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Living as Dead by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4 - Pain
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Living as Dead

Chapter 4 - Pain

“What the hell is that?!” Remus shouted, shocking Harry beyond oblivion. Harry’s eyes suddenly closed in pain as Remus squeezed his arm. He remembered the pain and the suffering he had been through and this did not make him feel any better. He pulled his arm into better view for Lupin and the werewolf let out a sigh in relief.

The mark was the one that Voldemort was famous for, but it was not a Death Eater’s tattoo, it was more like it had been branded onto the skin. Harry’s flesh had turned a deep maroon colour, hardly one that should be seen on someone’s body. It was absolutely horrible.

“Oh… Harry I’m sorry.” Lupin sighed. He flicked his wand and the bruises on Harry’s arms disappeared only leaving the branded mark. Harry then lifted the back of his shirt, to display a set of fresh, deep wounds, hardly ones that anyone would be proud to have.

Remus winced at the site and flicked his wound again, ridding Harry of the pain. Harry slowly lowered his shirt and looked at Lupin.

“…Thanks.” He said.

“How did you get those?” Tonks spoke for the first time. All five of them looked at him in anticipation. Harry sighed again, for what seemed like the hundredth time. He looked at the floor.

“He did it to me…, Voldemort. He took me.” No one said a word

“After you took me back to Grimauld place, yes I was alive, I grabbed something that I had taken from the graveyard, from my pocket. As I did in my fourth year, I was taken away. The object, a knife, was a portus.” The others nodded in exception. They all knew what had happened to Harry in his fourth year.

“Continue.” Dumbledore said, as if he was talking to a student in trouble.

“Well… The knife took me to this place, I am not really sure. It was a cave. Underground. I tried to apparate, but the cave was obviously covered by some spell, like Hogwarts. He took my wand away from me. He made me sleep in a cell, like the ones at Azkaban.” He shuddered at the thought, his eyes looking off into the distance, in fear.

“He took your wand? Where is it now?” Hermione asked. Harry pulled his wand out of his pocket. It had not been broken or anything, and, for some reason, Hermione let out a sigh of relief.

“Harry, you still haven’t told us how you got this way.” Remus said.

“I… I was… Tortured. Voldemort tried to get the prophecy out of me. The one he has been trying to get for years. The one about us.” Harry told them, still with a look of fear on his face.

“Did he find out? Does he know. Harry?” Tonks asked anxiously.

“No… I wouldn’t tell him. That’s why he did this.” He pointed to the scar on his arm. The one shaped like a skull. Ron hadn’t said anything since the others arrived. He was just standing there, like the rest, starring at Harry.

“Why? Why didn’t you come and tell us? WHY DIDN”T YOU TELL US YOU WERE ALIVE?” Screamed Ron at the top of his voice. He had been controlling his anger up until now.

“I…” Harry started. He stared at Ron in shock. Why wouldn’t his friend except that he was back. That he wasn’t able to get in contact. Lupin jumped up to control Ron, who shook him off. He stormed off up stairs, not even looking back when Estel started to cry.

“Shoosh... Sweetie, its okay!” Hermione comforted her child. Estel quickly quietened down, leaving an eerie silence in the house.

“Harry how did you escape?” Tonks had a habit of breaking the silence.

“Well…” Harry was still in shock of what Ron had said. “I learnt to do wand less magic, or I learnt to control it. It is very boring being alone in a cell for five years.” He stopped, thinking back on the past years. “It took me a very long time to learn but now it comes naturally.” He looked over at his clock, now lying on the floor. IT suddenly lifted off the ground and flung into Harry’s arms. This shocked the others very much, including Dumbledore.

“That was very amazing Harry.” He said. Looking around for Harry’s wand, but this was lying on the table. Harry saw this and sent the wand into Dumbledore’s hands to examine it more carefully.

“After I learnt, I was able to escape. The Death Eaters who where guarding my cell were stunned. I was able to get my wand and escape, not before duelling with Voldemort again, though.” He told the others.

So that’s how you kept kind of clean.” Hermione pointed out.

“Yeah, sort of. But I couldn’t heal my pain.” He stroked his chin which looked like it hadn’t been shaved in a couple of days.

“I will go make some lunch or something.” Hermione said and wandered off into the kitchen.

“I shall go tell the others at the headquarters.” Exclaimed Dumbledore, before he disappeared with a crack. Tonks disappeared to the bathroom and Harry was left alone with Remus Lupin.

“Harry, I’m sorry about before, I though you had turned sides or something horrible like that. But I was completely wrong.” Remus exclaimed. Harry didn’t feel to well, his scar was searing with pain. He clutched his head and winced in pain. But before Lupin could ask what was wrong, they both heard a shout form the kitchen.

“Arhhh! Get out, get out.” She screamed. She then came back into the living room, an annoyed look on her face. “The bug was here!” She exclaimed. Remus frowned but Harry knew what this meant, Rita Skeeter had been in the house, unless, over the five years he had gone another person had taken the nickname ‘The Bug’, but he highly doubted that.

Suddenly a pain through his scar, went beyond any pain he had felt before. He keeled over.

“He knows I’m gone.” He said and then the word turned to a horrible swirl of darkness. He had fallen in unconsciousness.

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