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Something In The Red by slytherinsangel
Chapter 2 : The Plan
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Something In The Red

Chapter 2: The Plan


“Harry, calm down. Now what did you just say?” Hermione asked while leading Harry to a couch in the empty common room.

“It’s Ron,” Harry let out still panting from running. “We went for the duel and Crabbe and Goyle took him away. I didn’t even notice that they took him away.”

“WHAT! How could you not notice that he was gone? Is everything okay? What happe …”

Hermione didn’t get to finish because Harry cut her off. “I was talking to Malfoy. He had said what he was going to do to Ron. Before I could go help him Malfoy had put me under the tickling charm and left me. I found Ron badly hurt after the charm wore off about an hour later. His arm was broken and was badly bruised. I brought him to the Hospital wing. Madame Pomfrey fixed his arm but his bruises were deep, so they are still there.”

“Oh my god Harry. I knew you should have never gone. Can I go see him? Does he know you’re here?”

“Ron knows I am here. I told him that I was going go tell you how he was. He was afraid that you might worry too much. I guess he was right. Madame Pomfrey is expecting me back too. She wants me stay the night just too be sure Malfoy didn’t do anything else to me. You aren’t supposed to be there though. If you really want to visit Ron though you can borrow my invisibility cloak.”

With that before Hermione could even say anything Harry went up to his dorm. A few minutes later he came back carrying his cloak.

“Here,” he said handing her the cloak. “If you want to go see him use this. Just make sure that you hide it back in my room, when you get back.”

Then he left without saying another word.

“Should I go. Maybe he’ll tell me what I want to hear. Well I guess I’ll never know if I don’t go,” Hermione mumbled to herself in the empty common room. “I really haven’t been sounding like myself lately. I guess I should talk to someone about my problem. For now I am going to go see Ron.”

Without a second thought she threw the cloak around herself and ran through the portrait hole.


Somewhere along the way down to the Hospital wing she found herself crying. When will he ever notice me? I think even Harry knows I have a thing for him. Why do I have to like a guy that can’t even tell that I have liked him since first year? Many more questions much like that kept running through Hermione’s head.

When she finally reached the hospital wing her eyes were red and puffy, but she had long since stopped crying. Now she was much too worried about Ron.

She quickly found Ron. He was already asleep but his eyes were open as if he was waiting for something. Hermione just stared at his blue eyes. She felt as if she could fall into those endless blue pools. She looked at his firey red hair. It looked so perfect on him. He looked peaceful asleep, so innocent, so calm. As if he had never done anything wrong. She laughed at that. He was very protective and lost his temper very easily. That was one of the things that made her love him so much.

He stirred a little. “Hermione, that you?” he asked very sleepily.

“Yeah, its me. Now go back to sleep.”

She waited there until he fell back asleep. She wandered over to Harry’s bed he wasn’t asleep yet. She could tell because he was tossing and turning.

“Hey, Harry.”

“Oh Hi Hermione. I thought you would come.”

“I am going to leave your cloak here. No one is out right now. Not even Filch. So I’ll be going now. By the way when will you be coming back? I expect that you’re coming back tomorrow.”

“Yeah. I’ll be back in the morning. I over heard Madame Pomfrey telling Ron that he could go back. in the evening.”

“Okay. See you in the morning.”

Then she left. She managed to slip out of the hospital wing without Madame Pomfrey noticing.


When she got back to her dorm she was the last one in. That wasn’t odd though she usually studied late. That’s when she started to doubt that Ron liked her. He still treated her like she was just another one of the guys. It really hurt her because even after last year at the Yule Ball. She was his last resort. She decided to talk to someone about Ron tomorrow before Ron got back.

Not unlike many other nights, she fell asleep crying.


It was Sunday and they had no classes. Harry was back and everybody knew what had happened. Still they kept asking Harry the same questions that they always did. That meant talking to him was out of the question. She couldn’t talk to Lavender because she was out with Her boyfriend Terry Boot for a while. I could talk to Ginny. No that would be way to awkward. That only left Parvati to talk to. This is going to be disastrous.


“So Hermione, what was it you wanted to talk about,” Parvati said obviously very amused.

“Well it’s about a boy. I really like him, but he never seems to notice me,” I said trying not to let her know who I was talking about.

“Lemme guess. This guy that is ignoring you is Ron,” she said very coolly obviously knowing not only who it was but like she was waiting for this.

“Wha,” I said surprised. “ How did you know? Is it really that obvious?” I looked down very embarrassed.

“Well anyway what about Ron.”

“I want him to notice me. I want to know if he actually likes me or if he just thinks of me as his smart friend.”

“I though you were supposed to be one of the smartest girls in our year. Not even that the smartest person,” she said extremely surprised. “He likes you don’t worry. In fact he is just as obvious as you are. I think I know a way for Ron to notice you. I’ll have to talk to Lavender first though. I have a feeling were going to need her help.”


“Harry, I have a bad feeling. I just talked to Parvati about Ron. She has a plan and she is getting Lavender involved.”

“Of course, Hermione, you’re not going to have a good feeling. It is Parvati and Lavender.”

Before I could talk to him more, Fred and George pulled him away to see some of their newer pranks and items for their joke store.


“So Hermione I heard that you need a little help getting a certain guy to notice you,” Lavender said very excited. Parvati stood behind her nodding.

“Yes,” I managed to choke out.

“Well you came to the right place.” She swung open her closet door and started pulling out clothes.

“What is happening?” I asked starting to seriously regret ever asking Parvati for help.

“You’ll see,” Parvati said and started giggling. Then so did Lavender.

“I really don’t have a good feeling about this.” That made them laugh even harder.

Then they started their work.


“Go on he’s waiting down there. He just got back. Now go,” Parvati urged me.

“One sec this is very strange,” I said trying to change their minds about me doing this.

“You asked for this. Now go,” Lavender egged me on.

“But this wasn’t the way I expected it to be,” I tried to say but they both pushed me into the common room.

I screamed when the pushed me. It was just after dinner so everybody was there. I felt all the eyes in the room on me.

“Welcome Miss Hermione Granger,” I heard Parvati and Lavender announce.

I felt as if I was going to faint because of being embarrassed.

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Something In The Red: The Plan


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