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Something In The Red by slytherinsangel
Chapter 5 : Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
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Something In The Red

Chapter 5: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

well on to the story .


It took a few minutes to recover from Hermione’s latest escapade. Actually Harry had to slap me across the face before I snapped out of it. Hermione was acting like the old Hermione that everyone knew and loved. Well at least that I loved.

“Ron, are you okay? You still look pretty dazed,” Harry asked just when I was going into another trance.

All I could say though wasn’t very much. “Did you see Hermione? Has she gone bloody mad? And Dumbledore just sat there and let her go.” I started to ramble. Eventually starting to yell at everyone for not trying to stop her. Then I saw out of the corner of my eye Draco starting to smirk and talk, about how great that show was and how he never knew that Hermione had it in her, to his fellow Slytherin scumbags.

I lost it. It was bad enough that the person I was crazy about lost her bloody mind and turned into a slutty bimbo. Malfoy enjoying the show that was put on by one of my best friends just sent me over the edge. I ran across the Great Hall to the Slytherin table where Malfoy was sitting.

“I didn’t know that Granger could be such a slut. Pansy is going to have some competition,” Draco said to me but also directed the last comment to Pansy who was sitting across the table. Pansy started to object but stopped when Malfoy held up his hand. Pansy was very annoyed so she started to talk to Millicent about how much of a jerk Draco was.

“Hermione is not a slut,” he said even though in the back of his head he knew that it was true.” She is a genius and a hell of a good friend. But you would know about intelligence or friends because you hang around with those idiots,” I said pointing a Crabbe and Goyle. “And they aren’t even friends just henchmen. Your workers.” Crabbe and Goyle snarled at him because they were convinced Malfoy was their friend. Malfoy didn’t move just continued to listen, “ Because you have no friends.

Ron knew he had pushed it too far, but it was too late know. Malfoy stood up and was so furious that he didn’t even bother to grab his wand.

“You truly think that Weasel don’t you.” I nodded. “Well then, I want to see the best you got. Punch me. Its not like you could actually Harm my beautiful face. Your too weak,” his drawl became increasingly slow and vicious with every word. His smirk was none that he had never seen before, but Ron didn’t let that bother him. Too much.

Ron had turned as red as his hair and new shirt. “You underestimate me, Ferret boy.”

I put up my fists like Harry showed me. Over the summer he insisted that I watched what muggles called boxing. Harry had said it might come in handy in a physical fight in the wizarding world because it looks silly. The way the stances are put the punches end up being five times as deadly. Harry was right. Malfoy started to laugh.

I went for my first swing at him but something stopped me. When I turned around Harry was standing there holding my wrist from punching Malfoy. Malfoy turned and left the great Hall glad that he didn’t get punched in the face. Also he didn’t want to stay around to see if he was going to get punched later. Crabbe and Goyle like always were too busy eating to notice that their ringleader had even left.

“Don’t hit him. I showed you how to box for when you have a good reason to fight. Malfoy isn’t worth it.”

“What do you mean he isn’t worth it. He has been torturing us since first year. An he just called Hermione a slut,” I yelled very aggravated that I didn’t get to hit Malfoy.

“Ron take a look around you. Do you even see Draco here? Why would you waste your time going after him?”

“Look at you Harry you changed. You don’t want me to hit Malfoy. And you called him Draco. Since when Have you called him Draco?” By then a crowd had started to form around the two of the infamous Gryffindor trio to see the fight. “You are not the only one to change Hermione did too. I say you have lost your bloody minds. Am I the only one here who hasn’t,” I yelled very exhausted.

“I have been calling Malfoy Draco for a while now. Since the begging of the year. I only call him Malfoy when I am mad. And of course I changed Ron. If you haven’t noticed everyone has. The question is why haven’t you?”

“I haven’t changed because there is no need for change.”

“Everyone changes. I went from plain old Harry or to some the Boy-Who-Lived. Then I was Harry one of the Gryffindor sluts. Now I am just Harry the boy with friends. Do you really want to be boring old Ron Weasley of the burrow, youngest Weasley boy, and the one who can’t live up to his brothers.”

“Harry you have definitely changed. And not for the better. You may have friends. But don’t count me as one,” I said then stormed out of the Great Hall and headed to talk to Hermione. I knew she would be studying for the potions quiz. She may have changed but I knew that was one thing she couldn’t help. Harry followed but I was sure he wasn’t following me. I was right Harry Headed off towards the dungeons. Maybe I will ask him why if we every become friends again. So far that wasn’t looking like that was going to happen anytime soon.

Everyone back in the Great Hall was staring in utter shock.

Dumbledore noticed what that commotion had caused. “Everyone please finish your breakfast and exit immediately. Go straight to class no lingering for friends, or house points will be taken.”

He knew that this fight could easily lead to the imbalance of the school. He could not nor would let that happen for the school’s sake and everyone’s well being.


I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t realize that I was already at the portrait of the Fat Lady. “The password”

“Orlipo scandio”

I went through the portrait hole and as I suspected sitting in a corner of the common room was Hermione just wrapping up last minute studying for the quiz in twenty minutes. I noticed that she changed back into clothes that you normally see her wear.

“Heyy Mione. Just having some last minute studying. I would guess you didn’t have much time too preparing for those shows.”

“One question. Was I any good? Did I go on too strong? No body is calling me a slut? Right?” Hermione asked very worried and apparently trying to pick out her most troublesome questions floating around in her head.

“Calm down. There is nothing to worry about. The only person that called you a slut were those bloody annoying slytherins. But are you surprised they always have something negative to say. Anyway why would you care you were great,” he said trying not to mention that it lead to a fight with both Malfoy and Harry.

“Okay thanks Ron. You can be so reassuring. So do you want to go meet Harry in potions now?” She said finally calming down and breathing.

“No I don’t think so. He’ll be fine with out us.”

“Are you sure?” She looked towards me but I couldn’t look back afraid she would figure it out. But I knew there was a reason that she was that smart. “Ron you two had a fight didn’t you. What was it about this time?” Secretly in the back of her head she knew that her provocative actions were probably the cause of it. Though she didn’t want to admit it.

Ron didn’t say anything he just nodded. Then he motioned form them to leave.

They walked in almost silence down to the potions room. Only Hermione asking why he like the Chudley Canons since they lose so much. That didn’t help much because Ron just glared at her. Neither of them could bring themselves to say anything to each other.


Meanwhile Harry had caught up with Draco.

“You stupid idiot. Why did you insult Hermione. Don’t expect me to save you ass ever again. I am warning you if Ron tries to swing at you I am gonna cheer him on. You could have ruined our deal.”

“Shut it Potter. He came up to me and said all that shit. And if you think I was going to take it you have lost your mind.”

“The deal was you secretly go out with Lavender and Parvati. And they work on getting Ron and Hermione together.”

Draco nodded a bit surprised at how much like a slytherin Harry acted like when he was angry or scamming.

“Now you are going sit next to me in potions. I am going to keep an eye on you so you can’t screw anything else up.”


I almost freaked out when I saw that Harry was already at class and was sitting next to the git Malfoy. Who did he think he was a bloody Slytherin.

I leaned over and asked Hermione, “You better talk some since into Harry. I know we had a fight but to be so petty that he hangs out with a Slytherin. And Malfoy at that he must have really lost it.


Pansy looked over and saw Draco sitting next to Potter. Why would they be sitting together? Are they becoming friends? Nahh. Something is up. I am gonna find out and put a stop to it.

When Draco looked back he could have sworn that Pansy had on that evil looking planning face. This is not going pretty. Especially because Pansy is involved.

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Something In The Red: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!


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