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The Last Dance by Angie
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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(*This is another one of my sad fanfics. I know that a lot of my fanfics are sad but bear with me on this one. Okeis? Please R&R.)

'I love you, Hermione,' Harry said.

He stayed silent waiting for Hermione to dismiss her gawking expression from her face. He felt his face go crimson red as he felt every student's eyes, not only in the Gryffindor table but in the other houses, piercing throuhg him.

But he didn't care. He's waited too long to say that to care. How could he have been so blind all these years? The perfect girl was right in front of his eyes all this time but he had been too blinded by his fame and fortune to notice.

He anticipatingly waited for Hermione to say something -- to say anything. And for once in his seven years at Hogwarts he realized how the Great Hall had become dead silent all of a sudden.

Finally, Hermione smiled, a defenite good sign to Harry. Hermione stayed smiling for a while making Harry's lips turn into a grin. Then, out of nowhere, Hermione jumped on Harry wrapping her arms around his shoulders embracing him into a tight but yet gentle hug.

'I love you too, Harry,' she whispered in his ear.

The whole room suddenly burst into a roar of applause as they watched Harry and Hermione share a long passionate kiss. Everybody cheered and hollered with joy; all except one.


That night, Seamus and Dean felt it was appropriate to have a party and celebrate Harry and Hermione's step into couplehood. They sneaked in as much food as they could from the kitchen, a little trick they learned from the Weasley twins, and blasted an old revord player they had enchanted to play whatever kind of music as they pleased.

Harry was having so much fun but didn't fail to notice that his best friend was missing. When Harry finally got passed the mob and surpassed the pats of congratulations on the back he made his way up the stone steps to the boys' dormitories where he found Ron sitting cross-legged on his bed reading a book. Harry frowned; it was wierd seeing Ron read.

'Hey,' Harry greeted.

Ron nodded his head in answer not bothering to look up from his book. Harry sat on the edge of the bed and strained his neck to see what Ron was reading. He furrowed his forehead even more when he saw ingredients and instructions written all over the book.

'What are you reading?' Harry asked.

'Potions,' Ron bluntly answered.

'Potions?' Harry laughed. 'Why aren't you downstairs partying?'

'Can't,' Ron said in a straight-line tone. 'Have to study for Potions.'

Harry's smile faded. This wasn't like Ron to skip a good party just to study; ESPECIALLY for Potions.

'Are you OK, Ron?' Harry asked.

'Never better,'

'I mean with me and Hermione going out?'

'Terrific,' Ron said sarcastically. 'My two best friends get together when one of them knows I'm madly in love with the other.'

'Whoa!' Harry exclaimed, bolting up from his seat. 'Sorry! You're not the one who asked her out! But just to let you know Ron, you never made a move. And frankly, it's you loss.'

Harry scoffed, can't hardly believing that his best friend wasn't happy for him. He walked out of the room emerging it into an echo of laughter until he slammed the door hard making the walls vibrate.

Now Ron sat by himself in the silent room, his eyes glued to one page of the book. He looked up from it and stared at the door, his forehead wrinkled from anger.

'No,' he snarled quietly under his breath. 'I think it's yours.'

(*Well there you go. Hope you liked this first chapter. It's short I know but don't worry, the chapters-to-come are gonna be so much better. But for now ... REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!*)

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The Last Dance: The Beginning


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