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Just Breathe by gemini69
Chapter 2 : Care To Dance?
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Chapter 2** Care To Dance?

Hermione showed up at a club downtown and looked like she had completely transformed herself. Her hair was loose and curling down her back, she had smudged smokey eyeliner under her eyes, and her full lips now shown with a clear gloss. She was clad in a pair of tight faded jeans and a black halter top. She was wearing black stilettos and looked ready to party.
As she walked to the bar her hip were swinging back and forth and she looked confident. She slid onto a bar stool near the end and ordered a Buttery Nipple (a butterscotch flavored drink). She looked around at the crowded dance floor and the few other people sitting at the bar with her. She had never seen a club this packed. She smirked as she lifted the glass to her lips and quickly downed the shot in one swallow. She ordered another and reached into her purse for her cigarettes. She put one to her lips and immediately a flame flashed in front of her. She lit the cigarette and turned to thank the owner of the lighter. She was confronted with a gorgeous man. He was around six foot two and had touseled blonde hair and shockingly blue eyes.
"Not a problem." the man flashed her a breathtaking grin and took a drag off of his own cigarette.
She turned back as the bartender put another drink in front of her and again she downed it in one quick swallow.
The man sitting next to her politely tapped her on the arm and she turned to see what he wanted.
"Care to dance?" he questioned rather confidently.
"Why not." she smirked sexily and slid from the stool as he led her into the crowd. She turned her back to him on the crowded dance floor and began to move against him. The beat flowed through her and the lyrics were intoxicating. She felt his hands on her hips and him pressed tightly against her back.

'Move your body like a snake ma
Shake it til you wanna break ma'

Hermione went into a body roll and leaned all the way back against him. Abruptly she turned to where she was facing him and began to dance even more provocatively. She saw his pupils dialate and felt the hands on her hips tighten and pull her even closer. They were moving together now and were so close that it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. When the music stopped Hermione pulled back, turned on her heel and headed back to the bar. Before she could reach it though she was pulled back into the stranger's arms and they were swaying to the slow song that had begun to play over the speakers. She could make out the words and knew the song well. It was one of her favorites. It was Angel by R. Kelly and Celine Dion. She swayed side to side with him.
She looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and asked "Aren't you supposed to ask me if I would like to dance before we start to dance?"
"Yes, but I decided to just go with the moment. Why? Would you rather we didn't dance?"
She wished that she could honestly say that she no longer wanted to dance with him but that was a lie and she was a horrible liar. "No that's okay. However this is the last dance for now."
He smiled down at her and told her that that was perfectly fine with him. They continued to sway to the romantic music, then out of the blue he spun her out and pulled her back and began a more intricate dance with her. It was a good thing that she was a natural when it came to dancing or else she never would have been able to dance with him. She hadn't noticed that the music had changed to a salsa song but he dipped her low and brought her back up slowly. She ran her hands over his chest before going into the next step. She twirled around in front of him and when he slipped his arm back around her waist she immediately dipped very low backwards trusting him to hold her. He brought her back up into their hips were directly against each other and their faces were a breath apart. Their hips went to the right then the left before they broke apart for another spin and he dipped her so low that her head almost touched the floor just as he brought her back up the music ended. She was caught tight against him lost in the look in his eyes and then the applause began and brought her out of the trance that she had been in.
Hermione blushed lightly as they stepped apart and they both bowed to the crowd that had formed around them while they had been dancing. As soon as the crowd let them through they headed back to the bar where they both ordered Coronas at the same time. At that Hermione broke out laughing as she slid unto the bar stool. They both pulled out a cigarette and he lit both his and her's.
"You would have to be the best dancer that I have ever met let alone in this dive. Where did you learn to dance like that? No one has ever been able to keep up with me at salsa but you never faltered."
"Thank you for the compliment. As to your question I just taught myself. My mother was a wonderful dancer when she was younger so it runs in the blood I guess."
"Nothing like that runs in the blood. I have a cousin who can barely do the two-step. Your mother must be a wonderful dancer if she was anything like you."
"She was a wonderful dancer. She was killed during the war five years ago. Even though it had basically been over for two years they still ended up taking my parents from me. It was sad really. That's just the way the cards were dealt I guess." she downed the rest of her beer and signaled for another.
He realized that it still hurt her badly. He also realized that if she continued to drink the way that she was she would be plastered by the end of the night unless she had a very high tolerance for alcohol. By the way that her eyes were sparkilng though he very much doubted that she held her liquor well.
"I lost my parents in the war too. We were never really close but they were still my parents."
She looked at him in shock and then she reached out and lay her hand over his. He looked at their hands and then looked up into her eyes. She understood but she didn't pity him. She was the first person that he had ever met who understood without pitying him. He didn't know that it would feel so good to know that somebody actually got him.
"Who are you?" he whispered in awe.
Just as she started to answer a voice came over the speakers.

"Hey folks!!!!! We are now starting karaoke midnight. Please feel free to sign up. We'd love to hear you sing. There is going to be a competition tonight. The winner will win a trip for two to Edwin McCain's concert in New York City next week. We'll fly you and a friend out, set you up in the most luxurious hotel in the city, buy your tickets, give you spending money, and fly you back three days later. Sign up and maybe you can win."

Hermione turned her face towards his. Her eyes were sparkling with challenge and excitement. He saw the look in her eyes and shook his head back and forth quickly.
"No. No. No. No."
"Oh come on. It'll be fun! I know you don't have stage fright after your performance on the dance floor. Please?" she looked at him with that lost, helpless puppy gog look in her eyes.
He struggled to ignore the eagerness in her eyes but he made the mistake of looking at her. He sighed deeply. "Fine. One song." he said firmly.
She grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the stage to get the list so that they could pick their songs.

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Just Breathe: Care To Dance?


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