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Harriette Potter and the Ring of Life by rb123456
Chapter 5 : Dominii!
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Prof McGonagall was missing from the classroom the next day. Harrie couldn't believe it, she was early!

She checked her schedule and saw her problem, she had to have breakfast first. The Great Hall was half full when Harrie walked in, "Other people slept in," she thought to herself. She looked around the room and saw Nora, Michael, Sean, and Lisa sitting with Katie at the Ravenclaw table. "Hey guys!" she yelled.

"Hey there, Harrie! Come on over here!" yelled Sean across the room. Harrie ran over to them.

"Hey, what's goin' on?" Harrie asked to Katie.

"Nothin', I just can't believe I was put into Ravenclaw and all my friends are in Gryffindor," she explained.

"Yeah, but we can still hang out during Transfiguartion, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Potions with Slytherin," said Nora smiling.

"Don't forget breakfast, lunch, and dinner," said Michael.

Lisa quickly said, "Okay, let's get back to what we were talkin' about, why am I in Gryffindor?"

"That's what you guys were talkin' about," said Harrie.

"Yeah, er, maybe, you're really brave at heart, the hat doesn't say you had to be straight out brave, it just says brave at heart," exclaimed Sean. As soon as Sean finished saying this, owls of all kind flew inside through the ceiling. "Looks like the mail's here," he said. CLUNK! Six Daily Prophet newspapers fell infront of them, each of them grabbed one, but before they could read it, a familiar white snowy owl landed on top of the table infront of Harrie.

"Hedwig?" asked Harrie to the owl.

"Who's Hedwig?" asked Katie with a confused look.

"My father's owl, look there's a note," she exclaimed.

Harrie quickly untied the note attatched to Hedwig's leg, opened it, and read aloud:

Dear Harrie,

Your mother and I have decided that you should keep Hedwig as a pet

and watch her as we watch you, take care of her and love her always. We love

and miss you!


Mom and Dad

Harrie closed the letter, "Wow, I've always wanted a pooping owl, literally," she said and at that moment, Hedwig pooped.

"Ewwwe! Disgusting!" yelled a familiar voice from the Slytherin table, of course, it was Dragona along with Sarah and Kira, "That's gross, Potter, get that ruddy bird away from me!"

"Awwe, you know never to say something that will please you, at least not around us," said Michael as he put on gloves and threw the dropping on her.

"EWWWE!" yelled Dragona as she ran, her friends still standing there, "Come on you idiots!" The two turned around and ran slowly, very slowly. = )

"She may be mean, but that was low, even for you," said Lisa as she turned the other way and ran.

"Lisa! Wait! She's been mean two me since I was two, perfect payback!" he said as he ran after her.

"Okay, what the heck is goin' on between my brother and your sister?" asked Nora to Katie who's eyes were opened wide.

"I have not the slightest idea, but I don't care!" she said sarcastically.

"Hey, there's some stuff in the Daily Prophet about a creature called a Dominio, 'a dark, hooded creature with no hands and no feet," read Nora.
Harrie sat completely still, not listening to a word Nora nd Katie were saying and ignored all Sean's jokes, she was bored. "What can I do for the next half hour?" she asked herself, "Well, I could sit here and listen to Sean's stupid jokes, or I could look for something to do." "Well, I'll be goin'," she said.

"Goin' where? I'm not done with my joke," said Sean.

"Then you could come too," she sighed, she wanted to get away from everyone, but she didn't want to hurt someone's feelings in the process. "We're leaving guys," she said to Nora and Katie.

"Okay, bye," said Nora smiling.

"See ya' in Tansfiguration," said Katie grinning.

"Let's go, Sean," said Harrie slowly.

"So, where are we going?" asked Sean as they left the Great Hall.

Harrie quickly explained, "The girl's lavatory on the third floor, nobody ever goes in there, because of the eighty-year-old ghost dad's always talkin' about, what's her name..."

He answered, "Moaning Murtle, dad talks about her all the time, I get sick of it, he's turned it into a joke, everytime a baby cries he calls it a Moaning Murtle or when I get mad he says, 'Don' pull a Moanin' Murtle on me,' it gets on my nerves, and are you listening?" he asked quickly as he saw her freeze dead cold, staring up. He looked down and saw the shadow of a hooded creature with no feet and no hands, and as he looked up he saw exactly what he thought it was, a Dominio. "Harrie, it's, it's, that thing Nora read about, a... Dominio!" he exclaimed as the Dominio came closer.

Harrie was frightened she had no idea what it was, "What does it do? I wasn't listening when she read about it." The Dominio let out a loud screech.

"It screams ,like a banshee, so loud that it explodes killing itself and its victim," Sean explained as the Dominio screeched louder, it began to change color as a sign of an explosion.

"How do we stop it?" yelled Harrie over the loud screeching.

"I don't know," said Sean, Harrie looked at him with a horrified look, but he looked back with a terrified face, "We're gonna die!" At this, Nora and Katie came out of nowhere, but the Dominio kept screeching, louder and louder.

Nora looked terrified, "Harrie, Sean, look out, Imobullus!" she shouted, the Dominio froze completely, fell to the ground and turned to dust. Nora and Katie ran toward them.

"Are you two okay?" asked Katie with a worried look.

"Yeah, thanks to you guys," said Sean with a smile, "How did you know where we were?" he asked.

Nora looked confused, "I have no idea, Katie and I were talking about the article on a Dominio," she said.

Katie added, "Then, out of the blue, you said something like, 'Harrie, Sean, third floor, lavatory,' you were in some kind of trance."

"That's when we ran up here, the spell that I used on the Dominio was a spell to imobulize the weakest of power. A dark hooded Dominio is said to have the least amount of power, that's why it turned to dust, but silver and gold hooded Dominio will not be affected by the spell at all," explained Nora.

"That's alot of information, you're pretty smart, I've never noticed," said Harrie sarcastically.

"Thanks, I think," replied Nora.

Sean was relieved when he finally got a chance to ask, "What else do you know about Dominios?"

Nora gave him a surprised look, he actually wanted to learn, she answered, "First of all, it's Dominii if you want to say it plural, second, it originated from the creatures, Dementors, the old guards of Azkaban not the giants, and I also know that the brighter their hood, the stronger they are."

"Okay, maybe I didn't want to know the first part, Prof Weasley, now come on, stop blabbin' on and showin' off, we'll be late for Transfiguration," said Sean as they walked down the steps and toward Prof McGonagall's classroom. Nora gave him a dirty look.

* * * * *

Prof McGonagall gave them a cruel look as they walked in late, they heard snickers coming from Lisa and Michael, who had been early, Where were you?" asked Michael as the four of them sat.

"I'll tell you later," said Nora as Prof McGonagall walked toward the front of the class.

Prof McGonagall smiled, then said, "Welcome, Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, to our first lesson in Transfiguration. Now, Transformation is not easy, in fact, it is the most complex and dangerous magic to learn. For the first lesson, I will give you an assignment that I assign on the first day of school every year, I will hand you a match, and with this match you must say a spell to transform it into a pin, but before we do that, I must ask you to take notes."

After Harrie wrote four pages of notes, Prof McGonagall finally handed out the matches to each student, "Now, partner up," she said. Lisa and Katie partnered, as did Michael and Sean, Harrie partnered with Nora. "Now that everyone has a partner, place both matches on your desk, pull out your wand and say, perno," after she had finished saying this, the match on her desk transformed into a pin.

Everyone began to mutter the spell, but unfortunately, nothing happened, that is until Nora said it, "Perno!" she exclaimed. The match shook briefly, sparked, then, at once, transformed into a pin.

"Excellent work, Miss Weasley, fifteen points to Gryffindor," exclaimed Prof McGonagall smiling, the class applauded making Nora turn slightly red, "The next to finish earns their house ten points," said Prof McGonagall and at that moment, Katie waved her wand.

"Perno!" exclaimed Katie. The match did as it did before and transformed into a pin.

"Excellent, Miss Thomas, ten points to Ravenclaw," said Prof Mcgonagall smiling.

More minutes passed, Harrie wanted to learn so much more, but class had finally ended and it was time for Herbology with Hufflepuff. "Who's the Herbology teacher?" asked Harrie as they walked out the classroom.

"Professor Sprout," answered Nora.

Katie frowned, "I have History of Magic with Slytherin next," she said.

"That stinks, we don't have a class with Slytherin till Thursday," said Sean.

"What classes?" asked Katie.

"Defense Against the Dark Arts on Thursday and Potions on Friday," answered Nora as they walked down the steps leading to the front doors of the Greenhouse.

"Well, I'll be in Potions with you and Slytherin too, so that won't be too bad," said Katie, "I guess I'd better go, bye! Take care of my sister!" she shouted as she ran up the stairs.

"Please, I can take care of myself," mumbled Lisa.

Nora opened the door, "Come on let's get in."

The greenhouse had plants and many different other things such as, seeds, soil, and worms. Harrie knew she was going to love this class, because she loved to work with plants, even magical ones. A short, plump woman with bright eyes and a round face walked up to the middle of the room, "Hello and welcome, Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, I'm Professor Sprout, and I will be your Herbology teacher for the year, Herbology is a different study of magic, it has to do with the environment, science, and nature, but in a magical perspective, our first assignment will be to grow a magical beanstalk. These beanstalks are said to take a year to grow, but with a simple spell, it will be able to grow in a matter of seconds, now, I will give each of you a seed, you will place it on the soil below you and you will say, Sviluppo veloce,"

Prof Sprout handed Harrie a seed, Harrie placed in the soil, and exclaimed, "Sviluppo veloce!" To her amazement, it worked, the beanstalk had popped out of the ground and stopped before it hit the ceiling.

"Congradulations, Miss Potter, ten points to Gryffindor," said Prof Sprout with a large smile, and not long after she said this did Nora's beanstalk grow, also stopping before it hit the ceiling, "Excellent, Miss Weasley, ten more points to Gryffindor." Soon ten points were given to Hufflepuff for Luke Dunkleman's beanstalk grew too, "Nice work, Mr Dunckleman, ten points to Hufflepuff." Michael's and Lisa's both grew at the same time, but not high enough, "Nice try, but five points to both of you."

Everybody, except Sean, had finished and earned points, "Why isn't it working? Sviluppo veloce! Sviluppo veloce! Sviluppo veloce!" he exclaimed, until finally it had grown so tall that it had shattered the glass ceiling.

"Five points from Gryffindor, class is over, Mr Finnigan, stay in my class for lunch," said Prof Sprout outraged.

* * * * *

Thursday had come faster than Harrie had expected, she was already stressed with the amount of homework given by Prof. Flitwick, the Charms teacher, and Prof. Binns, the History of Magic teacher, in fact, his homework was worse, "Who knew a ghost could be so cruel?" she thought to herself.

It was now time for the last class of Thursday, Defense Against the Dark Arts. Harrie walked with Nora to the dungeons where both Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts classrooms were, "I've barely seen Katie this week, how about you, Harrie?" asked Nora as she opened the door to the classroom.

"Nope, only during eating periods, on Monday, and during Charms class today," answered Harrie as she looked around. The classroom was small, it had about thirty seats in all and it smelled like a dead person. Sean, Michael, and Lisa were all sitting in the back while the other Gryffindors were scattered around. As Harrie and Nora took their seats, the Slytherins came in, Dragona, Kira, and Sarah searched the room, obviously looking for Harrie and the others.

"Potter, Weasleys, Finnigan, didn't quite catch your name," said Dragona looking at Lisa.

"Get away, we don't wanna be bothered by you hags right now," said Sean looking at Dragona with distaste.

"I was talking to her," she said pointing to Lisa, "What's the matter? Are you scared? Do you want your sister to come and save you?" Lisa's eyes watered.

Nora became outraged, "Shutup, Dragona, or I'll," she hesitated, she had to stay calm.

"Or you'll what? Put a spell on me? Make me dance like a monkey?" interrogated Dragona.

Before Nora could say anything, a tall blonde haired man with a long nose and long hands walked into the classroom, "Please be seated, hello Gryffindors and Slytherins, I'm Prof Alliver and welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts, in this class, you will learn how to defend yourselves if you may find yourselves in the face of evil. For todays first lesson, we will learn about Dominii."

Harrie looked at her friends who all looked back, they were going to learn more about the creatures.

This is fun to write about. R/R if you want.

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