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Living as Dead by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6 - Visits
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Living as Dead

Chapter 6 - Visits

A blinding flash was coming form somewhere. It was coming from him. The light enough to knock out anyone else, but this was different for Harry. The light must have been coming from him wand. It pointed at a cloaked figure.

Was Harry 17 again? Was that Voldemort? Harry heard the evil wizard laugh. The teenager had been struck by the death curse. But he was still alive, but barely. His knees felt weak. His eyes were sore. The next thing he knew, he was lying on the ground. His eyes, struggling to keep open, finally closed in defeat.

“Harry? Harry! HARRY?” Harry shot up out of his bed. The light was shining through his window on to the hospital bed. He turned to see Lupin sitting in the chair next to him. His arm was rested on Harry’s shoulder, as if trying to wake him up.

“You were having a bad dream.” He said. The colour drowned from Harry’s cheeks. Had Remus heard him scream? Did he here Harry calling for help. He felt embarrassed by the whole situation and fell back onto his pillow.

“How are you feeling? You’ve been out cold for three weeks!” Lupin explained.

“...I woke up yesterday. I read the article the Skeeter wrote. I can’t believe she was there, in the house. She made it sound like she was friends with Ron and Hermione, like she was allowed to be there.” Harry was angry at the journalist, she had invaded there privacy. Now she had told the whole wizarding word of his troubles. At least they were going to believe him this time.

“Yes, I know. Hermione went straight to the Ministry of magic, Mr Timothy Marchbanks.” Harry was shocked at the name.

“Is he related to my OWL and NEWT examiner? That ancient person who took me for my exams?”

“Yes that Marchbank’s Grandson. He is quite the Minister. Much better than Fudge. He was voted out a year after you went. He was spreading rumours you were still alive and stuff. I wonder how he acted when he read the Daily Prophet the other week. For once in his life, his rumours were true.” Lupin smirked. “But of course, he was going to go someday, no doubt. After he didn’t believe that V-Voldemort was back, people haven’t trusted him one bit. Saying that he was hard on you. Saying it was his fault that you were killed.” Harry couldn’t believe it. Lupin had stuttered at Voldemort’s name. Of all people. Harry knew perfectly well that Lupin had never been scared of stated the man’s name. Maybe while Harry was gone fear of the name had increased.

“Why was it his fault?” one of Harry’s eyebrows shot up, he was astonished.

“Oh these stories have a way of getting back to Fudge. There was that one that he ordered that your body be taken away before anyone laid there hands on it. That he had buried your body somewhere in Romania. Very amazing stories most of these. A lot of them coming from the Quibbler magazine.” Lupin told him as he glared out the window into the street below.

“How’s that going?” Harry questioned him.

“Luna Lovegood has taken over the business after her father fell sick with dragon pox. But he is recovering here in St Mungo’s. In fact I think I saw him leaving earlier today.” Lupin pointed out.

“How long, exactly, have you been here?” Harry wondered. He lifter his eyebrow for a second time.

“Long enough.” Remus smiled. Harry didn’t understand, but he felt the rest of the colour in his cheeks wash away.

“Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes. Hermione went to see the Minister of Magic. Told him about the whole business with Skeeter being an Animagis. Skeeter was going to be sent to Azkaban. But seeing that it is not fit for someone like her, she is doing community service for the rest of her career.” Lupin told Harry. Harry smirked, one that could probably battle against Malfoy’s famous one.

“What are you doing these days, Lupin? You need to get me up to date with everything.” Harry asked the werewolf.

“Well, I was teaching at Hogwarts for one year. That was last year. But in between, I was granted my wish to become an auror. Oh, yeah and they created a really wonderful potion which lets me only transform for an hour on a full moon. So for the rest of the night I am my self. I change at midnight and change back at one.” Harry smiled at this. He remembered seeing his old professor suffer in his third year at Hogwarts.

“What Ron and Hermione up to?”

“Hermione’s working under Arthur, in the misuse of Muggle artefacts department of the ministry. She is doing a wonderful job and is going to take over as head when Arthur retires.” He told Harry.

“What about Ron?”

“Ron... eh... Hasn’t actually had a job since you disappeared. Refused every opportunity. He had in his mind that you were going to come back and become an auror with him. Now your back, I think he feels you’ve betrayed him by not coming back sooner to work with him or because you didn’t contact him.”

“He knows that I couldn’t contact him. HE KNOWS I WAS BEING BLOODY WELL TORTURED!” Harry bust out. Making Lupin jump out of his seat.

“Calm down, Harry. I think he knows that. But you know how stubborn Ron can be sometimes.” Remus comforted him with a reassuring hand on him shoulder.

At that very moment nine eight redheads, a heavily thick brunette and a lime green haired person walked into Harry’s room. He heard the door click behind them, before turning to see their shadows behind the white hospital curtain.

Tonks walked around first, she was even more pregnant than before, when Harry last saw her. She placed a kiss on Remus’s cheek before stealing his seat next to the bed. Harry figured that the baby, Tonks was carrying, was probably Lupin’s and that they had been married.

Before Harry was taken, he remembered how close the two had been in his last two years of schooling. They seemed so happy together, and Harry was happy for them. Remus defiantly needed a bit a cheering up, after what happened in the Department of Mysteries.

After she walked in, a brunette and a whole heap of redheads came into view. Harry recognised them all immediately.

There was Mrs Weasley. She hadn’t aged very much, but she still wore a huge comforting smile and had rose coloured cheeks. She seemed very merry to see Harry for the first time in five years. Or was it? Had they been to see him while he was out cold? Harry wondered, but was soon shocked out of his thoughts when he saw Mr Weasley.

Mr Weasley was still the merry old man he had been before Harry had left, but had aged a lot more. He wasn’t wearing a miss match of old muggle clothes anymore, but a nicely made, green dragon skin suit. Fred and George were wearing the same, though each of them styled a very peculiar orange tie.

Ginny was still there. She had left school by now and was looking very beautiful. Her hair was tied up in a loose bun, small parts of wavy hair escaping down her shoulders. He pulled her hand up to scratch her nose. A beautiful diamond ring was set upon her finger. She was obviously engaged. Harry felt very happy for her.

Both Charlie and Bill were there. Bill still styling his long hair and a Dragon tooth or claw earring. Obviously his mother still hadn’t talked him into cutting his hair. Charlie looked very handsome wearing a set of black dragon skin clothes. He no longer had burn marks all over his hands and looked as though he hadn’t been near a dragon, other than his clothes, for a while.

Then there was Hermione. Harry had seen her before. She was still as beautiful as she had ever been. Her thick, no longer bushy, but wavy hair hung down her shoulders. Harry had figured out that she was now married to Ron, because it said in the Daily Prophet, that she was now Hermione Weasley. She smiled sweetly and held her baby in her arms. Estel had now a head of bright red hair and was talking baby talk, drooling at the same time. Hermione quickly wiped her mouth and sat Estel on the edge of Harry’s bed.

“You don’t mind, do you?” She asked. Harry shook his head, staring at the baby’s eyes. They were not unlike his own.

Ron was standing behind the group, looking as though he did not want to talk at all. He stared at the floor and lent against the wall furthest away from Harry’s bed.

Harry simply smiled at this, knowing that Ron probably felt bad about what he had done, and didn’t know what to do. Harry was ready to forgive, but he had to wait for Ron to say sorry first.

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