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And You Were There by SexyMarine
Chapter 1 : Age and Crushes
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Disclaimer: I dont own any one except Savannah Bagman and other characters in later chapters. if i did I would be Mrs. Potter
A.N. i would like to thank Ammanda and Khanh and Josh *sigh* for being my inspireation
“Harry, Hermione! Guess what! Guess what?!”said Ron in a rush, as he ran into the Griffindor common room.
“What?” asked Harry and Hermione at the same time.
“Why weren’t you at breakfast?” asked Ron.
“Will you get on with it?” asked Hermione.
“Fine, well this morning when I was at breakfast waiting for you two, Errol came to me as usual and guess what! Charlie is getting married!”
“Oh my, who is the lucky lady.” asked Hermione.
“Savannah Bagman, his Hogwarts sweetheart, she also went into dragons with Charlie.” Ron exclaimed. “And its about time, he only talked about her for as long as I remember.”
“Oh how sweet.”sighed Hermione.
“When’s the wedding?”asked Harry.
“December 26th so all of us at Hogwarts can go, oh and I forgot to tell you that both of you are going home with me at Fred, George, and Ginny.” said Ron.
“Didn’t you say her last name was Bagman?”asked Harry.
“Yeah, Ludo’s daughter.”
“Crazy Bagman? Chuddly Cannons Bagman? Greatest beater in all of England Bagman?” asked Hermione.
“That’s the same cheating guy.” Ron said sourly.
“Just think now that he’s related to you somewhat by marriage, you can hound him for your money.” Said Harry.
“I didn’t think of that! Now excuse me I have a letter to write to my future sister-in-laws father. Fare the well.”Ron said with out missing a beat, then left.
“ I cant believe it! Charlie is getting married.” said Fred as he walked up to Harry.
“Well he isn’t that old” Hermione pointed out. “Besides he probably could have had any girls he wanted, just because he waited for the right girl doesn’t mean anything.”
“Oh, Hermione, I think you have the hotts for my older brother!” said George.
“O I think he is hot, but I don’t have the hotts for him. He is much to old for me.” Said Hermione innocently.
“But you just said he wasn’t old.” Said Fred, Harry and George at the same time.
“Who isn’t old?” asked Ginny.
“Charlie.” said Hermione. “I think he’s hot but these three goons think I have the hots for him, and I said he is much to old for me.”
“Oh he is.”
“Girls.” said Harry.
“To confusing.” said Fred.
“But you gotta love them.” said George.
Hermione stood up and smacked Harry and Fred on the shoulder and George on the cheek, hard.
“Hey what was that for?” Whined George.
“For just being the jerk you are.” said Hermione.
“Well I can take this abuse on the Quidditch field.” said Fred.
“Well you better quit while your ahead or I might have to curse you.”Said Hermione.
“You wouldn’t do that to your best-est best friend would you?” asked Harry with puppy dog eyes.
“Especially you.” said Hermione and started laughing.
“What?” asked Harry.
“Nothing, its just. . .” Hermione turned and started laughing.
“If you don’t tell me, I’ll have to tickle you.” said Harry.
“You’ll have to catch me first.” as she got up and ran out of the common room into the hall.
“Oh know you won’t!” shouted Harry and ran out of the portrait hole after her.
“George, did I see what I thought I saw?” asked Ginny.
“You know im not the smart one of the two but I did see that.” said george with a look in his eye that clearly said ‘I have an idea’
“George, don’t.” said Ginny.
“Don’t what” asked George.
“Don’t mess with Harry and Hermione’s relationship theirs is something special, and it means a lot to both of them especially Harry.” explained Ginny. “If they aren’t together by Charlie’s wedding then you can do what ever you want to get them together deal?”
“Deal” said George.

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