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Harry Friend by Arwen1
Chapter 2 : Can I come?
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I hope u like this one was will tell me if I should keep on going R/R

It was about an hr before she cam back she looks piss off

“ What happen I thought u going out with your mom? Harry ask
“ So did I but the bitch wasn’t there …… I heat her” said TK
“ More than you do know…? Ask Harry Tk give harry an evle look and sat on Harry’s bed
“ Yes but know I hop she deeds “said TK
“ Don’t say that u will miss here is she douse “Harry said seating be said Tk
“ I did miss here when she went Canada when I was 8 and that was for a year two…. for all care she can be died on the side of a rond”said TK
“She did u never told me that…Tk what are u going to do when school stars?hary ask
“Go two school” said TK
“No how is u going to get there? Harry ask
“ I-was hoping to go with? Said Tk
“What.Tk you know your one best friend but I don’t think you can come with me’said harry
“Why not? TK ask
“Will…you see I go with my friend Ron…? I dot think bring something one who he douse know to housed would be good ”Harry said stray
“ Fine I just want go to school this yare…to bad I hoping you I could have some fun” said Tk as she was living
“Fine you can come,” said Harry. Tk jumped 4 joys and give her y hug
“So when are they comet ask
“In a hr…so go home and get rond”said Harry
“All my stuff is all reedy here Harry look out the window” said Tk Harry look out the window and on a branch all of Tk school stuff was there Harry just rolled is eyes and went back on getting pak

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Harry Friend: Can I come?


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