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Hermione, the book worm by purple
Chapter 1 : Hermione, the book worm
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"Do you want to go visit Hagrid?" Ron asked Hermione "Are you kidding?" said Hermione "We have 3 tests tommorow" "I know but we have been studying for hours" complaind Ron "I cant risk ruining my perfect record of all A+'s" "Here" said Harry "Me and Ron can quiz each other. Harry asked Ron all the questions that are on the test and then Ron asked Harry all of them. They both got them all right. "See Hermione" "If we can get them right, surely you can" "well if you guys want to go to Hagrids go on but Iam going to stay here and read this book about what we are studying" "suit yourself" said Harry as he and Ron walked out the door of the Gryifondor Common Room.

When they arrived at Hagrid's hut. They knocked on the door. THere was no answer. "He's probally in his garden" said Ron. "Lets go look" said Harry. THey went to the back of the house and sure enough there was Hagrid pulling up weeds from his garden. Theese weeds were trying to bite him. AAAAHHHHH they heard him scream as he pulled up the last bit of bitting weeds and threw them in to a box with the rest and quickly closed the lid and locked it.

"Oh hello" he said when he saw Ron and Harry standing there. "WHat was thoose things?" asked Ron and Harry at the same time. "Oh they are weeds that bite. I dont really remember the name of the monsters but their bite is horrible. Thats why I wear theese extra thick leather gloves." said Hagrid.

Harry, Ron and Hagrid had a nice chat and about a hour later they all walked back to the Hogwarts cafeteria for supper. "Do you see Hermione?" Ron asked Harry. "Nope" answeed Harry"She is probally too busy studying to notice the time, she'll relize it is time to eat any minute now, she is usually hungry way before supper time." said Harry.

Harry and Ron took their usual seats at the Gryiffindor table and had a empty one where Hermione usually sits. Harry and Ron finished their meal and still Hermione had not shown up. They cleaned up their messes and went to find her. When they got to Gryiffondor Common Room they saw a worm crawling out of the book Hermione was reading. "Who let that worm in and where is Hermione?" asked Harry. "How should I know." answered Ron. "Iam right here" they heard Hermione's voice say. "Where are you" Harry asked. "I Iam on the book" Hermione stammered. "Ok Hermione quit fooling around where are you?" asked Ron "Iam not kidding said Hermione" "Ron I dont think she is kidding, Hermione wouldn't joke about something like this." said Harry as he walked and picked up the worm carefully. "Is it you" he asked. "yes" said Hermione on the verge of tears. "What happened asked Ron" "It's the reading curse said Hermione, I have turned into a book worm!


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