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Harriette Potter and the Ring of Life by rb123456
Chapter 4 : The Sorting Hat
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Harrie, Nora, Michael, and Sean headed over to the small empty corridor at the end of the train. Kids in their Hogwarts robes passed them, all eyeing Harrie. "What's with everyone?" asked Harrie to her friends.

"What do ya' mean?" asked Sean as he looked at everyone around them.

Harrie glanced at a tall, handsome english-japanese looking boy, he to was looking at her bracelet, "Why's everyone lookin' at me?"

"Well, Harrie, come on, everybody who doesn't know you will look at you different" joked Michael, refering to the way she looked.

Nora gave Micheal a wham in the arm, "Shutup, jerk. Harrie, your father's the most famous wizard in the world, of course everyone would look at you, I mean, you look exactly like him, except without those stupid glasses."

"I thought I was the only one who thought they looked stupid," said Harrie. Both of the girls began to laugh.

"Stupid girls," whispered Michael to Sean as he opened the door to the corridor. Inside, were a couple of twin girls, they both had dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, one was tall and had bushy hair, the other was about as tall as Harrie and Nora and had silky, straight hair.

The twin with bushy hair looked up and smiled, "Oh, hello, come on in, nobody else but me and my sister are hear."

Harrie smiled, "Thanks, I'm Harrie, that's Nora, Sean is over there and..."

"I'm Michael," said Michael cooly, he was staring at the twin with silky hair, "And you are?"

The bushy haired twin spoke, "That's Lisa, she's shy, and I'm Katie."

"Hi," said everyone smiling as they all sat down.

"So what house do you guys want to be in? I'm thinking Ravenclaw for me, Hufflepuff for Lisa," said Katie smiling.

Nora smiled, "Oh, either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, I don't care, even Hufflepuff, as long as it's not Slytherin." Everyone, even Harrie, knew that Slytherin was a place for dark wizards, and to this day, not a single witch or wizard who hadn't went bad wasn't in Slytherin.

"Me too, but I think I might end up in Gryffindor," said Sean grinning.

Harrie smiled, "I want to be in Gryffindor, because it's where the brave go right?"

"Yeah, the brave at heart go to Gryffindor, the wise to Ravenclaw, the ones with a loyal heart to Hufflepuff, and the quick and sneaky go to Slytherin," explained Katie, "What about you, Michael?" she asked.

He was still staring at Lisa. "MICHAEL!" yelled Nora.

He jumped quickly, "Yeah brave at heart, yeah, yup," he said while still staring at Lisa.

"WHAT HOUSE DO YOU WANT TO BE IN!" screamed Nora with rage.

"I said GRYFFINDOR!" he yelled back.

"REALLY, 'cause all I heard was, 'duh... brave at heart... blah, blah, BLAH!" Nora yelled as he she turned redder than her hair, Michael did the same.

Harrie and Sean Pulled them away from eachother, "Guys! Enough, it was just a question," said Harrie calming them down.

As they sat and calmed down, Lisa finally spoke, "Talk about sibling rivalry, I thought you two were going to kill eachother." Katie looked at her in amazement.

"Yeah it happens all the time," said Michael smiling. Lisa blushed.

"I hope the first years don't have to ride on boats again, my father said that's how it was when he went," said Harrie.

"Really, I've been meaning to ask, is your father, Harry Potter?" asked Katie slowly making lisa's eyes open wide.

"Yeah, why?" asked Harrie.

Katie smiled, "Our parents, Dean Thomas and Pavarti Patil went to school with him," she explained.

"Then you must know our parents too, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger," said Nora with a big smile.

"Yeah, and my dad, Seamus Finnigan," exclaimed Sean.

"Yeah, our parents know all of your parents," said Katie.

Lisa found herself comfortable with everyone so she spoke once more, "They talk about them constantly, about how they wished they had stayed in touch with them."

"Our parents talk about yours all the time, I hear your dad's a great artist, so am I, I love to draw," said Nora.

Lisa laughed, "He's always making a new banner for our birthday parties." Everyone began to laugh and tell eachother jokes, until there was a knock at the door, slowly, the door creaked open to reveal Dragona, Sarah, and Kira all dressed in their Hogwarts robes.

Dragona smirked looking at the faces in the room, "Well, well, well, if it isn't the Pottface, the Weasels, and Mr. Funnyman, and more people, hi I'm Dragona," she said smirking to Katie and Lisa.

"Hi, I'm Katie and this is my twin sister, Lisa," said Katie politely.

Harrie smiled at Katie, then looked up and smirked at Dragona, "No need to be polite to her, Katie, she's still gonna be mean right back, ain't that right Dra-gon-a?"

"It's DRAY-GON-A, Pottface!"

"It's Harrie, Fire-breathin' DRAGON!"

"Fire-breathin' dragon? Is that the best you've got? Pathetic," said Dragona laughing. She hit Sarah and Kira in the stomach making them laugh as well.

"Shutup! What kinda' name is Dragona anyway?" yelled Nora.

"It's from my father's name, besides what kinda' name is Weasley?"

"Well, I don't know, what kinda' name is Malfoy?"

"ENOUGH!" yelled a deep voice coming from down the hall, "What the devil is goin' on here?" It was the conductor.

"Nothing, sir they were just about to leave," said Harrie looking at Dragona in the eye as she and her friends walked away.

The conductor smiled, "You all be careful around her, her father is..."

"Yeah we know," said everyone but Lisa.

The conductor smiled again, "Well I better be..." he froze and stared right at Harrie's blue bracelet.

"Excuse me, but what are you looking at?" Harrie asked suspiciously.

"Nothn', nice bracelet," said the conductor with a shaky voice, "Bye."

As the door closed Nora asked, "Whoa! De ja vu, didn't Barnie do the exact same thing yesterday?"

"Yeah, he did," said Harrie nervously.

"Who's Barnie?" asked Lisa curiously.

"Barnie Ollivander from the wand shop at Diagon Alley," explained Sean.

"That's strange," said Katie slowly looking at everyone's face, "Ollivander's Wand Shop was closed yesterday because they found some freak dressed in blue turn into a dark creature. He killed Mr. Ollivander, then disappeared all together."
"Wait! Freak dressed in blue? Didn't Barnie wear blue?" asked Michael quickly.

"Yeah he did, and he stared at my bracelet just like the conductor did," said Harrie slowly.

Lisa opened her eyes wide as the train stopped completely, "Let's talk later, we're here."

* * * * *

As she got out of the train, Harrie was amazed by the size of the castle atop the mountain. "Wow! how are we gettin' up there?" asked the english-japanese boy that Harrie had seen on the train.

"By boat," she answered, "I'm Harrie."

"Oh, hi, I'm Joey," he said as his dark hair flew in front of his face from the wind.

Harrie smiled and blushed, she had her first crush. Nora, Michael, Sean, Katie, and Lisa came out of the train just as Harrie was about to say something. "HARRIE! OVER HERE!" yelled Nora over the heads of everyone.

"I've got to, I'll see ya' later," said Harrie to Joey smiling.

"Yeah, okay, later," he answered as she ran toward the others.

"Who was that? He's cute," whispered Nora to Harrie.

"Whouldn't you like to know," said Harrie as she began to laugh.

Coming from the crowd, a deep voice yelled, "FIRZ' YEERZ'!"

"FIRZ' YEERZ'!" It didn't take long for Harrie long to find where the voice was coming from, it was a gigantic woman, she was about as tall as three men and as wide as ten. Harrie and her friends all headed toward the tall woman, she had a strong french accent and wore a long gown. "FIRZ' YEERZ' gaz'er around, I am Madame Maxine ze key keeper at Hoog' wartz," she said with a deep voice that made Harrie feel that if you didn't see who was speaking, you'd mistake it for a man's, "Ve' 'vill be heedin' toward ze' lake to ride ze' boat." All the first years followed Madame Maxine to the lake. Madme Maxine showed them what looked like brand new boats, "'Zeez

are ze' ne boats to fit my azz', pardon my lang-uagee."

"It seats six," said Nora smiling, "That's perfect for us." Harrie and Nora sat in the front, while Katie and Lisa sat in the middle infront of Michael and Sean who were seated in the back. The boat magically moved forward into the lake and toward the castle. Harrie sat in the boat looking only at the castle, it was so beautiful, it was tall and shiny and it looked perfect on the night sky.

"Isn't it beautiful?" asked Nora as she looked at the castle.

"Yeah, it is, it's incredible," exclaimed Harrie as she glanced at the castle one last time.

* * * * *

Harrie, Nora, Katie, Lisa, Michael, and Sean got out of the boat and ran swiftly toward Madame Maxine. "What do ya' mean, he turned into a dark creature and dissapeared all together?" asked Michael as everybody got into the warm building.

Although still admiring the inside of the building, Katie still managed to answer, "Well, the Ministry says, wait doesn't your father work for the ministry?" she asked suddenly.

"Yeah, why, how did you know?" asked Michael.

"I know he does because I've heard of him, he works third in line, and the reason why I asked is because your father should have known about all this," explained Katie in whisper as they walked ap a long flight of stairs leading to a large double door.

"Maybe he just found out today, he was late for work," said Nora jumping into the conversation.

Katie said briefly in a slight whisper, "Perhaps, but it's still a bit odd, don't you think?" As soon as she said this, a tall woman, who looked about the age of one hundred and fifty, with silver hair walked slowly up to the first years and grinned. She wore a long, green robe and a tall pointed green hat.

For such an elderly looking woman, she had a clear voice, "Welcome to Hogwarts, I am Professor McGonagall, Deputy Headmisstress, Head of Gryffindor house, and your Transfiguration teacher. We are glad to have you all here. I must ask you all to leave your belongings hear and be very quiet when we walk inside, it will impress your headmaster. When we get in, you will be sorted into your houses and we will have dinner"

Harrie placed her large bag down, and stood quietly waiting for Prof McGonagall to open the door. As soon as the door opened, Harrie's heart stopped, there were kids all over filling the tables. Each table represented a house, to Harrie's left were Gryffindor and Hufflepuff and to her right were Slytherin and Ravenclaw. The first years gathered around the front of the room. Infront of Harrie stood a platform with a long table and teachers seated all across.

"I think that one's Snape," said Sean pointing to a teacher dressed in black, he had a long nose, a pale face, and street black hair, "Dad said to look out for him, did you know that after all these years, he still hasn't gotten the job as

Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, nope, still teachin' potions."

"Yeah, my dad mentions him all the time too," said Lisa as the headmaster, who sat in the middle, stood.

All the first years gasped with fright, he was gigantic, smaller than Madame Maxine, but it was frightening because he had a large beard and a round face, he laughed a jolly laugh then spoke, "Don' be 'fraid, Firs' Yers', I am Professor Hagrid, your headmaster, and I wou' like ter welcom' you all to Hogwarts." Harrie smiled, she may not have listened to the whole of her father's stories, but she always listened when he mentioned Hagrid. "Her' are a few announcements, all uff the Fer' bidden fer'est is, well, fer' bidden, yes even Godric's Hollow, you came to stay the whole year not five days a week then go to yer' moms an..." Pro. McGonagall coughed, letting him know he was blabbing. "Kay, one las' thing, Do not go ner' the Whomppin' Willow."

Prof McGonagall walked up to the front of the platform, placing a stool next to her and holing an old, worn hat, as she placed the hat on the stool the hat began to sing a ridiculous song that Harrie could care less about, "I cant believe we didn't see it before, why didn't we know something bad had happened to Mr. Ollivander?"

"Harrie, we did, remember, I didn't trust that guy as soon as we saw him," said Nora.

Michael blurted in, "Yeah, and he was a total a..."

"Shutup!" yelled Nora as the hat ended it's song.

"That was to... to er... beautiful," sighed Prof. McGonagall, she obviously didn't care less either, "Now on to buissiness, when I call your name, you will sit here and I will place the Sorting Hat on your head, and you will be sorted into your houses, Aalim, Kennedy!"

A blonde-haired boy with a round face wobbled up to the platform, sat on the stool, and the hat was placed on his head.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" shouted the hat.

The Hufflepuff table cheered as he wobbled down the platform and sat with them.

"Bart, Gregory!"


"Dunkleman, Luke!"

"HUFFLEPUFF!" shouted the hat once again.

"Finnigan, Sean!"

Sean's eyes opened wide, he walked slowly up to the platform and sat.


The entire Gryffindor table roared with cheers as he sat with them.

"Finkledum, Emma!"


The Ravenclaw table clapped with joy as she ran to sit next to a tall Ravenclaw girl that looked like her, perhaps it was her older sister.

"Hillsum, Torri!"


"Joley, Alexander!"


"Krim, Thomas!"

A tall, dark skin boy walked nervously up to the platform and sat.


He smiled greatly and ran down to the Gryffindor table.

"Lee, Kira!"

Kira's large body pushed almost everyone down, as she sat on the stool and it began to crack so she stood instead.


The Slytherin table roared with applause.

"Malfoy, Dragona!"

Dragona nudged Michael, stepped on Nora's foot, and pushed Harrie aside just to get to the platform.

"SLYTHERIN!" shouted the hat quickly.

The Slytherin table whistled and clapped loudly as Dragona walked off the platform and sat at the table.

"Moon, Sarah!"

Sarah was slimmer than Kira, but she still bumped into people and she too had to stand when being sorted.


Many names passed after, "Miller", "Michaelson", "Nickkers", and "Noley", now it was Harrie's turn, "Potter, Harriette!" shouted Prof McGonagall. The sound went dead, nobody spoke a single word, not a singles sound peeped from anyone, Harrie walked nervously past Nora, Michael, Lisa, and Katie, she felt eyes staring at her as she passed everyone and to her disgust, she felt as if she were going to vomit, she stepped onto the platform, and slowly sat on the stool, she couldn't look into the crowd, she would certainly vomit if she saw all those faces looking at her, and as the hat was placed onto her head, it began to speak in her mind, "Hmmm, this is difficult, for you have something protecting you, you have wit like a Ravenclaw, but not enough, ahh you are quite loyal, but not loyal enough to be a Hufflepuff, the sassiness of a Slytherin is exactly what you have, wait, no, bravery is your strength, you are brave enough to be a GRYFFINDOR!" it shouted making the once silent room turn into the loudest room imaginable, the entire Gryffindor table stood, including Sean who was smiling greatly as Harrie skipped down and sat next to him, but it was not over yet, for Katie, Lisa, Michael, and Nora have not gone yet.
"Thomas, Kathleen!" shouted Prof McGonagall with a grin still looking at Harrie.

Katie shook, Harrie could tell Katie was just as nervous as she were when she got up there. Katie sat and waited, there was a long pause.

"RAVENCLAW!" shouted the hat, Harrie was dissapointed that Katie was put into Ravenclaw, but she could still hang out with her during their lunches and classes together. Katie ran and sat at the end of the Ravenclaw table and waved at Harrie and Sean, they both waved back.

"Thomas, Lisa!"

Lisa was worse, she was the shyest of the two and Harrie knew she wasn't brave enough for Gryffindor, she sat on the stool and the pause was the longest ever.

"GRYFFINDOR!" shouted the hat, Harrie looked at Sean who looked back both their eyes open wide, Harrie looked over to Katie, she too looked surprised. Lisa jumped out of the chair, ran to the Gryffindor table, and sat next to Harrie and Sean.

"Walters, Joseph!"

Harrie's crush, Joey, walked up to the platform and sat on the stool.

"RAVENCLAW!" the Ravenclaw table jumped up as he sat next to Katie.

"Weasley, Michael!"

As Michael walked up the platform, he heard voices behind him saying, "Another Weasley? I thought my dad said the Minister's sons didn't have children."

"Oh no, those twins that own the joke shop don't have children, the youngest son did, and the three oldest sons, one's too busy to be married, one's just married, and one's dissapeared, oh, and their daughter is engaged."

Michael was surprised, people knew more about him than he did, all of his uncles, he stopped three oldest? They already mentioned the twins, the busy one is Uncle Charlie and the one that got married was Uncle Bill, which uncle dissapeared.

"Come on boy," said Prof McGonagall impatiently, "You young Weasleys." He sat on the stool and waited.

"GRYFFINDOR!" shouted the hat. Michael smiled brightly and walked down to the Gryffindor table to sit next to Harrie, Sean, and Lisa.

"Weasley, Nora!"

Nora walked up to the platform and heard voices as well obviously coming from the Slytherin table, "Yet again another Weasley, oh this time a girl, she must be the second Weasley girl ever."

"Yeah, and she's got a nice..."

"Excuse me! I do not, under any circumstances, want to be violated and talked about openly by two stupid, ignorant, immature, perverted boys such as yourselves!" shouted Nora making both boys freeze.

Prof McGonagall quickly said, "Miss Weasley?" Nora walked up the platform and sat, then Prof McGonagall turned to the boys, "You two will sit up here and stay after dinner." Both boys got out of their seats at the Slytherin table and sat in two empty seats next to the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Prof Alliver. Prof McGonagall placed the hat on Nora's head and there was a pause.

"GRYFFINDOR!" shouted the hat, the entire Gryffindor table stood and applauded loudly once again as Nora sat next to Harrie, Sean, Lisa, and Michael.

There were now but a few names left, "Wollumbry", "Yanderk", "Yallers", "Yellowstow", and "Zoonek".

Prof McGonagall took her seat as Prof Hagrid stood, "Now tha' the sortin' is over, let the feast ba'gin!" All the tables filled with food of all types. Chicken, candy, and mashed potatoes, one Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean box was provided for each student.

* * * * *

After dinner, the Gryffindors followed their Prefect, Luke Wood. Luke was a tall fifteen-year-old with perfectly combed blonde hair, blue eyes, and the clearest face Harrie had ever seen. "Come along Gryffindors, these flight of stairs aren't ordinary, they change when they want, so we must keep up with eachother, follow me," he said as they walked up the last flight of stairs and into the door.

"Isn't he cute," whispered Nora to Harrie.

"Er, no, he's way too clean," said Harrie

Nora looked her as if she were insane, "What do ya' mean, you always agree with, wait your not just sayin' that 'cause of Joey are you?"

"Actually, yeah, I am," she answered quickly.

Nora's eyes widened and she exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, you have your first crush, this is the best day of my life!"

"Why?" asked Harrie curiously.

"'Cause now I can talk to you about cute boys more!"

"Right, we're only eleven, we don't know anything about dating."

"Not yet," said Nora as they stopped infront of a portrait of a large, fat lady.

"Password?" asked the Fat Lady.

"Doodledums!" exclaimed Luke, and the portrait opened. "Welcome to your common room," he said as everyone gathered in, "Boys dormitory is up the stairs to your left and girls, the same on your right, your belongings have already been brought up."

"Yeah, by poor little house elves," whispered Nora.

"Don't start!" exclaimed Michael as Luke left the common room.

"Mom told me all about it! It's horrible! The poor house elves, slaving away only to be paid nothing," said Nora.

"Mom also said it was a perfect waste of time, trying to save them," exclaimed Michael.

Nora made a look on her face that made her brother feel stupid, "I'm not continuing S.P.E.W., that was what mom said was a waste of time, I'm gonna free them."

Michael rolled his eyes and turned to Sean, "Let's get to bed, PLEASE!"

"Yeah, let's, goodnight everybody!"

Harrie, Lisa, and Nora said goodnight back. "Let's get to bed too, hopefully we'll see Katie tommorow and see how it's goin' in Ravenclaw," said Harrie.

"Yeah, I'm wasted," said Lisa yawning.

"Come on let's go," said Nora.

As they walked up the stairs, Harrie felt ready for the year ahead of her she was ready for anything, but little did she know, she will have to prove herself this year.

I know that was long, please review if you want

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