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Harry Potter and the Free-For-All by AuroraBraelin
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five: Glasses
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Chapter Five: Glasses

Harry looked at him. He was laughing. He knew Harry couldn’t fly. Harry threw a few spells at him. Neo dodged them all by flying incredibly fast. Harry had had enough. He was going to get up there and face him. He raised his wand. Neo stopped flying to watch. He seemed intrigued by this wand magic. “Accio Firebolt!”
“Firebolt? What is a firebolt?” Neo asked. Then he knew when he saw the broom flying towards Harry. “A broom. You think a broom can help you beat me? Ha! I have got to see this.”

The broom landed in Harry’s hand. He got on it and took off from the ground. “Ah, so you can fly after all. This should be interesting,” Neo said. Harry flew up to him so he was eye level.
“What is with you and your glasses?” Harry asked.
“Ah, that is my secret Harry.” Harry saw a bludger coming towards Neo from behind. Little did he know that Neo saw the same thing behind Harry. They both flew out of the way. Both bludgers hit each other in mid-air and burst into pieces. Neo hit Harry hard. Harry gave a kick but missed. Neo came up to Harry again and knocked him off of his broom. Harry was falling to the ground. There were gasps in the audience. Harry pointed his wand at the floor.
“Spongify!” The ground became a spring like play area. Harry hit the ground but bounced right back up to hid broom. He caught it and flew away. Harry pointed his wand at Neo. “This ends here!”
“Oh. Is that so?”
“Accio Oculus!” Neo’s glasses flew from his face and into Harry’s hands. Neo fell to the ground below him. Harry flew down to catch him. Neo looked at Harry greatfully. Harry placed him on the ground. Neo went to Dumbledore.
“I give up!” Dumbledore walked to the middle of the pitch.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!” A huge cheer erupted for Harry. Harry waved to them all. He handed Neo back his glasses. Harry had a feeling that his glasses worked in much the same way a wand did. No spell saying though. He figured that the glasses taped into his brain. All he had to do was think.

Hermione and Ron met Harry on the pitch. They both gave him a hug saying how proud they were of him. Harry turned to Dumbledore, who was approaching them with a trophy in his hand. Harry was looking at the trophy. This better not be a portkey, he thought to himself. He took the trophy. It was not a portkey. Harry celebrated with his friends all night long. This was an amazing accomplishment. At least that is what everyone was telling him. Neo and Clark shook his hand and left Hogwarts. They both had their own lives to live. Plus, they both had to prepare for next year.

is this grade three wrting?

A/N----Please review. i just got the idea when i saw the matrix
I dont like it...but i wont delete it

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Harry Potter and the Free-For-All: Chapter Five: Glasses


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