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Harry Potter and the Free-For-All by AuroraBraelin
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two: A Little Boy
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Chapter Two: A Little Boy

Harry walked onto the Quidditch pitch. He had his wand grasped in a death grip in his hand. Harry was nervous. Neo took off his dark sunglasses. “A kid? You want me to fight a little kid? This is ridiculous. I am not going to fight a little boy with a useless stick in his hand. I feel sorry for the boy by just looking at him. I am not going to do it.”
“It is not a stick!” Harry corrected him.
“Oh, I am sorry. A wand. A useless wand, then. It makes no difference to me. I am still not going to do it. You seriously want me to take on a little boy?” Harry didn’t like this guys tone.
“Harry is the toughest boy I have met. I have ever confidence in the boy.” Dumbledore responded.
“Your confidence is misplaced.”
“Really?” Neo didn’t respond. “This boy is a hero. He will make us proud.”
Neo put on his glasses again. He turned around facing away from them and began walking, his black outfit billowing behind him. “Let’s do this then!” Clark had remained silent through the whole thing. Harry walked up to him.
“You’re Clark Kent aren’t you?”
“Yes I am.”
“Wow. I have seen T.V. shows and read a few comics about you.”
“Yes, I know. It is like my life was predicted before I was even born.” Harry smiled. He knew what is was like to be famous and not know about it for a while.
Dumbledore left to stand at the edge of the pitch. He raised both hands in the air. “Contestants please take your positions.” He waited until they were in the right place. Let the Free-For-All challenge begin!” He dropped his arms signaling the beginning of the match.

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Harry Potter and the Free-For-All: Chapter Two: A Little Boy


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