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Changed by Staff by Rita
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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"Merry Christmas sleepy heads!" Hermione had just walked into the boys dormitory fully dressed where Ron and Harry lay asleep.

"Hermione! You're not supposed to be in here. This is the boys dormitory!" said a perturbed Ron sitting up in his four poster bed.

"Merry Christmas to you too. It's nearly noon you'd better get up if you don't want to miss the Christmas feast."

Harry sat up in his four poster bed. He had had a very strange dream. He remembered that Ron and Hermione had been there. The rest, however, remained a mystery.

Harry got up quietly as he listened to Ron and Hermione bicker. Apparently Ron didn't want the fact that Hermione had barged into the boy's dormitory to be forgotten.

"Hermione, how would you like it if I just waltzed right into your dormitory huh?"

"Oh honestly Ron! Your making such a big deal of this. Besides, it isn't as if I was just some stranger walking in on you. We've known eachother for five years for heaven sake!"

"Ooh presents!!" said Ron completely forgetting the conversation he had been having with Hermione. Hermione huffed and sat down on the side of Ron's bed, apparently disturbed that Ron had completely forgotten about her.

Harry too spotted a neat stack of presents near his bed and began unwrapping them. Hermione preferred watching as both boys avidly ripped the paper off of the many parcels surrounding their beds.

"Ooooh!" said Ron as he tore the wrapping paper off a tiny box reading 'pest be gone'. Hermione scrowled as Ron read the directions...

Have a pest that you can't seem to get rid of? Try Pest be Gone! We promise results within 24 hours. Simply slip Pest-be-gone into your annoyee's evening pumpkin juice and hear not a word from them for upto 48 hours! Money back guarantee!

"Good! I've been needing something to shut Malfoy up!" said Ron happily.

"I don't think that sounds like such a good idea." said Hermione warningly "That item has bound to be on the forbidden item's list in Filch's office. You could get into alot of trouble!" Hermione looked to Harry for his agreement but was disappointed when Harry seemed to side with Ron.

"Great! You could lend it to me I could use with the Creevy brothers shutting up for a day or two"said Harry.

"Or imagine the damage we could do if Proffessor Trelawney lost her voice"

Hermione looked shocked that Ron would even consider talking about a teacher in such a manner. She kept her mouth closed, however, as Ron picked up his next package. Ron shook the package but it made no sound. Just as Ron was about to open the parcel Hermione stood up with a start

"I've just remembered I've got something to do in the library, see you at the feast!" and before Ron or Harry could stop her she had gotten up and left the boys dormitory.

"Bloody mad, that one. Who goes to the library on Christmas?" asked Ron as he tore the remaining paper of the package.

"Whoa!" It was a ring that Ron had unwrapped. But not just any ring, it was a question ring, which made the beholder answer the given question truthfully no matter what the circumstances. Harry had only seen one in a shop in Diagon alley, and unless he was much mistaken, it had cost quite a pocketfull.

"Wait a minute, there's no card," said Ron, dumbstruck. "I wonder who it's from."

Harry shrugged as he opened the very last parcel, a bag of Weasley Wizard Weezes from both Fred and George.

"Shall we go down to the feast?" Harry asked as he slipped on his new sweater that Mrs Weasley had sent him.

"Uh....sure," said Ron giving a last look at his new treasure. "let's go," and with that the two headed out of the dormitory, through the portrait hole, and down the many corridors and stairways to the great hall.

TO BE CONTINUED....(in the mean time, please rate!)

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Changed by Staff: Chapter 1


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