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Harry Potter and the Vacation from Hell by imahappybunny
Chapter 4 : ROAD TRIP!!!
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Harry, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were starting to feel tired and uncomfortable in the flying car as they soared high above the Atlantic. "I am really hot," "No, you're not Ron," Ginny said rudely thinking that Ron meant that he was attractive. "Oh, burn," Harry said. "I don't mean that, i mean, it is hot outside so I am uncomfortable. I mean like heat," Ron said. They still had hours to go before they got to Minnesota. "I am getting really hot," Harry said as they reached America. It seemed that he heat there was drastically more there than in thier own country. "You were always hot Harry," Ginny said. "Ginny, stop hitting on Harry and shut up!" Ron said. "Yeah, Harry looks like he would rather eat a live chicken than go out with you," Fred said. Ginny's mouth fell open and she went into silence as they flew for hours and hours more.

After hours and hours more they got to Minnesota. There was a large sign that said "The Crystal Lake Ski Resort," They looked around in shocked silence. It looked less like a resort and more like a run down dump. and what was it with the skiing thing? They were surrounded by hills, small hills and the only ones in the area. There wasn't an ounce of snow anywhere. The lake looked large and nice, they all wanted to go swimming right away as it was so hot outside. It seemed that the lake was the only source of appeal throughout the whole place. It also appeared that there was no people in there. The Wealsey's and Harry all grabbed their bags and suitcases and headed inside the "resort". Again, they were forced to stop in shocked silence. The carpet was orange and brown shag with many bald spots. The walls were a dingy shade of yellow and the accents were pea green. On almost every wall were huge pieces of "modern art" in the most atrocious colors imaginable. The second they were through the door they were assaulted by two hippies who's clothing made the people at "Woodstock" look conservative. Singing off key, they showered them with flower petals. "Hi! Welcome to our resort! I am Moonbeam and this is Chuck," The Weasleys and Harry stared at them with a look of extreme shock. Moonbeam was wearing orange bell bottom jeans with hideous platform shoes, and a neon green and yellow tie died shirt with a huge peace sign in the center. She was also wearing a shag vest that made Harry want to throw up. Chuck was sporting a neon green headband, with a guitar straped around his shoulders and neon blue bell bottom jeans, he was also wearing platform shoes. "Oh--My--God," Harry said, clutching his stomache. Chuck and Moonbeam showed Harry and Ron to their own room, Fred and George to their room, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley to theirs and Ginny had the privledge of staying alone. "That was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life," Harry said as he placed his bag on the floor. Ron was apparently in the bathroom throwing up. Ron walked out of the bathroom which was also a dingy shade of yellow which didn't make Ron feel any better. "What in the heck is that smell?" Ron asked. Harry shrugged. "I have no idea." "It smells like cats, and not just live cats, dead cats," Ron said. "That would be sick. You know what, I think I am going to go down to the lake and get out of here," Harry said. "Good idea Harry," Ron said.

Harry and Ron walked out of their room in swimming trunks and spotted the rest of the Weasleys coming out of their rooms. Apparently they had the same idea. They slowly made their way down to the lake.

A/N--I am writing this story w/ iluvdanandshia. hopefully you guys like it! hahaha

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Harry Potter and the Vacation from Hell: ROAD TRIP!!!


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