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Princess of Poverty and the Pureblood Prince by Raindrops of the Moon
Chapter 1 : Princess of Poverty and the Pureblood Prince
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Chapter 1- Princess of Poverty and the Pureblood Prince

A/N: This story is based on the movie Ever After, or at least some parts are. I do not own either the plot of Ever After, Cold by Crossfade, or any of J.K. Rowling’s wonderful characters.

“Looking back at me I see
That I never really got it right
I never stopped to think of you
I'm always wrapped up in
Things I cannot win
You are the antidote that gets me by
Something strong
Like a drug that gets me high

What I really meant to say
Is I'm sorry for the way I am
I never meant to be so cold to you”
-Cold by Crossfade

Katrina Leblanche walked down the corridor to Charms, brooding as she usually did. People swarmed around her, but she didn’t notice them. And in turn, they ignored her.

Katrina was too busy worrying about how she was going to live down the taunts of her fellow fifth years to notice any of the students. Katrina was poor and despised the fact that her awful step-sister Malena had told everyone in her year this truth. What enraged Katrina was not that everyone knew about her financial state, but that Malena and her sister Sophie were rich.

The problem was Katrina’s step-mother. When she was only nine, her father had died of malaria, leaving behind his only daughter and recent wife and her two daughters. Katrina quickly shook these thoughts out of her head; she didn’t feel like remembering the day her life had been turned upside-down.

Katrina felt a pang of sadness as she remembered how her school uniform had been bought from a dingy second-hand store while Malena and Sophie had been allowed to buy all new robes from Madam Malkins’ shop. It didn’t help that Malena always teased her in public, humiliating her in front of her stupid, popular friends.

As she shoved through the sea of students, constantly being jostled, Katrina heard the all-too-familiar voice of Malena, who was flirting with her obnoxious boyfriend Kevin.

“Oh, Kevin, you’re so cute!” she gushed, leaning in and tickling Kevin under his chin, about as close as two people could be to each other.

Katrina rolled her eyes in annoyance. The last thing she felt like dealing with was watching Malena and Kevin make out in public.

‘What a show off,’ Katrina thought disgustedly. ‘It’s downright revolting if you ask me.’

Soon Malena and her cluster of brainless followers came into view. With her perfect hair and perfect teeth and perfect “perfectness”, Malena was always strutting around the school. She was also head of Sirius Black’s little fan club.

In a way, Katrina almost felt sorry for Kevin. He was completely clueless to Malena’s obsession with Sirius. But Kevin was always mean to her, simply because Malena was. He was yet another mindless person who tried to be like her bratty step-sister.

Sirius Black. If there was anyone who was more insufferable than Malena, it was Sirius Black.

Sirius was the most popular guy in school, and he knew it. He and his friends, the so-called Marauders, were some of the most self-confident and arrogant guys to walk the planet. Well, Remus Lupin seemed more modest than the others, but he had his moments too.


Katrina stood walked into the Entrance Hall along with the other soon-to-be first years. She was terrified, as people traded scared whispers of horrible tests you had to take in order to get sorted. Whispers of which house you wanted to get in flew around, as Katrina tried to make a last-minute decision.

She was very nervous; she had never seen so many people in her life! Her step-mother had kept her inside the house at all times, only letting her out to feed their animals and take care of the garden.

Just then, Professor McGonagall appeared and opened the doors to the Great hall. She was dignified and clearly someone who didn’t take excuses. She lined the students up and brought the tattered Sorting Hat forward.

‘A hat?’ she thought incredulously. ‘All you have to do is put on a hat?’

Then the hat started to sing, and by the time it had finished, Katrina’s head was spinning with confusion. The hat knew what you were thinking? This was definitely not good.

The first student was announced, and when it was their turn, they jumped a foot the minute it was put on their head. Katrina decided that maybe the Sorting Hat wasn’t as nice as it had seemed.

One by one, students were called forward. Finally, it was Katrina’s turn.

“Katrina Leblanche,” Professor McGonagall read as she looked over at the petrified Katrina.

Katrina was frozen; she wasn’t ready yet! She didn’t even remember the four houses. What if she got put in the worst one? And all these people were watching her, some giving her weird looks, others whispering to each other. She started to shake slightly, hating that the Sorting had to take place in front of the whole school.

Everyone around her cleared away, leaving Katrina to stand there alone. Professor McGonagall gave her an encouraging nod, and Katrina’s confidence lifted.

Suddenly, right as she was about to take a step forward, a huge water balloon appeared over her head and dropped with a splash down onto Katrina, completely soaking her.

She stood there, humiliated as everyone in the hall burst out laughing. Miserably, Katrina bowed her head in shame as she saw four boys at a table give each other high fives. One of them, a tall boy with dark brown hair and grey eyes locked eye with her briefly, laughing cruelly. But then he turned back to his friends, ignoring Katrina, as if he had never looked at her in the first place.

Two solitary tears trickled down her face, unnoticed by anyone else but her.


Trying to avoid a confrontation with Malena, Katrina bent her head to her chest. She was almost past Kevin when Malena caught sight of her step-sister.

“Hey, Kitty Cat!” she trilled in a sing-song voice. Katrina froze, gritting her teeth in anger. The mere sound of the babyish nickname made Katrina want to scream and sock Malena in the face.

Katrina was already late to class, and frankly, it wasn’t a good time to be embarrassed. Not that it ever was. She resumed walking down the hall, deliberately ignoring Malena’s jeering comments.

Just then, she felt someone dig their nails into her arms. Wincing in pain, Katrina wheeled around, dropping her book bag in the process. Malena stood there smirking at her. God, how Katrina hated her.

“What do you want?” Katrina growled, trying not to show her nervousness. She hated being embarrassed more than anything, and Malena always knew just how to cause her the most mortification.

Malena tittered, causing her friends to laugh fakely along with her. Katrina narrowed her eyes, tired of this game.

“Can’t a girl talk to her favorite step-sister?” Malena asked innocently, but her eyes glinted with malevolence.

“I don’t have time for this crap, Malena,” Katrina said tersely. “I’ve got class.”

“Always the little schoolgirl, aren’t we?” Malena taunted.

Katrina snorted. She doubted Malena could even spell schoolgirl, she was so dumb. Malena might have been smarter, had she applied herself, but there was a very small chance of that happening. The only thing that Malena ever applied herself towards was Sirius and her nails.

“Whatever,” Katrina said, turning her back on Malena and began to walk towards the Charms classroom.

“Where you going, Kitty Cat? Going to go beg for some milk?” Malena said.

The gibe stung. Katrina could feel her patience ebbing away, and unknowingly put her hand inside her robes, wand clasped firmly in her grip.

“Go and beg, Kitty Cat. It’s all you’re good for,” Malena said loudly.

Katrina felt the blood pounding in her ears and slowly turned around, drawing her wand out.

Even if she was out on the streets, starving to death and poor, Katrina would never beg for anything. She was deeply ashamed of her lack of money, but she was fiercely independent, too. The day Katrina begged would be the day her step-mother gave her back her inheritance.

“Take it back,” Katrina said, her eyes blazing with anger. Malena just put her hands on her hips and leaned forward.

“What are you going to do Kitty Cat? Huh?” Malena whispered, her face only a foot away from Katrina’s.

Without caring about the consequences, Katrina turned back around, muttering a curse under her breath, her wand pointed behind her. There was a shriek of fury, and gasps erupted from the crowd of Malena wannabees.

Satisfied, Katrina smiled and strode down the corridor, her head held high in triumph.


Sirius lounged back in his chair, bored as usual. It wasn’t that Transfiguration was boring; it was that he, James, Peter and Remus happened to be experts on the particular topic of the day, Animagi.

Professor McGonagall, seeing Sirius’s attention was elsewhere, walked up to him and slammed his Transfiguration spellbook down on his desk.

“Could you kindly pay attention, Mr. Black?” she asked, her thin mouth betraying her agitation.

“Did you say something, Minerva?” Sirius asked, flashing his most charming smile at her. This did not help matters; on the contrary, it only made Professor McGonagall turn white in rage. She leaned forward slightly, her lips a thin line.

“How many times have I asked you not to call me that?” she hissed. Sirius just grinned at her.

“Detention for a week, Mr. Black,” she said calmly, striding back to the front of the class. “For your insubordination.”

Sirius shrugged. He had had his share of detentions; one more wouldn’t kill him. Besides, detention with McGonagall wasn’t so bad. There was just the usual going out into the forest, collecting dangerous plant specimens, or helping Professor Kettleburn organize his next “lesson.” Or maybe he’d get stuck with polishing trophies in the Trophy Room again. Professor Rhinely, now there was a person who you didn’t want to get detention from. She was the Astronomy teacher, and if there was one person you didn’t want to joke around with, it was Professor Rhinely. She was harsh and cruel, even to her own house, Slytherin.

After a long (and very boring) lecture on Human to Non-Human Transfigurations, it was time for lunch.

Sirius stretched lazily and got up, winking at James and Remus as they smirked at him. Peter joined the three other Marauders, and they left class, intent on stuffing themselves and planning the adventures they’d have on the coming of the full moon.

A/N: Just a fic I wrote out of boredom. If you’d like me to continue, please leave a review. – Kallie.

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