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In Another Life by LivyBlack
Chapter 1 : Prolog
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Disclaimer:  Do I look like J.K.? No? Well, no duh, because
I’m not her and Harry Potter and any characters or situations out of the books
don’t belong to me.


Author’s Note:  Yeah, I know I know, the alternate
universe thing has been done, but this is my version of it. 



Ever since she lost her four
friends, Sophia Smalls had the urge to get as far a way as possible.  A picture, a place, a thing, was all it took
to reminder of the friends that she would probably never see again.


It was bad enough that Voldemort
had killed Lily and James.  Even worse
that Sirius had been sent to Azkaban, the hell on earth wizarding prison.  But they didn’t have much of a choice.  But Remus could have stayed.  He didn’t need to leave Britain
and her all alone.


Lately, Sophia had taken to driving
around the country side; just her, her radio and her thoughts.  One day she came to an intersection.  One way was London;
the other was Odery St. Chapel.  At that
moment, two paths of future history split. 
One you already know.  The other
gave an innocent man freedom, a lonely man friends and an unloved boy


As Sophia drove through St. Chapel,
she heard a voice she thought she would never here again.  It wasn’t out loud, but in her head, and no
she wasn’t crazy.  See, Sophia was a
truth seer.  If a truth seer finds
someone they particularly distrust, she or he will develop a one-way psychic
connection with said person.  Sophia had
this with only one person, Peter Pettigrew.


them again.  Why can’t they just let me
 It was week at first but as
she neared the out skirts of the other side of town it became stronger.  “Why
couldn’t I have been something powerful like a lion, or a balsilic?  They would never treat one of those this


Then she saw it, a house that
looked as if it would fall over at the slightest breeze. Must be magic, She thought Might
as well start there.
She pulled in the drive, scattering chickens in the
front yard.  There was a pair of
identical red headed boys in the front yard, playing with a tuff of grey.  It was a rat. 
I got you know, Wormtail.


Sophia stopped her car and walked
up to the boys.  “Hello,” she said
kneeling down net to them.


“Hello,” both the boys replied.


“Is that a rat you’re playing
with?” Sophia asked.


“Yep,” one little boy said.


“Can I see it?” Sophia asked.


“Nope,” the other little boy


“Why not?”


“Cause its Percy’s,” little boy one


“And Percy doesn’t like anybody
touching his stuff,” little boy two added.


is going to be harder than I thought,
Sophia thought.  Luckily for her a stought woman with red hair
came out of the house with another, slightly older boy in hand.


“See, mum, I told you they took
Scabbers,” the boy said.


“Yes, I see,” the woman said
dismissively.  She turned to Sophia. “Who
are you?”


“Sophia Smalls,” Sophia replied.


“And what brings you here, Sophia?”
the lady asked.


“Oh, um, you see, I was driving by
and saw your house.  Now I just love
houses with such obvious magical charm, so I decided to stop by.  Then I saw your boys playing with that rat
there.  Well, a little over a year ago,
my little brother released my pet rat as a way to get back at me for
accidentally stepping on his pet spider. 
And that rat looks exactly like mine did.”  Even if
I am a truth seer, there is no reason to tell them the truth.  They might freak out.


“Are you sure this is your rat?”
the lady asked.


“Positive.  You see where that toe is missing; well my
other little brother cut it off for one of his potions.”


The lady looked though full for a
moment.  “Okay, Percy, give her


“Mum,” Percy whined.


“Percy,” his mom warned.


“Okay,” he grumbled.  He handed Sophia Wormtail.  Wormtail imminently tried to scramble back to


“See, he doesn’t like her,” Percy


“Percy,” His mom warned again.


Sophia smiled and reached in to her
pocket (while death holding the struggling Peter) where she a small amount of
wing money.  She pulled out three gold
pieces and handed them to the boy. 
‘Here, for taking such good care of him.”


Percy smiled for the first time
since she had met him.  Sophia smiled
back and headed to her car.  Once in she
opened the glove compartment and pulled out her wand.


“There’s something I should have
told you earlier.  I’m a witch,” and with
that she stunned him.





style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>Ministry’s Mistake

Tuesday, June 25, 1982, a
rat was brought to

headquarters by Albus Dumbledore and his young

Sophia Smalls, which Dumbledore privately

to help in the war against He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

rat was in fact Peter Pettigrew, supposedly dead after an

with Sirius Black where Black allegedly blew up a

of Muggles.

a day of examination by Ministry officials, it was

that not only was Peter alive and well, but might also

guilty of the crimes that Sirius Black was accused of.  The

will have to perform a complete investigation to be

but at this moment an un-named Ministry worker has

that Blacks chances of getting out of Azkaban

a large amount of restitution “Looks good.”



style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>Blacked Freed

On Friday, July 10, 1982, Sirius Black,
accused of

 conspiracy with You-Know-Who in the death of

Lily Potter and killing 12 muggles was set free because

 of the capture of Peter Pettigrew, who was in
fact the guilty party

 to these crimes.  Pettigrew’s capture was bout about in large

by a friend of Black’s, Sophia Smalls.

times like these you know who your true friends are,” says

at a tear full reunion with sixteen-year-old Smalls.  When

about his plans now that he is free, he simply wanted to take

Harry Potter, most widely known for his defeat of You-Know-Who

in fact is Black’s godson, and to try to locate his niece and

twin son and daughter of his late brother and sister-in-law,

and Cynthia Black.






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