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Harriette Potter and the Ring of Life by rb123456
Chapter 1 : Dinner at the Weasleys'
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Late one afternoon on a hot, summer day, an eleven-year-old, raven-haired girl sat on her swing, quietly listening to the birds in the trees and the crickets chirping in the grass. As she listened, she looked down the street to see the street sign. It read:


Godric was the name of a man that had founded a school, about one-thousand years ago, along with three of his closest friends. This school, which wasn't for just anyone, was the very school at which her father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, and many others in her family had attended. This girls name was, Harriette Lily Potter, but she preferred to be called by the name, Harrie. Mrs Luna Potter was a housewife, she would clean the house daily with a little something called, dare I say, "MAGIC!" Harrie loved both her parents exceedingly, but she detested magic. Mr Harry Potter worked as an "auror" whatever that was. Harrie thought she would be the only person in her family who wasn't a... witch, but she was extremely wrong.

It all happened so quickly, Harrie was just sitting on her bed, when suddenly, a large tawny owl swept past her window. That's when she saw it. It was a small envelope with the address:

Miss H. Potter

The Corner Bedroom

627 Godric's Hollow

Forbidden Forest


By reading this, Harry knew straightaway who had written the address, so he opened it. Harrie asked him repeatedly not to, but he insisted on opening it for her. Inside it read:



Headmaster: Rubeus Hagrid

(Order of Dumbledore, First Class, International

Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Miss Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted
at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find
enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later
than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,

Deputy Headmistress

Harrie's parents were both extremely excited for her, but she unfortunately, was not. She thought of magic as just an evil thing to do, but she could not just tell her parent she detested the one thing they grew up on. The only two people that knew about her hatred toward magic were, her best friend, Nora and her twin brother, Michael Weasley. Nora and Michael both had blazing red hair and freckles like their father and Nora had bushy hair and two slightly large front teeth like her mother.

Mr and Mrs Weasley had been friends with Harrie's parents during their years at Hogwarts. Mr Ronald Weasley and Mrs Hermione Weasley had been the most kindhearted people she knew. Ron worked as third in line in the new and improved 21st cenury Ministry of Magic. Hermione was an author of the two books, Hogwarts: A History the Revised Version and Magic Throughout the Years. In addition, she has won 600 awards for being the most clever, intelligent, creative, intuitive, etc. witch of her time. Now, today was a special day for the Weasleys' because today was their annual Weasley Dinner Night. The entire Weasley family was to attend. Harrie and her parents were invited likewise to the event.

As Harrie still sat on her swing, Nora and Michael came with grins. "Hey, Harrie," said Nora as she was walking toward her. She had on a beautiful pink dress with a long, blue ribbon tied in the middle.

"Hey, Harrie," said Michael politely. He was wearing extremely baggy black slacks, a blue buttoned shirt, a lavender-coloured tie, and a pair of sunglasses.

"Hi, guys," said Harrie sadly
"What's wrong?" asked Nora with concern.

"Nothing, it's just... I don't want to go to this stupid magic school!" explained Harrie.

"Hey, don' call it stupi'," said Michael with a face that let Harrie know that he was trying to make her laugh. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

"Will you please stop making that stupid face! It's making me mad!" yelled Harrie cruely

"Sorry, I'm jus' trying to..."

Harrie interrupted him by finishing his sentence, "...make me laugh, I know, I'm sorry, I just don't want be a stupid, bloody..."

"OOOWWWE!" screamed Michael as an acorn, from the tree he guessed, bouned off the top of his head. "Bloody tree," grumbled Michael weakly.

"Anyway, are you still going to the dinner tonight, Harrie?" asked Nora.

"Yeah, I'll be there," replied Harrie.

"Good because...," Michael was cut off guard by a pale faced girl with long, blonde-white hair who came up to them with to extremely obese girls with her. It was Dragona Malfoy and her friends, more like slaves, Sarah Moon and Kira Lee.

"What do you want, Dragona?" asked Harrie rudely.

"Nothin', just passin' by with some acorns, Pottface," explained Dragona with a smirk toward Michael.

"Why don't you go away and leave us alone?" asked Nora who was also being rude.

"Look, Weasel, my father is rich, powerful, and.... er... RICHER than your bloody-ass father could ever be. So I can bother you as much as I want, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it."

"You forgot to say he's evil," exclaimed Nora with a look of disgust upon her face.

"Shutup, Weasel. I should tell you to go and fu..." exclaimed Dragona before Harrie interupted.

"Hey, watch it, you witch!" yelled Harrie without even thinking.

"Thankyou, but I already know I am and, so are you, ya' lousy, good for nothin' bi..."

"Watch your toungue, Dragona!" yelled Michael with disgust. Kira and Sarah took one large step toward Michael.

"No, ladies, we don't have time to beat- a -freak right now," said Dragona, "They can all go and suck a lemon. The two girls nodded their heads.

"Pottface, Weasels, I'll see you at school," said Dragona as she left.

"I hate her as much as I hate magic!" screamed Harrie.

"Don't say that, Harrie," replied Nora, "It's your life, it's what you grew up on, it's what your parents grew up on and it's something you should be proud about."

"I know, I just wish it wasn't my life."

Micheal began to laugh. "What's wrong?" asked Nora.

"Suck a lemon?" exclaimed Micheal as he began to laugh again.

* * * * *

Harry put on his best suit for the dinner, and Luna wore a long, black dress with silver diamonds imprinted all over it. Harrie decided that she was just going to wear her gray skirt along with her black blouse.

As they headed toward the Weasleys' home, Harrie felt entirely nervous. She had never felt this nervous in her entire life. She was only nervous because she was frightened at the thought of Michael or Nora accidentally telling her parents that she despised magic.

Ron and Hermione both stood at the door happily waiting for their guests to arrive. "Hey! Harry, Luna, Harrie!" yelled Ron with a large grin. "Hello, guys," saidHermione. "Hi, guys," said Harry and Luna. "Harrie, Nora and Michael are upstairs," said Hermione as she was welcoming everyone in.

Harrie went upstairs toward Michael's room. She opened the door and saw Nora and Michael sitting on the bed with large frowns.

"Hey, guys... what's... wrong?" asked Harrie surprised. "I thought you both were excited for tonight's dinner."

"We were, until, we found out that 'Uncle' David was coming with Aunt Ginny," said Michael sadly.

"What's wrong with your uncle?" asked Harrie.

"He's not our uncle... he's going to become our uncle, ya' know, 'marriage'" said Nora with a sigh.

"Oh, he's your Aunt's fiance'. So what's wrong with that?" asked Harrie.

"He's a total JERK!!!!" yelled Nora.

"Why?" asked Harrie who was now completely full of questions.

"He acts so nice and polite when everybody is watching but.." explained Nora

"He turns into this mean sorta guy when nobody is looking," said Michael.

"It almost seems like he's... er... hiding something," said Nora in whisper.

"Like what...?" Harrie was interrupted by Mrs. Weasley's voice.

"DINNER IS READY!" yelled Hermione.

"Come on, let's go," sighed Nora.

Everyone, but Hermione, was sitting at the table. Harry and Luna were sitting at the far end of the table where there were three empty seats next to them. Seated across from them were Michael's and Nora's twin uncles, Fred and George, who were laughing because they had put something in the food. Over to the left were, Grandfather Aurther and Grandmother Molly Weasley, looking happy as can be. Grandfather Weasley had finally become Minister of Magic this year. Ginny Weasley and David sat next to Mr Weasley who sat next to an empty seat for Mrs Weasley.

Harrie, Michael, and Nora sat in the three empty seats next to Harrie's parents. Hermione came into the room with a smile, holding the squash that nobody except for, Fred and George, had noticed moved.

"Welcome, everyone, to..." started Ron before he was cut of guard by snickers coming from Uncles Fred and George. "What is so funny?" asked Mr Weasley who was irritated.

"Nothin'," answered George.

"Okay, anyway, thank you for coming to our dinner tonight. Although Charlie, Bill, and his beautiful wife Fleur couldn't make it tonight we will continue as normal with Fred and George saying the Weasley Pledge instead," said Ron. Hermione gave him a dirty look because he metioned the words beautiful and Fleur in the same sentence.

"Okay... let's... er... begin, We pledge to a good life with honor, love, and patients..I mean patience to our Weasley... er... Weasley...," started Fred and George until they forgot the final word.

Hermione coughed out the word, "name,"

"Oh, name!" shouted Fred and George.

"Let's begin our dinner," said Hermione.

Hermione grabbed the squash bowl and politely asked, "Who would like some squash?"

Then, suddenly, "HAH!" came out of Fred's mouth.

"What's the matter with you two?" asked Ron who was being very irritated.

"Nothing at all," answered George. But Then, at that moment, BOOM! The entire squash bowl exploded with bugs everywhere.

"FRED... GEORGE... YOU... ARE... SO...!" Ron was stopped by Mrs Weasley's slam in the arm.

"Dear, you can't yell at them now, we have guests," whispered Hermione.

"Right," said Ron.

"I'll clean everything up, Mum," offered Nora.

"No, need, Dear, Repairo!" said Hermione. All of the dishes were fixed and clean and the bugs were gone.

"Anyone wanna order fried chicken?" asked Fred and George jokingly.

How was that? Please give me reviews to tell me if I should keep going.

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