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Living as Dead by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3 - The Mark
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Living as Dead

Chapter 3 - The Mark


“Hermione what are you doing here?” Said a shocked Lupin. Lupin as still only around late thirty something, it was hard to believe that he was once their professor.

“You look pale, love!” Tonks was still in her late twenties, she was now styling a shoulder length lime green cut and it suited her very well. She had changed her eyes, so that they resembled what Harry’s used to be, green.

“I’m Fine. You two better come back to our place, its urgent!” Hermione said, hosting Estel to the other side of her body, he hips were getting sore.

Tonks pulled her pregnant body off the chair, struggling a small bit with the weight. Lupin was up in a flash, helping her stand up straight.

Hermione couldn’t help smile at this. She had been so happy for them, when they finally decided to get married. Even with the ten year age gap, the two were very similar, except for the fact that Lupin could not change his appearance when ever he wanted to. He had to wait till a full moon to change and even then he was only a werewolf.

She remembered the day when Tonks had told everyone that they were having a baby. They were so happy. Lupin was happier that Hermione had ever seen him.

“What’s wrong? Tell us Hermione.” Hermione snapped out of her daydream and looked Remus in the eye.

“Harry… He’s alive.” The statement took a few moments to settle in before Lupin’s eyes widened in shock. It was Tonks who finally broke the awkward silence.


“He’s alive, but barely. We should go. We can tell the others later.” With that all three of them, or all four of them, in fact, apparated to Ron and Hermione’s house.


Dumbledore was already standing over Harry’s limp body, inspecting ever small part of him, to see if it was real.

Lupin and the struggling Tonks hurried over to the couch.

“How…?” Remus exclaimed.

Dumbledore swished his wand and Harry’s eyes began to open. His eyelids fluttered and he came back into the world with a huge gasp. He was breathing heavily. Harry finally sat up and starred at his onlookers. They were all staring at him in awe.

“I think, that Harry owes us an explanation.” Dumbledore said quietly. Harry breathed in deeply and let out a sigh, this was going to be hard. Lupin pulled Tonks over to the couch and sat her down, he then plonked himself in between Harry and his wife. Harry coughed and began.

“Well… As you may already know, I was battling Voldemort.” Ron shuddered at his name and Harry realised that the name was still not widely used by the wizarding community.

“Harry, you were struck by the Curse, you were dead!” Lupin exclaimed. He placed his hand on Harry’s shoulder. Harry winced at this, pulling his shoulder out of Remus’s clutch.

“What’s wrong?” Remus snapped. He grabbed Harry’s arm again and pulled back the sleeve of his cloak. His arm, almost pulled out of its socket, was covered in bruises and cuts. He looked dreadful. Harry took of his cloak, struggling from the pain, his other arm was the same, but some how different. Suddenly it hit Remus, smack bang, in the middle of his arm was the dark mark.

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