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Harry Potter and the Free-For-All by AuroraBraelin
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four: Kryptonite
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Chapter Four: Kryptonite

Harry watched from the ground. The bludgers were chasing Neo and Clark. They both flew around the pitch with a bludger tailing them. They were both flying in opposite directions, so they were bound to meet halfway on the other side.

They were coming up to each other, flying at top speeds. They didn’t have time to worry about the other person. They had planned on flying by each other. However, each of the bludgers changed persons. They were now aiming for the faces of Neo and Clark. They both weren’t fast enough. The bludgers hit them both.

They both hit the ground with a thud. Neo’s glasses had broken. He threw them at Harry. “Fix them. Fix them like you fixed yours.” Harry just threw them back at him. He was not going to do anything to help him.
“Why do you want them fixed so badly?” Harry asked. Neo didn’t answer. There must be more going on here, Harry thought. Clark had recovered. This time, he came after Harry.
“What were those?” he asked.
“Bludgers! Nasty little buggers, aren’t they?” Clark nodded. Harry was caught off guard when Clark hit him. Clark had abnormal strength and sent Harry to the other end of the quidditch pitch. Neo didn’t seem to be doing anything. He was just looking at his broken glasses. Harry pointed his wand at them. “Repairo!” His glasses were fixed.
He ran over to the fallen Harry and helped him up. Neo left to fight Clark. Harry had a thought. He wasn’t thinking about the fight itself. He was thinking about their weakness.

Harry remembered reading about Superman’s weakness. Kryptonite. Harry raised his wand to Clark. “Kryptonite!” Green smoke surrounded Clark. Clark fell to his knees. His powers didn’t work when under then influence of kryptonite. Neo took off from the ground.
“Come on, kid. Don’t tell me that you can’ fly.” Harry looked at him. It was his turn to go down.

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