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Harry Potter and the Vacation from Hell by imahappybunny
Chapter 5 : The Lake *dun dun dun*
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Harry and the Weasleys made their way to the lake. Ginny was busy staring at Harry. Harry stepped into the lake. It was a nice temperature. "Come on Ron, the waters great!" "COOL!!" Ron yelled. "Shall we?" Harry asked. "We shall!" Ron replied. Harry took his foot out of the water and him and Ron walked quite aways away and started running towards the lake. As soon as they got to the edge, Harry and Ron jumped into it. Suddenly they realized they had dived straight into a huge bed of weeds. They even pulled some of them up, which caused a cloud of unsettled mud to rise, getting in their faces and eyes. Harry and Ron stood up, covered from head to toe in mud and muck. "This is disgusting!" " have leeches all over you," "OH MY GOD!!! WHY ME WHY ME!!" Ron looked at himself. There was nothing on him. "Glad you two stupid gits jumped in their first," Fred and George yelled. Harry angrily picked leeches off himself. "Harry, let me help you," Ginny said. "No offense Ginny, but don't touch any part of my body," Harry said as he stormed back into the lodge. No doubt to shower and change his clothes.

A/N--short chapter. sry

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Harry Potter and the Vacation from Hell: The Lake *dun dun dun*


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