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In the Midst of a Goddess by sugarhigh
Chapter 3 : The Virgin of Girl Talks
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Chapter 3
The virgin of girl talks

We did not go to the Great Hall after all. When I asked her where we were going she just smiled mischievously. With her wand, she tapped on a statue of a witch and mumbled a few words. It moved and created a passageway. I thought my sockets were going to bleed my eyes were opened so wide.

“Why- who- where…- how’d you find out about this?” I stuttered. She shrugged and said,

“Oh, you know, around.”

Ryann never failed to amaze me it seemed.

I followed her down the dark passage way. She was silent. I was too scared to talk. About 5 minutes of walking I heard voices. Loud voices. Boys’ voices. I nearly screamed.
Ryann looked back at me and whispered, “Don’t be nice”. I had no idea what she meant.
We quickly arrived at the cause of the voices. James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin and Sirius black were walking very slowly (too slowly) down the same passage way. The looked at us, not at all surprised. Potter folded up a piece of blank parchment and bowed to us,

“Miss Kale. Miss Montgomery.”

My face turned deep red at the realization that one of the most popular boys in school knew my name. Kale nodded to him without smiling. She walked over to Lupin, and they exchanged kisses on the cheek. He whispered something in her ear. Her eyebrows narrowed and she shook her head. Black crossed his arms and leaned up against the wall.

“H-hello Ryann” squeaked Pettigrew. She nodded in his direction, then looked at Sirius and kept walking into the blackness at a fast pace. I quickly followed.

We were silent again until we reached the cellar of some candy shop. I was so nervous. I had never trespassed before and I jumped so high when a man wearing a Honeydukes store uniform came up.

“Hey Ryann” he said, like he had seen this happen a thousand times.

“Hey Zak” she said calmly and kept walking.

I took in a huge breath when we finally arrived in the Hogsmeade streets. She turned and smiled at me.

“Where do you want to start fist Adele?”

“I- um, you pick”

“Alright, let’s go to check out some brooms.”

So we walked down the semi crowded path and entered the store. I noticed her face light up as her eyes danced at the broom on display.

“An Icespike 503! Oh wow! Did you know that they’re only making 503 of this model! Oh whoa. I only have a comet 360!”

“I didn’t know you were interested in Quidditch”

“Are you kidding? Hell yeah I’m interested! I’ve been playing with my brothers since I was born!”

“Why aren’t you on the team?” I asked.

She paused for a moment then replied with, “Maybe I’ll tell you later”

She ended up buying the Icespike 503 and she couldn’t stop smiling all the way to the Three Broomsticks.

“So how many brothers do you have?” I inquired after we had found a table and got our drinks.

She took a sip. “Four. I’m the youngest. Aedan is the oldest, he’s 29 and he works for the ministry, he’s an unspeakable. Blaine and Blair are 26 and both Aurors. Cowan is 23 and plays for the Tutshill Tornadoes. You probably don’t remember him but he was in his seventh year in Hogwarts when we were in our first.”

I was speechless. That was the most she has ever said to me at one time. And I did remember Cowan Kale. I had a huge crush on him. But all her brothers were so successful! I knew she was destined for great things but I didn’t know her whole family was! I didn’t have any brothers or sisters and my parents had boring desk jobs!

“So um…are you a – uh pureblood?” I stuttered.

She shook her head. “My mom is but my dad’s a muggle born. Big shit she got in for marrying outside the purebloods. We don’t really talk to that side of the family much anymore. Occasionally my brothers and I have to attend parties to make sure we’re ‘pure’ enough, but it’s a lot of hippogriff shit if you ask me.”

“So…uh, are you and Remus Lupin…dating or something?”

She laughed and spilled a little butterbeer. “No! We’re just friends. I’m not dating anyone and don’t plan to be actually.” She paused for a moment and giggled. “I’ve never had a girl-talk before. But…I’ll try anything. Who do you think….is the sexiest guy in Hogwarts?” She laughed aloud at herself, then looked at me for the answer.

“Um…well, if you have to know, probably Sirius Black.” Her eyes widened and her mouth opened to a weird sort of smile (that of course looked gorgeous).

“Black? Oh god! Not you too! Why does every girl like him? He’s so…I don’t know!”

“What about you?” I asked, smiling widely. I was surprised with myself that I was so daring. “Who do you have the hots for?”

She thought for a moment then replied, “Probably Rex Rosen. You know, that dark, handsome, sinister guy. I’m a sucker for the bad boys”. This time Ryann and I practically fell on the floor laughing.
Nothing like a few butterbeers and the best broom ever to loosen two girls’ lips.

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In the Midst of a Goddess: The Virgin of Girl Talks


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