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Harriette Potter and the Ring of Life by rb123456
Chapter 3 : Delayed at Platform 9 3/4
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Ollivander's Wand Shop looked much older than any of the other shops. As Harry stared at the shop in amazement he said quickly, "I can see that they haven't cleaned the place since the last time I was here."

The store had ripped wood edges and places where horrible pixies had completely burned off the gold "o" in Ollivander's and the "w" in wand.

"Llivander's and Shop?" exclaimed Harrie as she stared at the sign on the front of the shop. It almost looked exactly like a complete dump. In fact, it did look like a complete dump. Broken wands everywhere, dead doxies all over the front of the shop, and diseased rats.

"Let's just get our wands and leave," replied Sean with a frown, which had surprised Harrie. She had never seen him frown. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. As crept into the large shop, Harrie saw, what looked her like, an overgrown cat. There were dusty wand boxes and dirty empty shelves where the boxes on the floor had been.

From the top of his lungs, Harry yelled, "Hello! Is anyone here?" There was silence, but suddenly a young man with exceedingly clean white shoes and a neat blue tuxedo with a matching bow tie. He held a large blue cane with a lion for the handle.

Harry was confused, this was not the man he had recognized from many years ago. "Mr Ollivander?"

The man then exclaimed with a strange accent that Harrie had never heard,"O' please no, tha's me father's name. Jus' call me Barnie, i's short fer Barnebus."

"I didn't know Mr Ollivander had a son," said Harry.
"Well, he did, because you're looking at him!"

"Where is Mr Ollivander?" asked Luna quickly. This man was hiding something and they wanted to know what.

Barnie quickly answered, "He's on vacation, he's been doing this for years, I think he deserves one."His beaming blue eyes began to stare at Harrie's arm. He must be obsessed with the color blue, Harrie thought to herself.

"No need to be rude or anything, but why are you staring at me?" asked Harrie.

Barnie quickly blinked then said, "Why I was just admiring your blue bracelet."

Michael had enough of this so he exclaimed, "Enough talk, we came for our wands."

"O', righ'," said Barnie quickly. "You first, smartmouth," he was addressing to Michael.

Michael turned as red as his hair then exclaimed, "You have no right to..." Nora had bumped the side of his arm.

"You're wasting time," she exclaimed.

Michael decided to just let it go. He walked up to Barnie, face still as red as his hair, with a smirk. Barnie picked up his hand and felt his palm. He walked down the isle and scattered other wands to get to the perfect wand for Michael. "Heer' ya' go, Unicorn Hair and Cammel's toe," he said as he extended his hand with a box toward Michael.

"Cammel's toe?" exclaimed Micheal as he began to giggle making Sean giggle too.

Barnie made a disgusted face as he yelled for Sean, "You, next." Sean nervously walked up to him, Barnie lifted his hand and felt his palm then, he did as he did before to find Michael's wand. Sean began to breathe frantically as Barnie ran back to him and extended the wand inside the box, "Heer'! Dragon's tail and phoenix feather."

"You next, girl," he said to Nora. She walked slowly up to him and extended her hand for him. He did the same as he did before with the boys and handed her, "Hair uff a Maiden and tail uff a fox."

"Yur' turn, Harrie," said Barnie to Harrie. Harrie's eyes had widened, "How do you know my name?"

Barnie began to breathe frantically and stuttered, "We'... 'ell... Ba'cau... 'ause... er... everyone knows your father, the famous Harry Potter, so everyone should know the name of his daughter." Everyone, including Harry gave Barnie a suspicious look. Harrie decided that she would rather get her wand then, interrogate a man that had nice to her. She walked up to him confidently and pulled out her hand, but he pushed it back down, "No, need, I already know, Unicorn silk and the shed uff a snake." He handed her the box with her wand rattling inside.

"THANKS BARNIE!" yelled Harry as they all walked out of the shop.

"Goodbye, fool," Barnie muttered to himself as the door shut behind Harry, and with a perfectly normal accent.

* * * * *

Harrie woke up the next morning extremely excited. This stopped her from moving for a second, had she normally been excited to wake up in the morning on a day that she originally thought would be horrible? She couldn't stop to wonder weather she was starting to like magic, but after yesterday, she certainly did not hate it. She just, well, she stopped from moving once again, she liked magic! Sure, she didn't love it, but at least she didn't hate it. She had so much fun, the floo powder and getting all dirty and seeing her friends and her mother. Her heart jolted, what had her mother tried to tell her and her friends?

She then jumped out of bed and ran down the small staircase, she had to ask her mother what she was going to say, but it wasn't her mother that she found downstairs, it was her father, Dragona, and her father, Draco Malfoy. Draco was the second richest wizard in the wizarding world. Nobody know how he possibly made all the money, but everyone trusted him, despite what had happened to his father which will never be spoken about unless you would like to be brutally killed.

"Harrie, good morning, our neighbors, the Malfoys came over to borrow some floo powder," said Harry with the most unrealistic smile ever. Harry hated Dragona's father more than anything in the world, much like the way that Harrie hates Dragona.

Harrie tried to put on a smile, but unfortunately it looked more like a smirk to Draco, "Don't smirk at me you loathsome, evil, little..."

"Don't you dare talk to my daughter like that!" yelled Harry with rage. His hands went into fists, but he did not move them. Harrie had never seen her father this outraged, the Malfoys had always found a way to get on his nerves, but never like this, he had finally crossed the line.

Harry widened his eyes with anger, "Take some of this bloody floo powder and get the hell out of my house!"

Draco grabbed his daughter's hand, walked outside the door, and said, "Fine, Potter, but remember that the..." Before he could finish his sentence, Mr Potter slammed the door on his face.

"I hate that man," mumbled Harry.

Harrie nervously asked her father, "Where's Mum?"

Harry looked at her in surprise. Had she not seen all that had just happened? He let it go and answered, "She's at the train station waiting for us."
"Why is she there?" she asked with a confused look upon her face, she thought her mother would go with them.
"There's something going on over there, someone, a muggle, has found out about the portal, he saw Allimus Gutterhan and his son go through it. Something must have happened to the cover," he explained, "The muggle couldn't have seen the portal unless something with black magic happened."
Harrie was surprised in herself, she was actually interested in all of this, "So what are they going to do with the muggle?" she asked with excitement, she wanted to know so much about the wizarding world now, she never thought that she would be this interested, but she wanted to know so much.
"They're gonna put a memory charm on him, it'll make him forget the whole thing, but because of what happened, the train will be delayed for an hour, your mother went so that she could see if there is any room on the train for you and also to be nosey. I told her Nora would save you a spot, but she insisted on going anyway," he explained, "We had better get going 'cause the other aurors are already there."
"Okay," exclaimed Harrie with a large grin, she wanted get on the bus and get to the school, she just wanted to be alone with her friends instead of having her father following her everywhere.
"We aren't going by floo powder?," she exclaimed, she wanted to go through the warm tingling sensation again.
"Nope, we can't be noticed by the muggles," he explained. They went into the only muggle car they had, a 2005 blue and red Corvette with small lights and a huge horn. Harrie looked at the horn in amazement, it was not supposed to be that big. Harry started the engine and it quickly began to puff out a huge amount of smoke and dust, it obviously hadn't been used for years, but it worked fine and they drove off to the King's Cross Train Station.

* * * * *

King's Cross Train Station was filled with muggle and, to Harrie's surprise, witches and wizards with long robes on, they had not known that they had to wait to put them on. Harrie glanced at the platform numbers quickly, "Which platform do we have to take again?" she asked her father who was staring at the wall between platforms nine and ten.
"Platform nine and three-quarters," he explained while still staring at the wall.
She looked confused, "Nine and three..."
Before she could finish, her father quickly explained, "This wall, it's the portal that leads us there, all you have to do is run right through it, okay."
"Alright," she said nervously as she walked toward the front of the wall. She stood there with her hands trembling, her father wanted her to run toward solid wall! Was he crazy or just insane? She decided to just do it anyway, so she ran toward the wall and right before she thought she would break her nose, or worse, she fell through the portal.
The Hogwarts Express was steaming with smoke and children were filed in lines ready to board. Luna, Ron, Hermione, Nora, Michael, Sean, and his father, Seamus Finnigan all stood in line at the far end of the train, "Mum!" Harrie yelled as she ran toward them while pushing other peopleaside.
"Hi, Harrie," said Michael, Nora, and Sean in unison, "We thought you'd never come," exclaimed Sean.
"Hey there, Harrie," said Ron and Seanus with large grins. Seamus had sandy brown hair much like his son's and a long nose that almost always made Harrie laugh.
"Hello, Harrie," said Hermione with a smile, her bushy hair was blowing hard in the wind.
"Hello, Dear," said Luna with bright eyes as she hugged her daughter.
"Hi everyone," said Harrie, "Mum, yesterday, at Diagon Alley, what were you about to say when dad came?" she asked with anxiety, she wanted to know so bad, but before her mother opened her mouth to respond, Harrywalked up to them.
"Hey everyone, what are we talking about?" he asked with a large smile.
Luna turned red, "Nothing at all, Dear, now give Harrie a kiss and we'll have to go because the train leaves in one minute," she quickly exclaimed to her husband. They both gave Harrie a kiss as did Ron and Hermione to Nora. Hermione gave Michael a big kiss on the cheek with made him turn redder than his hair. Seamus gave Sean a high five and Ron gave Michael one as well. All the children waved goodbye to their parents as they got into the train. The train then gave a loud TOOT and they headed off toward Hogwarts. Harrie was finally going to Hogwarts.

There, that's it. I hope you liked it. Just R/R to tell me. Chapter 4 will come a little later.

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