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Something In The Red by slytherinsangel
Chapter 6 : Malfoy, The Problem Child
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Something In The Red

Chapter 6: Malfoy, The Problem Child

Well on to the story.


Potions was going along as normal, well at least as normal as potions get go. Until, Snape noticed that Malfoy and Potter were sitting together. He must have thought something was up because he wanted to mess with their minds, so he decided not to pick on Potter.

That left a lot of time to let Harry wonder why Ron kept staring at him. Then it hit him he was sitting next to Draco. Harry had been having so much time with Draco lately that being around him didn’t seem odd.

Getting Ron and Hermione together was going to be hard, and mostly on him. For the price of getting his best friends that were in love together, he was going to have to sacrifice one of his two best friends, maybe even both.


I kept trying to tell Ron to stop staring. “There was probably a perfectly good reason that he was sitting with Malfoy,” I told Ron when we were leaving potions.

“Yeh, either he is trying to get a new best friend, since I won’t be. Or he has totally lost his bloody mind. Personally I think that it is both,” Ron said extremely angry.

“Ron. Stop over reacting. You are starting to cause a commotion. Harry must have had a perfectly good reason. Its not our business, its his life not ours. Besides he hasn’t done anything wrong to you,” Hermione yelled. They had gone into a deserted classroom but left the door open so some people could still here her yelling.

“ Hermione you have no clue what you are talking about. Harry is just with Malfoy because I won’t be his friend. And he has done something wrong to me. He stopped me from hitting Malfoy. There would be no problem if Malfoy were in the hospital wing. But it wasn’t only that.” People had started to flock into the classroom when they heard all the noise.

“You know what, Ron, I really don’t want to know. Harry has been your best friend since our first year. And knowing Harry I am sure that it wasn’t as one sided as you make it sound,” Hermione was screeching, Ron was making her so furious they way he could talk about his best friend that way. By then the room was completely crowded, but they didn’t notice, they were to blinded by their rage.

“Well you can think what you want. But you weren’t there you don’t know the truth,” Ron said running out of things to say.

“Maybe I wasn’t there, but I am sure that I know the truth better than you,” Hermione snapped back at him. Then she turned abruptly and stormed out the room, finally noticing all the people and blushing. Hermione headed straight for her dorm

While she was leaving Ron just stared and her and muttered, “I’m sorry.” No one noticed it because they were to enveloped in Hermione’s dramatic exit.


Meanwhile, at the end of class Harry and Draco had exited last. Then they suddenly heard what sounded like Hermione yelling. They tried to find where the noise was coming from but it was useless, there were too many classrooms around that they could be in.

That’s when they noticed a few people heading towards and classroom. And sure enough That’s where Ron and Hermione were. Harry was too far back to get a good look at them. Which was good because he didn’t want to get involved. Or at least more than he had to be.

Then Harry caught something Ron said. It hurt him to think that Ron was making horrible assumptions about him and using one moment to back it up. It was starting to remind him of what happened just the year before. It had caused the whole school chaos and he wanted to try to prevent that from happening again.

He leaned over to Draco who had been listening intently and whispered, “ I think we should go.”

Draco decided reluctantly that he should leave because Harry wanted him to. Well not only that, but Harry sounded upset about what Ron had been saying and he didn’t want another yelling match to start with him and Harry, to cause attention and make Ron even madder at Harry.

Harry didn’t deserve that he was just trying to get his two best friends to go out and he got caught in something that he never wanted to be caught in. Right now Harry needed a friend not and enemy.


When Hermione reached her dorm she flopped down on her bed and started to cry. She was angry at Ron for making those assumptions. She was going to have to talk to Harry soon. It was a Monday so she didn’t have any more classes until after lunch, and she still had an hour and a half before lunch. She decided she was going to try to study off her problems, even though she knew she couldn’t do that. She would question Harry at lunch.


Malfoy had it decided he would be friends with Harry, but only until he got his real friends back, that is. When they reached another deserted classroom, (one that wasn’t filled with people) to talk about how they were going to get Ron and Hermione together if Harry couldn’t get anywhere near Ron, without a verbal brawl, he made his move.

“So Harry,” Draco said speaking softly but not to nice to sound suspicious, “ I know.”

He was cut off by Harry, “Since when do you call me Harry?”

“Um, I don’t know,” Draco stumbled not knowing what he should say, “ I just thought.”

Draco was cut off again, ”It’s okay. I was just wondering. It’s just you have always called me ‘Potter’ until now. Well, what were you going to say before I interrupted,” Harry said actually sorry bout cutting him off.

“Well I know you and Ron aren’t really on speaking terms. And I also know that I was the one who pretty much caused it. So Iwantedtomakeituptoyoubybeingyourfriend,” Draco rushed through the last part hoping he wouldn’t catch onto what he said.

“What did you say? I unfortunately don’t understand speed language. Even though I should learn considering a lot of people have been using it on me lately,” Harry said with false laughter in his voice. I could tell that he was still pretty upset about the whole Ron thing.

So I told him without making him wait. “You dimwit,” I said angrily, “ I said that I wanted to make to you the whole Ron thing as much as I can by offering you the privilege of being my friend,” I said with the arrogance I picked up from watching my father. Then I held out my hand the same way I did in first year. Except this time he took my hand and a new friendship began.


I stopped studying after only a half hour because I couldn’t thing straight. All I could think of was Ron and Harry. I had to go talk to someone. I couldn’t talk to Harry, he would be too hard to find. But Ron would be easy. Ever since he made the team anytime he was mad or something was bothering him he would go to the quidditch pitch. Just to fly. He said it cleared his mind. I didn’t say anything about it, because everyone has a place like that. My place is books.

So I headed down to the pitch. I was right he was there, flying laps. I decided to wave him down and hoped he would come luckily he did. I ran up to him he seemed much happier and calm now.

“I am so sorry Ron,” I blurted out. “ I didn’t mean it I was just so angry. You were saying such horrible things about Harry and I couldn’t bear to hear it any more. Harry is one of my best friends too. I know you must have had a reason. You wouldn’t have said anything other wise.”

I kept going but Ron stopped me. He placed his for finger on my lips, then took it away and started talking. “ Hermione don’t worry I was just angry that Harry had sat wit Malfoy instead of us. It just heated me that he would sit with someone else, and Malfoy at that. But what I really wanted to know was why you came down here.”

By then I had forgotten why I had come, I was just so happy to see him. Then I remembered that before I had stormed out on him he had said that Harry had something else about him, so I asked. “Before I so rudely stormed out on you, which I am really sorry about. I truly am. It wasn’t very nice,” I had started apologizing again; so Ron egged me on to get to the point. “Well anyway, you had said that Harry had said something about you right? What was it?” I asked.

Ron got straight to the point, “Well he told me that I was still the same Ron he always knew. And that I hadn’t changed. Also that I wasn’t trying to be better, I was trying to hide and not have to grow up. And I am not mad at him. I am Glad he told me because I realized that he is right. And I think by admitting all of this I am already starting to change.”

It took me a moment to absorb what he was saying. I was so excited for him. Then I looked down at my watch and I noticed that lunch was just starting. We had to hurry up and get to lunch or the choices wouldn’t be in our favor, or at least mine. They were:
1. Get to lunch late and have a grand entrance. Personally I had enough of those. Then we would have to answer questions all lunch long and barely eat. Or…
2. Completely skip lunch and not get to eat at all. Ron wasn’t too happy about that idea considering he loves to eat.
It would have to bee choice one because I was still hungry from not being able to eat breakfast this morning due to the performance.

“Hello, Grand Entrance # 3,” I mumbled to my self as soon as we got inside the castle.

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