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Harry Potter Meets Holes by iluvdanandshia
Chapter 2 : Camp
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Chapter 2

Harry found himself outside the camp. He walked forward until a man stopped him and said, "Hi! Are you Harry?" Harry nodded. "It's nice to meet you Harry. I'm Dr. Pendanski. Welcome to Camp Green Lake..." Dr. Pendanski proceeded to give Harry a long speech about how Harry wasn't a bad kid even though he screwed up his life, and how much he respects him. Yeah, you got that right, my life is screwed up, Harry thought. Harry noticed how hot it was here. He also noticed that the place was called Camp Green Lake, but it wasn't green and there wasn't a lake anywhere.

"Let me bring you to Mr. Sir. He will give you your clothes and instructions. Follow me," Dr. Pendanski said. Mr Sir? what kind of a name is that? Harry asked himself. Harry followed Dr. Pendanski into a cabin. He was already sweating from the extreme heat. Mr. Sir took one look at Harry and said, "This ain't no girl scout camp." You seem pleasant, Harry thought. "You get two sets of clothes, one for work, and one for sitting around." Mr. Sir threw a set of orange clothes at Harry and said, "Get undressed, put these on." Harry did as he was told, and Mr. Sir grabbed Harry's bookbag and threw it at Dr. Pendanski. As soon as Harry was dressed, Mr. Sir said "Look out for rattlesnakes, scorpians, and Yellow Spotted Lizards" Mr. Sir looked at the confused look on Harry's face and said, "You see a Yellow spotted Lizard, you run, run like hell. Rattlesnakes, just don't bother them, they probably won't bother you. Same with scorpians." Harry swallowed hard. He was thirsty. "You thirsty boy?" "Yes Sir," Harry replied. "too bad. Get used to being thirsty, cuz that's how you'll be for a long time." Lovely, Harry thought. Harry looked at the gun at Mr. Sir's side. "I ain't gonna use one of these on you, boy. I use it for the Lizards. If one bites you, you're dead. Not quickly, neither. slow and painful...and if you try to run away, you'll die in three days. You see, we have the only water for miles. Vultures will pick ya clean. You can run away. There ain't no one who's gonna stop ya." Great, before only Voldemort wanted to kill me. Now I have everything after me, Harry thought. "Pendanski! Get your lazy ass over here and give Potter some shower tokens and a canteen!" Mr. Sir yelled. Dr Pendanski gave Harry tokens and a water canteen and motioned for Harry to follow him.

Harry walked with him out into the hot sun. "You are going to be in D-tent. Let me show you where it is and introduce you to the other members." Harry followed him to a small tent-like cabin. There were a whole bunch of boys in there, and one girl. The girl seemed to recognize him. "Ok, Harry, here's where ya'll stay." Dr. Pendanski motioned to a cot near the window. "Harry, this is X-Ray--" "Hi," X-Ray said shortly. X-Ray was wearing huge glasses and a tough-guy expression. Harry could tell he didn't want to get this guy angry. As he looked around, he really didn't want to get anyone in here angry. Not even the girl, she looked like she wouldn't mind killing him in an instant. "This is Armpit--" Pendanski said as a large boy, maybe the size of Dudley looked at him. He didn't say anything. "This is Caveman--" Caveman looked sort of friendly. He had dark brown curly hair and and looked like he may have once been heavy, but had lost a lot of weight. "Hi!" Caveman said in a friendly way. He went back to talking to the girl. "This is Erica. No one could find a nickname to suit her--" Harry noticed that she was very pretty, with blue eyes and a slender figure. She didn't say anything and just continued to talk to Caveman. Harry guessed that she was the only girl here. "This is Zero--" Zero looked at him, silent. He was a small kid, and was also talking with Caveman and Erica. "Ok, get settled in, Harry," Dr. Pendanski said as he walked out the tent door.

Harry sat down on the cot and thought about how much he would love some ice cream or a butterbear about now. He got shaken from his dreamland as X-Ray walked over to him and grabbed his shirt coller and threw him against the wall and said, "Don't screw with me or I will kill you, understand?" "Y-yes," Harry said. "good," X-Ray said as he let go of Harry. Harry fell to the ground, shocked. Caveman walked over to him and said, "don't worry, he does that to everyone. He probably won't hurt you too bad," Caveman said. The girl, Erica, walked over to him, and said, "You're Harry Potter, right?" "yeah, how did you know?" Harry asked. "I will explain later, and same with what X-Ray said. Stay out of my face." Everyone here is just SO nice. This is going to be a long 16 months, Harry thought.

Author's note: Reveiw so I know to write more! Please tell me what I can do to improve, too. Is this chapter an Ok length?

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Harry Potter Meets Holes: Camp


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