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Harry Potter Meets Holes by iluvdanandshia
Chapter 17 : Good-Bye
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In a few days, Stanley was fully recovered. Erica, Zero, and Stanley were ready to leave Hogwarts."It was great knowing you, man," Stanley said as he punched Harry lightly in the shoulder. "Hey, maybe I'll see you around sometime," Harry said. "See ya, Harry," Zero said to him. "Bye Zero," Harry replied. "Ms. Riddle--" It was Professor Dumbledore. "Yes Sir?" She asked. "You are welcome to come and study at Hogwarts if you would like to. We would love to have you. Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, you are nothing like your father, not even when he was at school." "Thank you, sir," Erica replied, a smile coming onto her face. "Well, I guess this is goodbye," Harry said to her. "Yeah. Hey, maybe I'll see you soon. I am gonna think about Dumbledore's offer. I might want to come to school here. But in the meantime, you better send me letters!" "Oh, I will!" Harry promised her. Erica hugged him and said, "You're a great person Harry. Don't ever change. No matter what." She broke away from his embrace and kissed his cheek lightly. "See you," the three of them said to Harry as they headed out of the school. Harry made his way back to the common room, touching his cheek where Erica had kissed him. He still had the rest of the year to spend worry-free with his friends. Voldemort was currently in Azkaban, finally starting to serve the time that he deserved for the many crimes and murders that he had commited.

A/N--FINISHED!!! I am gonna probably make a sequel soon! STILL REVEIW THIS STORY PLZ!!! Thanks all

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