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Harry Potter and the Echoes of the Past by AuroraBraelin
Chapter 3 : Ghosts
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Harry saw a vision. His parents were coming towards him. “Harry, my boy. I didn’t expect to see you so soon,” his mother exclaimed.
“Am I dead?” Harry asked.
“Not yet, son,” his father told him. “See, right now you are solid. When you die, you will be a ghost like us.”
“I don’t want to die yet. I want to be with Hermione. I…I love her.”
“We know,” Lily said. “We know.”
“That is why we are here, son,” James told him. “We don’t want you to be anywhere you don’t want to be or are not ready to be. We want you to be happy. Lily and I have found a way to give you some power. We will make you strong enough to save Hermione. We will live inside of you. In essence, you will be our host. We will take control of your body. We will do what is necessary to save Hermione and get you out. But after that Harry…we must leave your body. You will feel all of the pain you are supposed to feel. Your breathing will slow once again.”
“I understand, father.” Lily and James smiled at Harry.
“You are very brave, Harry. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for Hermione. We are proud of you.”
“Thank you. I love you both.”
“We know. We love you, too.”

Harry’s eyes opened. He was breathing again, but he felt different. He wasn’t exactly him; he had Lily and James inside of him. Voldemort watched him get up and move towards Hermione. Voldemort threw many painful curses at him, but they had no effect. Harry undid the shackles that bound Hermione. Harry moved towards Voldemort. “This ends now, Voldemort.” Harry tackled Voldemort. Voldemort dropped his wand. Voldemort recovered before Harry.
“Afraid not,” he said and vanished into thin air. Harry wondered how he could apparate here. There was spell protecting that from happening.
‘Harry you must hurry!’ James said in his head. Harry helped Hermione.
“Hermione, I need to get to the hospital wing. In a few minutes I m going to feel everything that Voldemort threw at me. Including my breathing.” Hermione wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck. They began to walk up the stony staircase towards the hospital wing. They were almost there when Harry stopped dead in his tracks. Hermione looked at him.
“Harry? What’s wrong?” Before Harry could answer her, two forms of light left Harry’s chest. Harry fell to the floor in pain. All of those spells were effecting Harry now. He screamed. Hermione Sat on the ground with Harry. She cradled him in her lap. His breathing began to slow. It was slowing much faster than it was before as a result of the pain. The two forms of light turned into ghosts. Lily and James looked down upon their son and Hermione.
“You must save him. He is too young to die” Lily said to Hermione.
“What do I do?” Hermione asked.
“You must get Voldemort’s wand and take the spells off of Harry. You can only do that by breaking it,” James told her. Hermione nodded and ran back down to the dungeons.

She saw the wand that was Voldemort’s. She picked it up and snapped it in half. A light swirled around the wand and vanished. Hermione snapped out of her trance. She ran back up the stairs to where Harry laid. He was breathing, but unconscious. Lily and James watched as Hermione cradled him in her lap. “We can see that you were clearly meant for him,” James said. Lily nodded her agreement.
“I love him very much.”
“Your words are true. We know. We’re ghosts. We know a lot of things.” James smiled. “He loves you too. He gave up being with us to be with you. If that is not love, then you tell me what is.” Then, Lily and James disappeared.

Hermione loved Harry. Harry loved her. Hermione couldn’t have been happier. She gently woke Harry. “Hello,” she said to him.
“How do you feel?”
“Sore. Are you alright?”
“I am fine. I am worried about you.”
“Don’t be.”
“Let’s get you to the hospital wing.” She helped Harry up. He was still wobbly due to the fact that he had the illusion of his legs being broken. He leaned on Hermione for some support.

Harry was out of the hospital wing the next day, which was the last day of school. They were going home that night. Hermione walked up to Harry who was about to get on the train. “Harry, will you stay at my house for the summer?”
“I would love to. I just don’t want to impose…”
“Shut up and kiss me!” Harry didn’t need to be told twice. He leaned in and kissed her. Harry was the happiest man alive at that moment. Harry and Hermione were done school. They were together. Harry could ask for nothing more.

They arrived at Hermione’s house not too long after. Hermione’s parents went to work the next day, leaving Harry and Hermione alone. Harry took her upstairs. Hermione was nervous. Harry was too. Harry placed her on the bed and kissed her long and passionately. Hermione applied equal force to his lips. Harry reached under her shirt and Hermione moaned her approval. Harry took off her shirt, accompanied by his. She roamed her hands all over his chest. Harry did the same to her. He shed his clothing. Hermione smiled mischievously at him. He had to fight a little laugh. He helped her undress. “Wait Harry. Stop.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Your parents might be watching.”
“Well if they are good parents, they will turn their backs.”


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Harry Potter and the Echoes of the Past: Ghosts


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