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Saving Luna Lovegood by Aaran St Vines
Chapter 13 : It is Close, The Cure Has to Be Here Somewhere
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Chapter Thirteen —It is Close, The Cure Has to Be Here Somewhere

It was little after 3:00 on Thursday. Harry was sitting in his hospital robes in a chair next to Luna. As was his practice at least once during each day since he had awakened, he had reconfigured Luna's bed in to a hospital patient's chair to help with her circulation. He was reading at a lightning pace and stopping from time to time to 'discuss' his thoughts about a subject with her.

Claire had little to do with her patient load of two and yet could not bring herself to leave them except when absolutely necessary. So, she had asked Harry which book he thought she might read to help with the research. She was pouring over a book that had her enthralled. It was written about the side effects of spells and potions on other areas of the body than those areas the potion or spell was intended. Besides her interest in the subject, the moving illustrations had her captivated.

When she first opened the book there were nothing but blank boxes where the pictures were suppose to be. She asked Harry about this. He looked up and thought about this for a few seconds. He barely raised his hand and his wand slowly made his way to her and stopped, floating in front of her.

"Take my wand and point to a box when you want to see what's in it and say, 'Reveal yourself.' That should do it. As a matter of fact, if you want to do anything you have seen me or anyone else for that matter do, just point my wand at it and speak very specifically. For example, if I wanted a chair I would just imagine the exact chair I want and then say the correct spell words and it appears as I want it. You will need to describe it fairly explicitly. Try this."

Harry waved his hand and a simple straight back chair appeared between the two of them.

"Now, you describe the chair out loud and move the wand as if you are tapping on an object."

Claire was too unaware of what was going on to realize she should be nervous.

"A straight back gray metal chair with a vinyl seat and three back slats." She 'tapped' the wand in the air.

A very similar chair, half the size of the one between them appeared in mid air right over Harry's head. It crashed down towards him but of course he stopped it before it hit him.

Claire rushed to him. "Harry, I am so sorry! Are you all right? Here take the wand." She thrust it at him.

"Calm down Claire. It was my fault. I have never done this before and I was not clear enough in my instructions. I want you to get back up on the horse that threw you and try again. You were pretty close. This time specify size and location. I won't let anything go wrong."

Claire was very nervous this time. Turned towards the center of the room, hesitated, turned back to Harry. "I am afraid."

"That is why I want you to try again right now. Claire, you are NOT a fearful person. You were brave enough to take me on minutes after we met that night when all the wizards and witches around us were obviously afraid for me and at least a little afraid of me. If you were magical you would be a Gryffindor. Now, go back over to your chair and sit so I can watch you. Add size and location to your description and it should work this time."

Claire did as he asked and from the same seated location, took a big breath and a swallow and said, "A straight back gray metal chair with a vinyl seat and three back slats, four feet high, and in the center of the floor." She 'tapped' the wand in the air.

A chair identical in description to her first chair, but less than six inched taller than the chair Harry had conjured, appeared equidistant between them.

"Very good Claire. Now ask for a glass of ice water for me. I am a bit thirsty."

She nodded and raised the wand again. "A standard size hospital glass of iced water right beside Harry on the table." She tapped the air and exactly what she ordered appeared.

Harry looked at the glass and then smiled his wiser-than-wise smile at her. "Very good, Claire.

"Harry, are you doing this for me just to humor me?"

He said, "Yes and no. You are not all of a sudden magical and I am not making you so. Neither am I pulling a slight-of-hand and doing what you want done to make you feel good. I would not have made the chair appear over my head if that was the case."

"You are using my magic to do the simple things that you want done. I brought my wand out simply to let you look at the pictures but I thought how helpful to you it might be to let you do other simple spells for the three of us."

She thought about that, said, "Oh," thanked him and went back to her reading.

In a minute she used his wand to get a glass of ice water for herself. She had decided she did not want to use the wand out of laziness to do things she could easily and quickly do without it. However, water was available on the ward but ice was only in the cafeteria.

When her glass appeared exactly as requested Harry congratulated her and ask for a refill for himself. She thought for a moment and made her 'request.' His glass filled as she asked but the level went right to the brim.

He chuckled. She blushed a little and said, "I will do better next time," and they went back to their reading.


Claire had been using Harry's wand to activate pictures for about a half hour when Ginny, Hermione and Ron walked into the ward. Ginny had brought Luna's class notes and home work assignments. The other two had Harry's.

Ginny dutifully went over everything with Luna as if she could understand. Harry listened to her chat with Luna and then when she started reading her notes to her, Harry turned to Ron and Hermione and began talking with them. Claire saw that everything was going smoothly, she offered refreshments but all three had had a late lunch.

Before going back to her reading she picked up Harry's wand and described another refill for her water glass. Half way between settling in and raising the glass to her mouth she froze in place as she realized the three visitors were staring at her slack jawed.

Hermione exclaimed, "Claire, you are doing magic! I thought you weren't...Harry, she can' can't...I---" She swallowed, "Harry, you are not suppose to be able..." began Hermione.

"Hermione," Ron interrupted, "There you go again telling Harry he cannot do something he has already done. When he was breaking rules it was one thing to warn him he can't do something. However, telling him it is impossible to do something he has obviously already done doesn't look too good for the brightest witch of her generation."

Hermione had had her mind blown once again. Ginny was not sure what to think and just sat outside the conversation figuratively and literally. Harry had a slight look of exasperation combined with a mostly 'I-can't-win' look.

"Relax Hermione." Harry began. "She is not doing magic. I placed a repeater spell on my wand to take what she asks for, as long as it is specific enough, and it accesses the right words and wrist actions from my reservoir of magic and accomplishes what she requests. It is rather simple really."

Claire began, "Harry, are you saying that what you have me doing is not standard magic in some way? I am not straining you am I? Is this dangerous?"

Ginny finally spoke, "Harry, that's pretty good. Maybe we could arrange something like that for Mr. Filch so he won't be without magic to help with his cleaning chores." In spite of Harry's explanation, it was still supposedly 'impossible' to do what he had done for Claire—or at least it use to be.

"That's an idea," Harry said hoping to deflect the attention from what he did to helping someone else. "I will think about how to help him in that area. In the mean time. I know we have our N.E.W.T.S. coming up but could I ask you two to go to the library for me and check out a few books?"

The mention of the library brought Hermione back from her distraction. Harry began describing what he wanted. "I need any book on the interrelationship between different types of magic. What happens when a non-conjunctive spell and potion are used at the same time - - how they work together when they are not designed to go together. See if there is any work done studying the effects on untargeted parts of the body by potions that are suppose to impact other parts of the body. What happens when a potion is used for one reason and then a spell is cast not too long after for related and/or unrelated effects? I am interested in anything along this line."

Hermione seemed to come alive when this was brought up. "Harry, do you think there are multiple types of magic working on Luna? How will this help?"

"Believe it or not, I take hope from the fact that every healer that has looked at her case has said that she should be dead. If so, why isn't she? In the midst of all of the horribly things caused by a Cruciatus Curse, why are certain symptoms not present and others present that have nothing to do with that curse? Riddle said that curse was all that he did to her and I have no reason not to believe he. He would have bragged about doing complexly horrid things to her. And if he did anything else besides that one curse it was probably something that he used to keep her from dying."

"That brings up something I had not thought of until now. Check on books that talk about delaying the effects of a curse or spell from fully implementing. Is that making any sense to you two?"

The conversation went on for ten more minutes and then shifted to classes and homework. Claire had the cafeteria deliver a buffet dinner for the five of them at about 6:30.

At 7:15 the trio left to go back to Hogwarts and their studies Harry promised Hermione he would begin preparing for N.E.W.T.S. as well as continuing his research.


Over the next three days — Friday through Sunday, Harry read every book in the St. Mungo's library on the specific subjects related to Luna's condition. Though it was one of the most prestigious medical libraries in the magical world, there were just not that many books on the subject. He read a number of the basic medical books in addition to this train of thought. So on the next Monday morning Claire came in and found Harry dressed and sitting at his desk. He was wearing what she believed must be business formal for a wizard. His tie was neat and everything was new and pressed. His hair had been brushed but it still was a mismanaged mess.

"Claire, I no longer want to be a patient. I have places to go and people to see. I need the freedom being a patient curtails, but I need to keep my study place here with all my records and I want to sleep here at night so Luna won't be alone. I must be able to talk to her about things that I think of during the night."

"I have been thinking, your magical bell has the approval for action from Professor Dumbledore, the Minister of Magic, and Prince Geoffrey. Do you mind using it for me in a number of ways this morning?"

By the end of the morning they had permission to re-make "their end" of the ward again.

Harry had a small room with nothing more than a school bed and an armoire for his clothing. He also had his own miniscule shower. His hospital bed was removed from near Luna's and there was a comfortable reclining guest's chair. There were rolling partitions that connected to make more of a room of her area, yet it could still be opened.

Harry also had a small fireplace connected to the Floo Network for both transportation and calling. He could still apparate from the ward but he knew that bothered people since is was not supposed to be done that way. There was a security method installed on the fireplace at the insistence of the Ministry of Magic. There were still Death Eaters on the loose and they could still floo. Harry's big concern was keeping gawkers and the press out of their personal business.

Harry's "research office" became more of a research laboratory. He conjured everything needed for potions work and had a unique solution to storing everything for the lab in the limited space. The most impressive furnishing in this lab was the ingredients cabinet. She watched Harry conjure it out of nowhere and set it to one side along with the additional tables and filing cabinets.

About the time that he had all the furniture arranged a group of five wizards showed up from Maltby's Procurements. They were evidently the wholesaler and warehouse company for all of England for potions ingredients. Mr. Maltby Junior ("Senior is no longer with is us," and Claire was afraid to ask what that might mean) came himself to make sure, in his exact words, "That our young Mr. Potter does not lack in any manner of pill, particle, measure or material he so desires."

When the delivery was finished there was by volume more than 8 times the mass of ingredients than there was space in the cabinet. Harry looked at the cabinet, waved his hand in the air and said, "Engorgio." He opened the boxes and said "Alphabetico ad filem." He then stepped back to Claire's side.

Claire looked startled as every supply item leapt out of the boxes to swirl in the air. She started to move in front of Harry to protect him when he placed his hand or her arm to stay her concern. Over the next three minutes bottles and boxes of a number of sizes, colors, and shapes whirled and turned. They began to flow into the cabinet in what appeared to be reverse alphabetical order judging by the few containers that had names on them large enough to read from where she stood.

When the cabinet appeared full the first time the doors shut and the handles spun. Then the doors opened and the now bare shelves began filling again.

"Claire, if you ever need anything from that cabinet just take my wand and speak out what you want, tap the wand on the door twice, rapidly and lightly, and the doors will open to the requested ingredient. On second thought you might only want to request an item if I ask you to. I will conjure up a cabinet for you to store anything you want to keep here."

"Thank you Harry," she said with relief, "I am afraid of many of the labeled items I read."

Before Harry began modifying their end of the ward Claire checked with hospital administration. No only did Claire arrange for permission for these changes, she checked Harry out as a patient. The idea on a non-patient/non-staff person taking up semi-permanent residence in St.Mungo's was solved by placing Harry on the library research staff for the pay of one Galleon per year.


Harry began going to some classes at Hogwarts but not all. No one wanted to discuss his sporadic attendance. No one wanted to discuss anything he did that was not absolutely normal for a seventh year—and there was plenty of oddities to discuss. He would show up for a class and participate very actively and then he would go silent as the subject of the class changed. In a few minute Harry would slip out and perhaps not return for days.

Harry would go to the Hogwarts library and just walk into the Restricted Section without need of the key. The door just opened before he got there. Madam Pince did not have the heart to say anything.

No one wanted to discuss with Harry his disconcerting behavior. He wasn't harming anyone and his participation in class did nothing more to upset a class than did his non-attendance. When he joined the discussion everyone felt a surge of excitement in their learning levels.

He probably attend more Potions classes than anything followed closely by Charms. This delighted Professor Flitwick and rattled Professor Chang.

Cho Chang was very confident in most of her classes. She had been teaching just over half of the classes towards the end of the second term before the final battle, and all of the classes since Professor Snape's death.

She knew the seventh years best but was surprised that it was her own house, the Ravenclaws, that gave what grief she received from being a schoolmate one year removed and now a professor authority figure. Even the smaller house class of Slytherins did not give her much trouble because Professor Snape had not tolerated it and because they knew her the least well of those one year behind her.

Harry walked into class just as the door was closing. It was a combined Gryffindor/Slytherin double class but no one had seen him in the hall because he wasn't there until they all turned to the door and began entering. He slipped in and was relatively 'invisible' until Cho looked up, startled in his direction. Of course everyone looked to where she was gazing. Of course they were all murmuring at his presence.

"Welcome back Mr. Potter," she finally managed to say.

"Thank you Professor," he replied. She had used the more formal addresses since she started teaching as a way to put needed distance between her and her students.

This particular class session dealt primarily with theory. They would do little potion mixing this day, but would start a mixture that would need time to age in their cauldrons.

Cho was much better at student/teacher interaction that Snape—which does not really compliment her fine teaching abilities at all. As they went from theory to practice Cho looked up to assign a partner for Harry and realized he had slipped out unheard.

Comparing observations with other teachers at Hogwarts revealed that this was his pattern. Harry never stayed for potion mixing, charm casting, or actual transfiguring. He occasionally talked in class when the subject was advanced and the questions he asked always took the class beyond the seventh year N.E.W.T.S. level. Professors invariably answered him briefly and quite often Harry was gone shortly thereafter.

At a staff meeting, Dumbledore answered their questions on this matter just before they asked it. "I believe it is best that we act as if Mr. Potter's conduct meets our approval. I wish he were active as a normal student, but he has never really been a normal student. Now, the complexities of this situation have been exacerbated on an order of magnitude. If he were in class and acting normal, how many students would be paying attention in class? As it is, when he is there the concentration level of our students is at a maximum level. He must have some very important reason to be there and what is important is a subject of great discussion."

"The net results is that student attention is even higher and every one is trying to piece together the links between his interests. Discussions of this interconnectivity of subject concepts has made its way into our student body consciousness and I dare say nothing bad, and quite a lot of good can come from it."

"As to Harry's well being itself. I believe we must let him decide. Everything he says and every question he asks proves he has an advance command of the matter at hand, true?" They all nodded. "Well, I know from Miss Granger and the two Weasleys that he not only goes through their notes and the reading assignments, but he reads Miss Lovegood's to her and discusses them with her. Don't ask. In addition, Harry gives Miss Granger research projects of a very advanced nature to consider. He does not want her to do the research, but asks her bring him every book in the library on the subject. I have instructed Madam Pince to comply if she thinks it will not be books commonly used by students. She tells me that most of the books he requests even the staff members do not usually consult because they are so obscure, arcane, and esoteric."

"I do not know if Harry will stand his N.E.W.T.S. exams or not. His future is hardly in jeopardy. He had at one time expressed and interest in becoming an auror. Kingsley Shacklebolt has told me that Harry could teach most subjects at the Auror Academy other than procedure and practices. Harry can do what he wants. Most businesses would welcome him with stock options and it is little known but he is independently wealthy.

"Good N.E.W.T.S. grades are not going to be too much of a concern for Harry Potter. We will just have to see how events transpire. I am sorry if this does not give you the guidance you want but I am open to suggestions."


Harry seemed to be every where at St Mungo's also. No Department Head did not receive a visit from Harry during the first full week he was a discharged resident of the hospital. Harry made appointments with them one at a time. Each Department head had all heard about what was going on in "that part of St. Mungo's" but had not visited. Each thought they would humor the Boy-Who-Lived. Each ended up intellectually challenged by the Young-Man-Who-Prevailed.

Through the hospital he went. Every Department Head had ideas but no real help. However, each Head found his observations on combinations interesting. It was on the third floor that he had a breakthrough of sorts. The specific positive event did not help Luna really at all but it gave Harry hope—and it did help some that were stricken.

The third floor contained patients suffering from potions and plant poisonings. Ralph Bartholomew was Senior Healer there. He had done advanced research at the Mayo Magical Clinic in the United States.

The Mayo Clinic, the muggle clinic that is, is world famous in advanced medical treatment and research. The Mayo Brothers had a third brother than no one ever discussed. Flintworth Mayo was every bit as medically brilliant as his brothers. But Flintworth was also a wizard. Unknown to all muggles is the existence of three extra floors below the standard basements of the muggle Mayo Clinic where the Mayo Magical Clinic did its work in magical physical maladies.

Senior Healer Ralph Bartholomew has studied there and wrote a dissertation on the combined effects of a potion and a plant spore that was used by the forces of Grindelwald in the 1940's. Neither one was strong enough to cause more than a mild rash. Together they caused uncontrollable itching.

A battle wizard could not fight if he could do nothing but scratch.

All previously tried solutions attacked either the potion or the spore or both equally. The successful solution had been to attack each at half strength. Each had caused half of the problem so it needed to be only half attacked.

It was a subtle distinction that was completely obvious to everyone after it had been discovered. It was the kind of obvious after the fact discovery as the muggle paper clip or the self-stirring cauldron.

Healer Bartholomew was very excited about going back to review all current seemingly "incurable" cases in light of Harry's theories. This did not help Harry but the idea that half potency might be more effective in certain solutions to medical problems was a fascination concept to ponder.

He saved for his last visit the Head of Spell Damage Department on the Fourth Floor. As the place where they cared for and studied unliftable jinxes, hexes, and incorrectly applied charms, and such Harry had great hope. He avoided thinking about the fact that if they knew any way to help those on this floor, they would have tried it already.

Senior Healer Festus McSnee had been expecting Harry as had all Heads. McSnee had arranged in carrying cases every single files for each single Cruciatus Case ever admitted to St. Mungo's since the founding of the hospital. "Not only that Harry," said McSnee, "but I have almost every research report ever compile here over the centuries. I am not sure if any of this will help because I have read it all as well as the Ward Healer that has been such a pain in your...well your recovery. He is a pompous strutting peacock but he is brilliant and capable. I just wish he had anything approaching a good bedside manner. The two of us have discussed this curse for years. We can tell you hundreds of things that don't work but we are running out of ideas to try."

Healer McSnee and Harry discussed the issues and research for over an hour. McSnee was most fascinated with the "half-solution-quatity-more-effective" concept and promised to think if there was application.

As Harry started to leave he suddenly stopped and turned back. "Healer McSnee, you said that you had almost all research on the subject right here. Could I ask, what isn't right here?"

"Well, Harry, after the end of the first war with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Aldys Derwent, a famous old healer, came out of retirement with some ideas he wanted to experiment with. He had with him what he considered a brilliant young research assistant and they got immediate support for his project based on his past reputation. I had high hopes but their work was kept in an almost paranoid secrecy."

"His assistant, Stella Gooddale, or Goodleaf, or something like that, convinced him to move all their research to a private laboratory and we never saw any of his findings. Evidently their work went on for years, but unfortunately his lab blew up about seven years ago. He was out for the day but his assistant was killed, and her little girl was injured."

"Anyway, none of his information is in these files. I assume those files were destroyed in the explosion. He lost heart after that and went back into retirement. He is still alive and causing trouble. I read a letter to the editor by him in the last issue of Potions Quarterly Review. If you want to talk to him I can get my secretary to call and set an appointment if he is in the mood. He is one of the few people obtuse enough to tell Harry Potter "no."

Aldys Derwent was the great, great, great grandson of Dilys Derwent who was both a Healer at St. Mungo's in the 18th Century and had also been a Headmistress at Hogwarts. Her portraits still hang in both buildings.

Obtuse, contrary, cantankerous, down right ornery. All of these words fit Healer Dilys Derwent. He refused any Floo calls and Floo visitors. Harry was advised to write a formal letter using the hospital typing pool to make the letter as business-like as possible. He sent off the letter and had to wait for the reply. In an era when any owl post in the Greater London area took less than 30 minutes, most responses sent in the morning were answered later the same day, early the next morning at the latest.

Derwent responded almost a week later.

In the mean time Harry was in a whirlwind of visits to medical experts, attending classes sporadically, pouring over books, and mixing and then disposing of vial smell potions that frustrated him to no end and scared Claire out of her wits. The stench of the mixtures and Harry's temper never ceased to discomfit her.


Claire brought in a plant one day for Luna's bedside table. As she walked up Harry looked up from his work bench and asked, "What's that for?"

"I thought Luna might like some fresh flowers. All the flowers you two received have died and I know a pretty room will brighten her spirits. All women like flowers and a nice environment.

Harry stared stricken for a moment.

"Harry, what's wrong." Claire's voice had a note of concern.

Harry stood and walked over to Luna's side. "Thank you Claire for drawing my attention to this. I am being a guy and not thinking about such things." Now to the wide-eyed unseeing girl, "Luna, I bet you would like some of your things from your dorm room to make your confinement more comfy. I am going to Hogwarts today for several classes. I will see what I can do about this. Is there anything in particular you would like?" He was silent for about ten long seconds and these times made Claire very uneasy. "Yes, the stuffed Crumple-horned Snorkack I had made for you would be grand and I will see what else can be arranged."

Claire would wonder to her dying day whether if Harry was making up both sides of those conversations or if he was somehow in communication with Luna. Claire never asked and Harry never told her. She liked a little magical mystery in her life.


At the end of class, Cho Chang looked up from making a few brief notes while her students walked out. She was startled to Harry sitting in his chair quietly.

She had gotten use to him slipping into and out of her class as though he disapparated. He didn't. She did catch him once or twice actually coming and going so noiselessly she wonder if he was using a silencing spell on his shoes and the door hinges and catch.

They had not talked really other than as a part of the class since before the final battle. But here he was, The-Young-Man-Who-Prevailed as the press had named him. Here was her chance to be with the most famous wizard of the generation—gone, due to her stubborn desire to have him chase her on her own terms.

Since taking the position as assistant professor and now acting Potions Mistress, she had not had a single date. All of the other male teachers were either married or old enough to be her grandfather. She wouldn't date a student but had she played it right, she could have spent the last year with "an understanding" with Harry.

If only.... She had a half mad great uncle who used to say, "If a frog had wings, it wouldn't drag its butt on the ground. That's why we have to levitate them."

Facing the inevitable, she stood, as did he, and they walked together.

"Hello Professor Chang. Excellent class. You are a brilliant Potions Mistress."

She smiled ruefully, "Oh Harry, I feel odd enough having seventh year and even sixth year friends call me professor in class where it is proper. And you... please don't, at least when we are alone." Cheering herself visibly but not in fact. "How's Luna?"

"She is the same but I feel like I am getting closer to a cure. I have nothing to go on specifically but that feeling but...erm...I have done more on less in the past. So my hope grows stronger everyday."

She almost cried. But remembering that he hated that, she stopped at a bit of moisture in one eye, snifted, and said, "Thank you for your compliment on my instructing. I do love it. When a student gets it, whatever it is I am teaching, it is a thrill. But you are not here to compliment me. How may I help you?"

"I have been meaning to tell you how much better potions classes are now...I mean that you are such a good professor." He felt very uncomfortable that he brought up Professor's Snape's less than encouraging teaching style. Harry owed the man his life.

"Harry." Cho called to help bring him back to the business at hand.

"Uh, Cho. I want to decorate Luna's area of the ward with things that will make it more homey. I know she has a stuffed animal and other personal items in her dorm room. Professor Flitwick is Head of House for Ravenclaw, but this is more of a women's touch type of thing. I probably know Luna better than anyone but I think a dorm mate or other Ravenclaw year mate should do a much better job of getting together what will make Luna more comfortable."

Cho knew of Luna's condition. The healers believe she is totally oblivious to her surroundings. But Cho determined in a split second she was not going to let this boy...this man down, not when she felt like she had let him down so many times before.

She smiled. "I know just which girls to ask. I will get together everything and perhaps even bring some of Luna's dorm mates to help with it. Er... it will cheer Luna up I am sure to see her friends. Anything else I can do for you?"

"Yes. It is sort of delicate to mention to you because it may offend some of your fellow Ravenclaws. But every year a lot of Luna's stuff disappears at the start of first term, and then mysteriously, everything is returned to her in the last day or two of the year. If you could ask around and get these items back early, it might cheer Luna up even more. I mean, over the years everything has been returned to her except for her diary taken in her first year. She bought a new one right away to continue writing, but I know she misses it. She had had it since her mother's death. Anyway, that is long gone, but if you could ask after this years missing stuff I would appreciate it."

The conversation ended then as Harry had to leave. He did not notice that she had stiffened slightly with the mention of stolen items. And Harry did not know that after he left she closed the class room door, sank to the floor, and cried like she hadn't since Cedric's death.


Author's Note —The end is coming soon! — One more chapter and an epilogue.

A/N — New Story Soon! In a few weeks I will be posting a new story line. This one will take place long before the founding of Hogwarts. It will reveal how magic as we know it in Harry's day originally came to England. If you would like to be notified when it goes up please e-mail me at Thanks for your interest.


Disclaimer---As always, what belongs to J K Rowlings is J K Rowlings'. What belongs to anyone else is theirs. Everything left is mine, I guess, but remember the old adage — "There is nothing new under the sun." - Aaran St. Vines***

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