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Harry Potter Meets Holes by iluvdanandshia
Chapter 14 : Torture
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A/N--I've gotten some requests for ron and hermione to be in the story, hold your horses, they will be in it soon! not right now, but in a few chapters! no worries!

The day went by fairly quickly, and before everyone knew it, they were already trying to fall asleep in their beds. Harry noticed that Stanley and Erica seemed quite close, which made him feel quite similar to how he felt when he noticed Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory getting closer: It gave him the urge to kick something and knock it over. The feeling kept entering his life, it seemed. He fell asleep not to long after the thoughts entered his mind. Later that night, Erica awoke with a start. Someone had a hand over her mouth and a wand at her throat. She looked to her right and saw a cloaked figure holding Harry in the same way. Zero was gagged, lying unconcious against the wall. Another cloaked figure was holding Stanley. Erica tried to scream, but the person holding her would not allow it. "Shut up, you silly girl!" it was Lucious Malfoy. That only meant one thing: death eaters. "What should we do with them, Master?" The other death eater asked. Erica recognized that voice as McNair, the executioner from the Ministry of Magic. Erica watched as her father emerged from the shadows. "I have taken care of Black, leave the boy--" he motioned to Zero, "and bring Potter any my daughter to my castle. Oh, and bring her little mudblood boyfriend too," Voldemort said. Erica shot a glance at Stanley, despite having no idea what was going on, he looked brave. "DORSO!!" Voldemort yelled, his wand pointing at the three of them. Within moments, Harry, Erica, and Stanley were unconcious.

A/N--I know the chapters are small. i am trying to make them longer! don't 4get to reveiw and please give me suggestions on how i can improve. but i will bring ron and hermione into the story fairly soon. thanks!

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