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Hermione's horrible, pitiful, no good very bad day by purple
Chapter 2 : part 2
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"Please be quiet, this is a test........" Harry and Ron mouthed each word a right before Proffeser Snape said it. Snape was the kind of teacher who liked to give long hard tests and many pop quizes. Harry and Ron and everyone else in that whole class had heard his "pre-test" speach about a thousand times already that year and had memorized it. Not that they tried to memorize it or anything it's just that when you hear something as many times as they heard that speach it just kinda sticks in your head. Hermione sat only 5 desks away from Harry and Ron sat even farther away. Snape had given assigned seats and had purposley sat the Ron, Harry and Hermione as far away from each other as posible.

Snape finally finished his long pre-test speech and finaly gave out the tests. Hermione took the test, skimmed over it and smiled. "All that studying must have paid off after all" she whispered. As for Harry and Ron they skimmed over the test, frowned, and looked at each other with nervous faces. "You may now begin" thundered Snapes loud voice. Hermione brezed right through the first page as quick as you could say quidditch, but Harry and Ron were both stuck on number 1. Harry decided to skip number 1 and come back to it later, then he was stuck on number 2.

Then it happened. Hermione dropped her pencil. It rolled under the desk in front of her. She knew she was not allowed to get up or talk during a test. She also knew that if she told Snape he would make a big deal out of it, Snape didnt seem to like her that much. So she decided, that maybe, just maybe, if she keep her voice low she might be able to ask the person in front of her to get her pencil for her. She tapped on her back and the person turned her head around. "what" the person in front of her whispered. "could you get my penc-" she couldn't finish. "HERMIONE GRANGER" yelled snape's loud voice. "y-yes proffeser?" Hermione answered. "I would have never had expected this from you" said Snape "but rules are rules, you know you NEVER talk during one of my tests." "I was just trying to get my p-" again she didn't have time to finish. "no excuses Hermione" Snape said. "You could have asked to get up and get whatever it was you were trying to get couldn't you?" asked snape "Sorry Proffesser" said Hermione softly. Snape was already walking to the door though. "Madaam Promfrey" he called as he saw her go by "would you mind watching my class for a minute? They are in the middle of the test. They shouldnt get up, pass notes, or TALK" He said the last word as he looked down at Hermione. Hermione squirmed in her seat and looked down at her desk. "Sure" she said "come Hermione" said Snape.

"Proffeser Dumbledore" Snape said with Hermione right behind him. "yes" said Dumbledore. As soon as he got the word out he noticed Hermione. "Why Hermione" he said "aren't you supposed to be in class?" Hermione looked down again not knowing what to say. "She talked during a important test over everything we have studied in the last month" said Snape "Is this true Hermione" Dumbledore asked. Hermione said "

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Hermione's horrible, pitiful, no good very bad day: part 2


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