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Harry Friend by Arwen1
Chapter 3 : Hello nice to meent you
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A/N : I hope you pll like this btw I can not spell

It has been an hr sine Ron was suose to come but he was there Tk and Harry was getting mad
“Were the hell is he Harry? Tk ask
“ I don’t know Tk,”said Harry Just than a car come up to Harry’s window
“Hey Harry ‘said Ron
“Ron you fully made said Harry
Yeah sorry we took so long are you all reedy? Ron Ask
Yeah of cores I am…Ron do you mane if my friend TK come with us “Harry ask
“ Sure he can come,” said Ron
“She can come,” said Tk come to the window
“What…oh sorry…it just” said Ron
“Just WHAT? Ask Tk
“Your name sound like boys name? Sid Ron who looks scared now
My name is Tammy but people call me TK because if they call me Tammy I will kill them!!!!!! Said TK
“Will you can call me Ron Tk?” said Ron
“Fine when we going? Ask Harry
Once you two get your snuff in the car we go” said Ron so Tk and Harry got there stuff in to the car and left to go to Ron House Ron’s mom was Happy to see Harry but she was weird bout Tk
“Hello Harry nice to see you…. who this? Ask
“Oh this is my friend TK…she going to Hogwarst this year “said Harry
Oh I see will nice to meet you douse your mother know were you are “Ask Molly Wesley
“ No …I don’t know were my mom is so she duos no were Iam’said TK
“ Oh I see…. will welcome to are home” said Molly Wesley. Just than Percy and Ginny come ruing down the striker Ginny who is in love with Harry was so happy to see Harry but not TK
“ Hello Harry I so happy to see…. who is she? Ask Ginny
“ Oh hi Ginny this is my friend Tk she coming to Hogwarst “said Harry
“ Hello” said Tk
“Yah hi said Ginny with a week smile
“Hello Aim Percy’ sad Percy
“Hello…’said Tk. It was site for a bit but the a bred come in with a latter
“Oh it a latter for you Tk “said Ron TK took the latter and read the latter she look kind she was going to carry
“ What’s wogn dre? Ask Molly
“ My mom she –she – she has been put in Azkaban prison” said TK
“ What…why she there what did she do? Ask Harry
“ It said that she kill my father she shot my father ten times” said TK
‘Oh she maybe that why she wasn’t home ‘said Harry
“Yeah but should of told me were she was going…”said TK
‘MM yeah that be happy not sorry dre I went to you father’s housed to kill home don’t wait for me” said Harry Tk look at Harry and Mrs. Wesley slap Harry upsaid the hade
“Dre were are going to go after the school year is don ”said Mrs. Wesley get some food ready
“I don’t know I don’t think have any family still alive “said Tk said down at the table
“ Will I am sure some will take you in” said Ron Just than Dumbledro owl come in the housed with a letter of the Wesley ‘

Dear MR and Mrs. Weal’s

Than-you so much for taking in my Granddaughter Tammy. I hop she wasn’t to much Trubl for you I hope to see when she comes to Hogwarst this year .I will pay for all her school thing.
Sinyer Aubls Dumbledro

When Mrs. Weasly stops riding the letter she look at TK
“MMMMM TK you said you had no family did you not? Ask Mrs. Wesley
“Yeah I did why,” said Tk
“Well this latter is former you grandfather Dumbledro “said Mrs. Wesley
“ WHAT!!!!!! Said TK Ron and Harry

So what do you think will happen next?

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