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Harry Potter and the Echoes of the Past by AuroraBraelin
Chapter 2 : Voices
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Harry lay on the ground on his side. Voldemort approached him. “Cruccio!” Harry was writhing on the floor in pain. He didn’t care about his legs anymore. He was feeling immense pain shoot through his whole body. Harry was near unconsciousness. Voldemort knew this and took the curse off of him. Voldemort smiled towards Hermione.
“Harry! Harry!” Hermione couldn’t believe that this was happening. Harry was hurt and she couldn’t help him. Harry was desperately trying to catch his breath. Voldemort threw another curse Harry’s way. Harry’s breathing was slowing.
“Harry, as you are very well feeling, your breathing has slowed and will continue to slow until you stop breathing. You will die Harry.” Voldemort walked away.

Harry heard voices. ‘Not Harry. Not Harry. Please not Harry.’
‘Stand aside, you silly girl…’ This was his mother’s voice with Voldemort’s. Harry’s breathing was slowing. Hermione was watching and begging with Voldemort to have mercy. Voldemort paid no attention to her. He went back towards Harry. He was pacing the room. Harry was gasping for air now. “It’s painful, isn’t it? To not have air in your lungs? They burn don’t they?” Harry’s lungs were burning. He needed air. He closed his eyes. Those same eyes that may never open again.

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