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Harry Potter and the Vacation from Hell by imahappybunny
Chapter 2 : Percy\'s reply
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The next day the Weasley family got a letter from Percy saying that he couldn't accompany the family on their vacation. "Oh, we have one more ticket!" "Oooohh...mummy...let's invite harry...he's cute..." Ginny said. "Yeah, let's invite harry!" Ron said, now truly excited about the vacation. Ron decided to write harry a letter and have his own owl deliver it.

Dear Harry,
I hope the Dursleys are treating you well. I doubt that they are. Well, me and my family were wondering if you'd like to go on vacation with us. Ginny won us some tickets and Percy couldn't go. Ginny wanted to ask if you could go, because she's madly in love with you. I wanted you to go too! Fred and george will be there as well! Send us an owl! If you say yes we'll pick you up tomorrow at 7:00 (at night). Hope to see you soon!

Dear Ron,
I would love to come! I can't wait! See you tomorrow!

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Harry Potter and the Vacation from Hell: Percy\'s reply


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