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Harriette Potter and the Ring of Life by rb123456
Chapter 7 : Holloween Death
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Holloween Night had finally come, it was a Tuesday with no classes. "Do ya' think I should were my bracelet today? Prof Alliver was really serious when he asked me," said Harrie as she and Nora walked into the Great Hall.

"Of course Harrie, he told you that your mother gave it to you for a reason, why don't you send your mum a letter and in it, ask her, I mean you can do it, you have Hedwig."

"Yeah, but Hedwig's gettin' old, she barely eats when I feed her, when I was at home, all she did was eat and bite my hand," Harrie explained.

"Well, which hand do you feed her with?" asked Nora with a concerned look.

Harrie lifted her right arm, "This one, with my bracelet, you don't think," Harrie stared at her.

"It's possible," replied Nora as they sat at the Gryffindor table.

Michael, Sean, Lisa, and Katie walked into the hall. "Harrie, Nora, hey!" they all exclaimed when they saw them.

"Hi, Happy Halloween," exclaimed Harrie as she smiled.

"Hey everyone," said Nora also smiling.

Michael leaned forward toward Harrie and Nora, "We've been talkin', and we think we've found the perfect thing to do tonight, we're gonna go to the Whomping Willow," he whispered.

"ARE YOU CRAZY!" exclaimed Nora, "That's against the rule," she whispered.

Sean laughed, "That's the point, Miss I-can-never-do-anything-wrong," he said sarcastically.

"Okay, are we gonna do it?" asked Michael, everyone shrugged their shoulders.

Katie suddenly jumped into the conversation, "Why don't we just vote? All for it raise their hands," she, Harrie, Michael, and Sean raised their hands, "Well no need to do the math, sorry sis, sorry, Nora, we're going, you don't have to go," she said.

Lisa replied, "Yeah I'll go, I don't want to stay in the dormitory with a study freak, no offense, Nora," she said sarcastically. Nora gave her an evil look.

"Fine I'll go too, but we had better not get caught, I have a clean record that I don't want to be ruined," replied Nora. Michael rolled his eyes.

* * * * *

The Great Hall was full of kids, but Harrie, Nora, Michael, Sean, Katie, and Lisa were missing from their tables that night, they were going to have fun. Nora quickly got everything in order, "Okay, we have everything, Harrie, your dad's invisibility cloak?"

"Yeah I have it here," replied Harrie, holding a huge cloak on her arm.

"Okay do we have the rope?" asked Nora.

Michael gave her a look of confusion, "Why in bloody hell do we need a rope?" he asked.

"I don't know, it's on this stupid list that you made," she answered holding up the chart to his face.

Katie looked at Lisa with her eyes open wide, "That's our fault, we were supposed to bring ropes to pull someone out of the grasp of the tree."

"Katie and I will get it, you guys go ahead," offered Lisa as she and Katie ran out of sight.

Nora quickly smiled then said, "Okay then, let's go," at that moment she froze, there was a dark shadow coming toward them, Harrie quickly saw it and froze too, Michael and Sean froze next to her soon after. Harrie, Michael, Nora, and Sean swiftly ran past the dark shadow, it truly was the worst creature Harrie had ever seen, it had horrible hands with most of the fingers cut off, it wore a dark robe, and had dark red eyes that she had the ability to see through the creature's dark hood. The creature quickly swept toward them and spoke with an evil, wicked sort of voice, "I am Lord Mythalius, King of Black Magic!"

Michael shook nervously as the hand stretched out toward him, but the others quickly pulled out their wands. "Don't you even think about touching him!" yelled Harrie as she stared into the Mythalius' eye.

"How dare you speak to me like that you fool! You shall die along with him!" screeched Mythalius as his red eyes became darker, "You will all now suffer a rivic death, and no one is here to save you," he began to laugh a laugh that was so eerie, so frightening that Harrie thought of crying.

Then, outside the door, Katie and Lisa stood holding the rope. Sean jumped, "Finally! You all better get your butts..." Before he could finish, Mythalius made a quick hissing noise, "Yes, I've learned much from my master, Voldemort. Oh, here comes old Nagini now!" Katie and Lisa raced toward the others and stared at Mythalius.

There was a sudden hiss, not coming from Mythalius, but from behind him, and to Harrie's disgust it was a large snake. It had a dark hiss that was worse than any other snakes Harrie had seen. "ATTACK THEM!"screeched Mythalius. The snake got up and raced toward them, Harrie's heart was beating faster and faster as the snake came closer.

Nora swiftly pulled out her wand and pointed it at the large snake, "Vipera Evanesca!" she yelled, making the snake freeze completely, then burn into flames.

Michael suddenly felt brave, "That was our rivic death? What kind of powerful wizard are you?"

Instead of answering with words, he answered in action. Dominii came flying toward them, "We know the spell, Imobillus!" yelled Nora, all the Dominii that were heading toward her froze and fell to the ground.

"Imobillus!" yelled both Michael and Sean, making all of the Dominii heading toward them do the same. Harrie, Lisa, and Katie did the same. Three white hooded Dominii came swiftly toward Harrie. "Harrie! LOOK OUT!" exclaimed Katie, she quickly ran infront of her, the Dominii had exploded leaving Katie's limp body lifeless on the cold ground, blood running from her head, her face pale. Lisa ran quickly toward her sister with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Harrie's heart stopped, Katie was dead, Katie had just sacrificed her life for hers. Mythalius was stronger than Harrie thought he truly was.

"You bloody idiot! You thought that you could destroy three of my most powerful Dominii!" screeched Mythalius with a cruel laugh. He had absolutely no sympathy for anyone.

"You, you, you MONSTER, you killed my sister!" yelled Lisa with rage, she was trying to hold her tears, her sister was her best friend, the only person she cared about, the only person, other than her parents, that had cared about her.

"Shutup you fool! Or you shall die as well," he screeched with his eyes darkening once again. Fire came from his hands, "Come Dominio of Darkness, rise from the ground and destroy these humans which are messing with our plan, rise up and be seen!" A large, silver hooded Dominio rose from the ground and headed straight toward Harrie. "What are you doing? She is the chosen one," said Mythalius pointing to Lisa. The Dominio shook its head and leaned its head toward Harrie.

"What are you talking about? What chosen one?" said Nora with watery eyes, she had just met Katie, she too couldn't believe what had just happened.

Mythalius' eyes became darker, "Shutup girl, we are talking about young Harriette Potter, the one witch that will have the ability to destroy me, the only way to stop her is to KILL HER!" he yelled. Harrie couldn't believe her ears, she will be able to defeat him, but she first must survive, the Dominio screeched, Nora, Sean, and Michael froze and fell to the ground, Lisa fainted atop Katie's body. Harrie quickly clasped her hands to her ears.

"What have you done to them?" asked Harrie frantically as she slowly began to fall to her knees.

Mythalius laughed, "Don't worry, I didn't kill them, at least not all of them," he said as his red glowing eyes stared at Katie, whose blood began to spread around the floor, "They've just fainted, it's you that I want dead, for noone will be able to destroy me, I will kill your Headmaster and all your teachers, I will rule the Wizarding World, I will revive my love, Elektasha."

"Your love? You loved her? Don't do this, Peter, you've become a monster!" yelled Harrie.

"Don't you dare call me by that name again! I was a monster, a rat, but now I have become someone more powerful than the darkest wizard, you will die, Potter, there is noone to save..."

Nora suddenly woke, her eyes opened wide, "Lumos!" she shouted. Mythalius and the Dominio quickly dissapeared out of sight. Sean, Michael, and Lisa also woke.

Michael's eyes swelled with tears, "Katie, she's, she's..." he began to sob, Nora followed soon after.

"Lisa, I'm so sorry," said Harrie with a withering voice, she wanted to sob so bad, but Lisa needed someone to comfort her.

Sean became outraged, "When we see that bloody monster again," he began.

"I'm gonna rip him apart, he'll pay, I'm not going to stop until he dies," screamed Lisa. Harrie and Sean stared at her in surprise, they couldn't believe how much she must be going through. Three tall figures came from down the left corridor, it was Prof Hagrid, Prof McGonagall, and Prof Alliver. Prof McGonagall let out a scream, Prof Alliver's eyes widened, and Prof Hagrid froze.

"Help her, my goodness, what happened?" asked Prof McGonagall frantically as Profs Hagrid and Alliver lifted her body.

"Professor, it was Lord Mythalius," explained Nora with tears in her eyes. Prof Alliver almost froze while holding the body.

Prof McGonnagall froze, "Lord Mythalius! Is it possible? Is he alive, I am dissapointed in you all, thirty points from Gryffindor for putting all your lives in danger and for causing the death of a pupil. Hagrid, make an announcement, tell the students that all classes wil be cancelled and that they must remain in their common rooms until we know when it's safe. Poor girl, and her sister witnessed it, Miss Thomas, come with me. As for you four, to your common rooms, immediately!" she yelled as Lisa walked with her.

Harrie, Nora, Michael, and Sean went up the flight of stairs toward the Gryffindor Common Room. Nora's entire body began to shake, "This is horrible, I, my, I can't take this!" she began to cry uncontrolably.

"We have to be strong, she saved my life, she was willing to sacrifice herself for me, and for that, I'll never forget her," Harrie said as tears came rollingfrom her eyes. She looked over to Michael, his face and eyes were both red.

"We met her almost two months ago, and now we'll never see her again," said Michael as they all stepped into the common room.

"I can't believe she's, gone," said Sean with his eyes watery.

Nora said in a low voice, "Let's just get to bed, we need to calm down, get some rest, we can't get too down."

"Yeah after seeing you all fainting," began Harrie.

"Whoa, Harrie, that was a silver hooded Dominio, you had to have fainted, you were the closest to it," said Nora in wonder.

"Why didn't I, you don't think it's because of my bracelet?" asked Harrie slowly. Nora shrugged her shoulders.

Michael and Sean glanced at Harrie's bracelet, "There is something unexplainable about that bracelet, I just wish I knew what it was, it only protects you, you must be in worse danger than any of us, whatever this chosen one is, you're definately it, the Dominio knew it, Katie could've lived, and you would've even if she didn't save you, why did this have to happen? I'm so angry! I'd do anything to bring her back to life, even for just one single day," said Michael with tears and a raspy voice.

Nora's eyes watered, "She could've lived, it's true, even if she didn't jump infront of Harrie, Harrie would've lived because of her bracelet! Wait, none of this would've happened if you all hadn't decided on going to the Whomping Willow anyway!"

"Katie wanted to go too," shouted Sean.

Harrie became annoyed by all thier fighting, she had to stop them, "STOP FIGHTING, LET'S ALL JUST GET TO BED!" she shouted with a bitter feeling in her stomach.

Well, I killed off Katie for a reason, and you'll figure it out sooner or later. R/R if you want.

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