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Harry Potter and the Vacation from Hell by imahappybunny
Chapter 7 : Fred and George\'s extremely disturbing idea
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Dinner was absolutly...revolting. Everyone turned in early in order to get away from Chuck and Moonbeam. Harry thought they were extremely disturbing people, having not been brought up around hippies. The Dursleys hated everything considered "hippie" so Harry really had very little experience in anything remotely hippie-ish. They found it quite hard to fall asleep due to the fear that Chuck and Moonbeam may enter the room, and the disgusting smell of the previous cattery. Harry seemed to encounter cats in very odd places, like the bathroom, for one. That cat was very freaky, it sat on the bathroom counter and stared at him. To tell the truth, it gave Harry the feeling that it was a person in a cat's body. This made him feel very uncomfortable, and he was reluctant to do anything "private" with the cat in there. Which it was most of the time. Ron, on the other hand, could care less about the cat. "It's just a stupid cat. Who in the hell cares?" But Harry just had that feeling that it wasn't just a cat. But, soon they fell asleep, after carefully closing, and Harry insisiting upon locking, the bathroom door.

The next morning, they awoke early, and Harry and Ron fancied an oatmeal breakfast along with the rest of the Weasley family and Chuck and Moonbeam. As they sat down, they carefully avoided the Chef's eye and Fred was making sure that he didn't say anything about the food, no matter how sick it was. When they finished, it was around 10:00am and they decided to go outside for a bit of fresh air. Harry and Ron walked over near the lake and sat for a while. When they had been there for about half an hour, talking and carefully avoiding anything that looked "suspicious", like strange cats, Fred and George walked by sniggering to themselves. "Hey, what are you laughing about?" Ron asked. "Nothing, nothing, my little Ronnykins, and Harrykins..." "There is something up with those two..." Harry said. No sooner had Fred and George passed that two girls walked over to them. "Hey guys, new in town?" the blonde one asked. "" Harry said. "Oh, you're cute, what's your name?" The blonde one said. "H-Harry, Harry P-Potter..." "Well, H-Harry P-Potter, I'm Alicia, Alicia Woods. This is my friend, Jane Kelly," the blonde one, apparently named Alicia explained. Jane was staring at Ron. "And who are you?" Jane asked. "Ronald Weasley!" Ron said, a little loudly. Harry glanced over his shoulder at Fred and George, who were laughing hysterically. He thought they must just be surprised to see a pretty blue eyed blonde and a pretty brown eyed brunette hitting on Harry and Ron. "So, would you guys like to get something to eat with us and maybe we can...hang out for a while," Alicia said. "YES!" The boys said in unison

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