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DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything!!! Just the plot and I didn’t not write the songs they are from Eminem – superman!

“Why did she lie to me? She told me she loved me! I fucking hate her man, why did she have to do this to me, I might as well die, right here, right now”

“I love you Draco, I will always love you” she said. “I love you too,” said Draco. He kissed her without warning and then it went further and Draco started to take of ginny’s top then her pants and soon enough they made love in ginny’s room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SoNg ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Cuz I know you want me baby, I think I want you too,
I think I love you baby. “I think I love you too”
I’m here to save you girl, come be in Draco’s world
I want to grow together lets let our love unfurl.

They had just made love, Draco woke up and looked into ginny’s eyes, he held her close, he never wanted to let her go. Ginny finally woke up and said something softly into Draco’s ears “So when are we going to tell everyone?” she asked. “You mean about us being an item?” asked Draco. “Yeah,” Ginny answered. “Well how about tonight” said Draco. “Yeah, well it is the Yule ball” said Ginny happily.

The Night Of The Yule Ball
“OMG! Are you two an item or anything?” screamed lavender. Ginny and Draco looked at each other and smiled the Draco broke the silence and said “yeah we sure are”. Everyone soon found out about Draco and Ginny, everyone was congratulating them all except Ron. Ron has always hated Draco and most probably always will.
“ Would you share this dance with me?” asked Draco to Ginny. “Yeah of course” replied Ginny.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SoNg ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
You know you want me baby, you know I want you too
They call me malfoy, I’m here to rescue you
I want to save you girl come be in Draco’s world
“Oooh Boy you drive me crazy” Bitch you make me hurl.


“Don’t do this to yourself, just don’t jump Draco” said harry. “Why not? I have no reason to live, I hate life its not fair” screamed Draco. “Yes you do! Everyone has a reason to live! Now tell me what happened with you and Ginny?” said harry.


They danced all night, until their feet hurt. He left Ginny back at Gryffindor to sleep just after they drunk a couple of butterbeers. In the morning he woke up and thought he would surprise Ginny at Gryffindor tower (Ginny told him the password a while ago). Once he got there he was the one surprised, he was lost for words, he felt like the weight of world had just fell onto him. There in front if him was Ginny in bed with Seamus Finnigen, both wearing nothing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SoNg ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I don't want to flip when I see you with guys
too much pride, between you and I, not a jealous man, but females lie
But I guess that's just what sluts do, how could it ever be just us two?
I'd never love you enough to trust you, we just met and I just fucked you.


“That’s no reason to kill yourself, your life will go on! Just please Draco come down from there, I’ll go and get Ginny if you want me too” said harry. “Alright, go and get the fucking slut! Show her what she has done to me” shouted Draco insanely.

Harry ran to find Ginny, he had never seen Draco like this before, he must have really loved her, But why did she sleep with Seamus? It just doesn’t make sense thought harry.
“Ginny! Oh there you are, you have to follow me, Draco is about to commit suicide you have to stop him” said harry. “What? Oh no, take me to him” said Ginny about to break into tears. Someone from behind grabbed Ginny’s hand and pulled her back. “Don’t go Ginny, leave him, the world would be a better place without another Malfoy around” said Ron. “What? How could you say that Ron? He’s a living being, he deserves at least a life,” said harry. “LET GO OF ME RON” screamed Ginny. “I love him,” said Ginny softy. Ron finally let go of her and Ginny followed harry to Gallup tower, the highest tower in hogwarts. They ran up to the tower and there was Draco on the edge of the window about to break a fall.

“Nooo!!!! Draco please listen to me! Don’t jump” screamed Ginny with a face full of tears. “Why not? I have no fucking life,” said Draco. “But I love you” screamed Ginny. “Yeah whatever bitch! I saw you with Seamus this morning” said Draco. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to, I was drunk I didn’t know what I was doing,” said Ginny. “What the fuck? You only had two butterbeers, that shit cant get you drunk you liar” said Draco. “Yeah but after the Yule ball, the twins had a party at Gryffindor tower and they had drinks, I accidentally had too much, I’m so sorry” said Ginny. “Fuck you Ginny, I loved you man” said Draco, he then looked out of the window and jumped.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SoNg ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Maybe I'll love you one day, maybe we'll someday grow
till then just sit your drunk ass on that fuckin' runway ho.


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