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Harry Potter Meets VH by Lisa
Chapter 2 : Seducing Time
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~a/n ok, ok, 1LadyofHP is ME. You'll find me in the chat!~

The next day when Mrs. Figg came over, Harry Potter got right on the computer to visit his new friends.

Nobody enters the room
Flitwick: Hello, Nobody
JenniMoore: Hello, Nobody
1LadyofHP: NOBODY!!!
1LadyofHP: *1LadyofHP glomps Nobody
Fluer enters the room
1LadyofHP: *1LadyofHP glomps Fluer saying: "Let's play truth or dare!"
Fluer: Ok, er, Laura, truth or dare?
1LadyofHP: Dare
Fluer: Ok, I dare you to seduce Nobody
Nobody: What???
1LadyofHP: *1LadyofHP turns on 50 Cent music and starts grinding with Nobody
Nobody: Oh, I hate grinding. That's what my uncle does to my aunt all the time
markbolvin enters the room
markbolvin: Hello
snuffles enters this room
snuffles: Hoot hoot
markbolvin: FLUER, UR HOTT!!!
1LadyofHP: *1LadyofHP still grinding with Harry, kicks mark out the window and then drags Harry into the jacuzzi
1LadyofHP: *1LadyofHP humps Nobody under water
Nobody: *Nobody takes 1LadyofHP out of the jacuzzi and dances around her wearing a firehat
Fluer: Great, thats enough! Your turn, Laura
1LadyofHP: Hmm...Nobody! Truth or dare?
Nobody: Dare
1LadyofHP: Ok, I dare you to kiss markbolvin
AlxaCarter: *AlxaCarter throws up
Nobody: *Nobody kisses mark but shits on him afterwards
Nobody exits the room

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Harry Potter Meets VH: Seducing Time


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