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Harry Potter and the Quidditch Match by AuroraBraelin
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four: Standing Fight
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Chapter Four: Standing Fight

Harry was throwing punches at Malfoy. They didn’t even know that the fight was taking place while they were standing on their brooms. The game had stopped once again. The match wasn’t about quidditch anymore. It was about who would win out of the two seekers. Both teams crowded around the fight. Snape was watching from a distance. He was hoping Malfoy would win. He wanted to give the boy a chance to prove himself against Potter.

Malfoy threw a right-hook and then a left. Harry blocked both of them using his forearms, leaving his stomach unprotected. Harry bent at the waist as Malfoy’s hand hit him. Harry took the opportunity to throw an uppercut at him. Malfoy shifted his body weight. His face missed Harry’s hand, but his body was losing balance on the broom. Malfoy waved his arms around to try and catch his balance. At the last second, he did. The Gryffindor’s were rooting for Harry, and the Slytherin’s for Malfoy. Harry threw more punches at Malfoy. Malfoy made the same mistake leaving his stomach unguarded. Harry hit him full force. Malfoy began to spit up blood, but was still trying to win the fight. Harry block what Malfoy threw at him.

Harry hit Malfoy in the face. “That was for every time you make fun of Ron.” Harry hit him in the stomach. “That was for me.” Harry hit him in the stomach with all of the force he could muster up. “And that was for Hermione.” Malfoy came back up with an uppercut. Harry fell backwards off of his broom. He flipped over and grabbed hold of the handle. Harry swung and kicked his feet up. He hit Malfoy in the stomach. Malfoy fell off of his broom backwards, also, but could not reach the handle in time.

Meh...not done yet
is this grade three writing?
This story will be on hold for a while. I need to finish my other ones first.

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