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Harry Potter and the Free-For-All by AuroraBraelin
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: Full Contact
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Chapter Three: Full Contact

None of them made a move. Neo just looked at Harry. He was waiting for the kid to make a move. Harry wasn’t moving. He was nervous. Clark was just watching the two look at each other. Neo walked up to the boy. “Let’s see what your stick can do.” He was a dark man. Harry knew he served good, but he was dark. His clothing gave him that effect. Harry pointed his wand at Neo.
“Cruccio!” Neo fell to the ground in pain. Harry knelt down in front of him. “It is not a stick!” Harry took the curse off of him. Neo stood up, looking at Harry disbelieving.
“How the hell did you do that?” Harry held up his wand. “Oh, right,” he said realizing that the kid was more than what he thought. Clark had had enough standing around. He moved towards Neo.
He looked to Dumbledore first. “This is a full contact sport, right?” Dumbledore nodded his head. Clark smiled and turned back to Neo only to find that Neo’s fist was on course to Clark’s face. Clark fell backwards. This man was unbelievably strong. Harry drew his wand on Neo. “Flippendo!” Neo was hurtled backwards and landed on his back. He looked at the kid. Harry smiled. Neo ran over to the kid and started to through punches. Harry ducked and moved sideways to dodge the blows. A fist met Harry to the right of his eye. His glasses broke. Harry took the off and pointed his wand to them. “Repairo!” The glasses were fixed in a matter of seconds. Harry put them back on. Neo nodded his approval. This kid was indeed powerful. Clark came up to Neo. They were throwing punches at each other. This fight was a little more intense. Clark gave him a spinning kick to the stomach. Neo fell backwards. Neo got up and took off into the air. He was flying. Harry was amazed. He had never seen anyone fly without a broom before.

Neo looked at Harry. “What’s the matter, kid? You can’t fly?” Clark took off up into the air as well. He had just recently learned how to harness his power of flying. Harry had an idea. He raised his wand.
“Accio Bludgers!” Two bludgers came his way. Harry took hold of them in his hand. He pushed a button on each of them and they took off out of his hand. Neo and Clark looked at them with interesting looks on their faces. Harry was giving them a taste of his world. Harry was giving them a taste of his favorite sport. Quidditch. Thy were on the Quidditch pitch after all.

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Harry Potter and the Free-For-All: Chapter Three: Full Contact


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