, he would get to enjoy the house as well.

Harry learnt that Kreacher had died and was now buried in the back garden and against the house elves will, no head had been placed on the wall, which no longer housed the many elf heads. The picture of Mrs Black still hung on the wall, though someone had managed to place a silencing charm upon it, so her screams were never heard again, even when Tonks tripped over things.

Harry opened the album in him lap and began to look at the pictures again. The first one was a picture of the new Order. One that Harry was in. His friends were standing to either side of him and they were all waving at the camera happily.

There were pictures of them graduating from Hogwarts. Harry not knowing that he was wasn’t going to be seen for the next five years. He wanted to warn the picture Harry of what was to come, but he knew it was hopeless and remained where he was.

The next pictures shocked him. He wondered how anyone could take them. They were of his tombstone. He then noticed that the pictures were actually newspaper clippings. He hit him self on the head for not seeing that before. Standing around the tombstone were many people dressed in black. It seemed that most of the wizarding community had come out to see the funeral. Harry felt angry at this, knowing that hardly any of them knew him personally. Standing near the front of the tomb stone, blocking Hermione and Ron from view, was no other that Mr Fudge. He was almost smiling for the camera, but his weak attempt to look sad had worked.

Photos that followed were of Hermione and Ron’s wedding. The two were so happy with each other. Harry felt the same way for them. He really wanted to have been there, on their happy day.

Other photos were of the twins weddings. They seemed to have had a joined wedding, the people they married, Harry know knew, were also twins. Both of them, Fred and George had met, while working at their joke shop. The twin’s names were Ally and Samantha. They were very sweet. Harry had met them earlier that day at the headquarters, when everyone had come round for lunch.

Bill had married Fleur Delacour and Charlie had married a petite lady named Izabelle. The photos of there weddings were like the others, very happy and full of laughter.

Harry learnt that Ginny’s finance was no other than Dead Thomas. A Gryffindor, who had been in the same school year as Harry throughout Hogwarts.

Other photos that were later shown in the album were of baby Estel and Remus and Tonks’s wedding. There big day had been one of a kind. Tonks had changed her hair to a white colour to match her wedding dress. Her hair hung in ringlets down her back. Scattered throughout her hair were small red flowers which matched a pendent she wore in the middle of her chest.

Remus was wearing a suit, but had no tie or bow tie. His white shirt was opened at the top; it looked like he was finally free. Harry asked Lupin about this and was told that the new werewolf potion had been discovered and made public only days before. Harry looked back at the picture and saw a silver pendent hanging around Remus’s neck. It shone in the light of the cathedral and looked positively angel like.

“Remus?” Harry was asked to now call him Remus.

“Yes Harry?” , Came a voice from the kitchen. Remus Lupin came into view and strode over to the fireplace. “What is it?”

“What that around your neck?” Harry asked. Remus sighed and sat down.

“After you disappeared everyone was worried. Voldemort made threats on Ron and Hermione and their family’s as well as the rest of the Order. Everyone, who could be trusted, in the Order were made secret keepers of each other. Each given a special silver pendant. I was made Ron and Hermione's.” He fished out the pendent and showed it to Harry. “Even if I was to tell someone where Hermione and Ron are, they would have to kill me and the rest of the Order to proceed in finding them, and seeing as Ron and Hermione are part of the Order as well, this would be impossible. It was another other of Dumbledore’s great ideas.”

“I see. But now I am here, doesn’t that stuff the whole thing up?” Harry asked.

“Yes, unfortunately, when we discovered you were alive, we learnt that the charms would have never worked anyway. So we will have to do it again. Dumbledore decided to perform the ritual late this afternoon; I was just about to tell you, in fact.” Lupin frowned at the coincidence.

“Thank you Remus.” Exclaimed Harry as he stretched out his legs on the couch. He had been set up their by Mrs Weasley. Hardly able to walk, it was a good thing for Harry to stay in the same spot. A white rung covered Harry’s body from the chill, this, Harry threw off, spinning around to stand up.

Remus immediately grabbed one of Harry’s arms and helped him up. Once standing Harry swayed a small bit before sitting back down again.

“I really need to learn to walk again.” said Harry as he tried to stand up again. This time he succeeded and walked into the kitchen, before plonking himself down on a wooden stool. His legs aching. He remembered walking in the hospital, but that was different, healing potions hung in the air there, they didn’t hang here.

“Harry, you are not well, you shouldn’t be up and about.” Remus sighed.

“The only way I am going to get better is if I do things.” Harry exclaimed.

“That's not true.” Pointed out Remus. Harry sighed in defeated. “You really need rest, you have hardy slept for the pasted few days.”

‘I know, but I couldn’t, I wasn’t tired Remus and I still am not tired.” He said. “I wasn’t to go do something.”

“Why don’t we play a game of some sort? Ron has the best Wizards chess game. We love to play it. I’ll verse you.” Remus exclaimed. Harry shrugged and stood up again, slowly making his way back to the couch. He really hated the thought of being cooped up in this house all day long. But who was he to complain. Sirius was cooped up in here for ages.

Harry sighed and started to play against Remus, discovering that his ex-DADA teacher was very good at playing.

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Living as Dead: Chapter 7 - The Album


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