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The Odd Couple by Helluin
Chapter 10 : Letter II
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Chapter 10: Letters II


Dear Albus,

I thank you for inquiring after my health but I assure you, I am fine. It has been more than a week since the incident and I have had plenty of time to heal. Surprisingly, Black has had his uses in this process, seeing how he has some knowledge with healing, though he prefers muggle procedures. Harry is progressing steadily with his animagus training, as am I with the Verto potion. I am starting to believe that this is the best road for Potter to take seeing how being an animagus will give him an advantage. Lets just hope he transforms into a stealthy animal.

Other than my little incident, things have been running quite smoothly. As this month has worn on, Black and I are more successful in avoiding each other. He has spent much time outside now that the weather has cleared up. Harry as well. The fresh air is doing the boy some good.

What I am about to say Albus, I say to you in complete confidence. No one is to read or even know about this letter. I took your advice and started to see Potter for who he truly is. The boy is growing on me. Now, he still is not my favorite person but he is also his own person. He is much different than his father, though not entirely. You are right though. He is reminiscent of a younger me. I guess what I am trying to say is that I donít hate him anymore and I am wondering if I ever did. After Black said something about me not particularly liking the boy, I realized that it wasnít true. Harry and I have gotten along well, more than I thought, and he doesnít get on my nerves. That may be because Black is here for a contrast but who knows.

Now, that being said, I would like to know what you are doing to help Potter out of this situation. I am doing what I can to protect him here but the situation will not improve if his name is not going to be cleared in the wizarding world. Almost everyone has heard the accusations made by Fudge. Now, whether they believe them or not is a totally different story. All I know is that it wonít matter if the dark side finds him or the light; his fate is the same for both.

Iím sure you can find willing people in the ministry to go against Fudge, especially after the tournament. I would check with the Weasleys and Blackís old crowd to see what you can do. Lupin may be the secret keeper but with both sides looking, it wonít be long until they find what they are looking for.

Please keep me updated Albus. The lack of news lately is worrying to say the least. Also, my potion supplies are dwindling. Iíve enclosed a list of supplies I need. Please send them ASAP.

Yours respectively,

Severus Snape


Dear Remus,

How are things? I hope I find you better than last time. You really gave me a scare Moony. Iím glad you agreed to stay with Dumbledore. Youíre all I have left now, please donít change that.

Things here are actually not too bad for once. Snapeís been pretty quiet since the death eaters roughed him up. You should have seen it Moony. He actually let me help him with his injuries (Well, maybe ďlet meĒ isnít the right phrase.) At any rate, I got to use rubbing alcohol on him and trust me that was a delight beyond delights, even if I didnít get to rub it in his face. I must admit heís not the same Snape we came to know and love. He does get along quite well with Harry, as much as Snape can get along with anyone. They donít argue and bicker like Snape and I do, which surprises me since Harry has told me numerous times about the way Snape treats him at school. Whatever the case maybe, Harry is happy it seems and that is all what really matters.

His animagus training is progressing wonderfully. As soon as Snape gets the potion done, I think heíll be ready to start transforming. Heís got the mental part down pretty well and he studies everyday. Iím waiting to see what animal he will transform into. Do you think heíll take after James? As much as Iíd like to see that, a stag would be way too big for him, especially since he needs to be sneaky. Being an animagus will help him beyond sleeping.

I wish James were still here. I havenít missed him so much in my entire life. In Azkaban, I only thought about escape. When the dementors tried to remind me why I was in there, I would transform. Now, my thoughts are free to wander and I think about Prongs all the time. I think about what life would have been like if he and Lily were still alive. Harry would have been a normal wizard kid with a normal Hogwarts life. I could have been a real Godfather to him. We could have seen him grow up together, been there for him. What gets me the most is the kind of kid Harry is. They would have been so proud. It makes me sick to think about what theyíre missing. I miss them both so much it hurts. If I could have taken their place, I would have. I would have in a heartbeat. Anything that would have given Harry the life he deserves and he deserves the best life can offer. He deserves the best.

Anyway, I may not get to write to you for a while. I need you to do a favor for me. I have enclosed a list of things I need. My Gringotts key is hanging up in the small room at the end of the tunnel behind the statue of Helga Hufflepuff. Take the money out of my account and buy the things on the list. They will be needed soon and I will owl you when I need you to send me everything. Thanks Remus, youíre a pal.

I hope to hear from you soon.



Dear Ron and Hermione,

Iím sorry that I have not kept in touch this summer but much has happened and I hope youíll both understand. (By the way, whoever gets this first, will you please send it on.) Your letters have probably come back to you, but donít worry. Iím okay and safe and for once, Iím not at the Dursleysí this summer. (Thank Merlin).

Actually, Iím staying somewhere in Scotland. Dumbledoreís son has a little cottage here and Iím staying in it while heís away in France. Youíll never guess who my guardians are. Sirius and Snape. Told you you wouldnít believe me. Snape came and picked me up from Privet Drive and Iíve been here ever since. Snape told me it was because Fudge wants to blame me for Cedricís death. So now the Ministry is after me, not to mention Voldemort still wants to kill me.

Life here isnít really all that bad. Sirius and Snape fight a lot, but that is to be expected. They havenít killed each other. . . yet. Itís taken a lot on my part to keep them from physically harming one another and it helps that Dumbledore has made it to where I can use magic without getting in trouble, so all in all, this summer has had its perks.

The coolest thing has got to be Sirius helping me become an animagus. Can you believe it? Sirius got me a book from school and heís teaching me. Now I can be just like my dad. I wonder what animal Iíll be. Do you think Iíll take after my dad? I donít know what animal I want to be, but according to Sirius, I donít get to choose. The process involves a potion and tons of thinking (but you already knew that, didnít you Hermione?)

Now Ron, before you come rescue me, I have to tell you that I canít leave. Iím not sure I want to leave. When Sirius and Snape arenít fighting, itís really peaceful here. Snape and I have even gotten along fairly well. Heís not the same here as he is at school, and weíve even had a few pleasant conversations. Donít get me wrong; heís just as sarcastic and cynical as ever but in a different way. Maybe heís going easy on me because Sirius is here to take all the crap, but either way, Iím enjoying my summer.

Itís too bad that we wonít get to see each other this summer but you can write me all you want. Iím not going anywhere. Just keep quiet about whom Iím with and where I am. No one can know. Lupin is our secret keeper but we have to be careful. No one can know.


Dear Sirius,

Iím fine. My injuries have healed very well with help of Madam Pomfreyís magnificent talents. Itís been a slow process however, due to the full moon. Transforming did irritate my injuries slightly but Iím fine now. What about you, Padfoot? Have you been taking care of yourself? I know how you are and your nature to put other people before yourself. If you took care of yourself half as well as you take care of Harry, youíd live to be two hundred years old. Remember that you are all I have left as well and youíd do well to keep yourself alive.

Iíll admit that I have been thinking of James and Lily quite often as well. I have the last 14 years. As much as it hurts, do not dwell on the past my friend. Itíll only make you hurt more. You have to live for Harry now. You are all he has. You are his family now. You two have a bond that is thicker than blood and stronger than love. Remember that Padfoot. You said that he deserves the best. Right now, that is you.

Now, concerning the list you sent me, what are you planning? I think I have a feeling what it is but Iíll admit that it wonít be much fun with just you, Harry, and Snape. Then again, you and Snape in the same room is entertainment enough. At any rate, I think that this is perfect for Harry. I donít think heís ever had a real one before. Do you think Dumbledore will allow visitors to the cottage? Itís only one day and Harry probably wants to see his friends. Iíll talk to him about it. I donít see why not.

Your package will come in a few days. I made sure to get everything you asked for and added some stuff of my own even though I used your money, I hope you donít mind. As a matter of fact, I think you borrowed 30 galleons from me about 17 years ago. Yes, I remember. You wanted that motorcycle helmet that gave you your coordinates when you flew so you could find your way. I think, with inflation included, you owe me about sixty, but thisíll do for now.

Take care of yourself,



Dear Harry,

Youíre joking, right? You have to be. I would think that you would have gone crazy by now if you had to live in the same house with Snape all summer. Maybe you are already insane. That can be the only explanation why you are there.

Whatís Snape like? I just canít see you two having a pleasant conversation. I canít see Snape having a pleasant conversation with anyone. Oh Harry, I feel so sorry for you. I donít care how much you like it there, Iím going to rescue you the first chance I get. Okay, so maybe I wonít. Remember what happened last time? Mum WOULD kill me this time.

I really canít see you all summer? Cor blimey, Iím going to be bored out of my wits. I already am. Percy moved out, not that he was really any fun anyway. He lives in London now, closer to the ministry. After the tournament, heís really lost a lot of faith in the ministry. Dumbledore came to us and weíre doing all we can to help you. Fred and George have been in their room the whole summer. Somehow, they got some money to jumpstart Weasleyís Wizard Wheezes. They havenít been much fun either. Ginny has been acting strange as well (strange for Ginny at least). Donít see her much anymore. Sheís always gone at friendsí houses. Dadís been working overtime at the Ministry. So itís really just mum and me. Hermioneís been over a few times but I really need to get away from all these girls!

Are you really going to be an animagus? Is it hard? What animal do you think youíll be? Maybe a snake, since you are a parsletongue. Whatever animal you become, you had better teach me. I am not going to stay behind while you have you little animagus adventures.

Well, I have to go. Mum is calling for dinner. Iíll tell everyone that youíre all right. Dumbledore told Mum and Dad about your situation but he wouldnít say where you are. Theyíve been worried but they were glad you sent a letter. What took you so long anyway? Write back soon.



Dear Harry,

I have been so worried about you. Ron and I were both worried (whatever he may tell you). How are you holding up? Are you really staying with Snape? Iím so sorry Harry. I canít imagine what you are going through. At least you have Sirius with you. I hope heís okay as well. At least heís not living in caves or eating rats anymore.

Youíve been all over the Daily Prophet. Iím afraid itís not good. The ministry is trying to convince everyone that youíre a dark wizard. They are having a hard time. The public wonít believe that the famous Harry Potter is in league with the man that killed his parents. I canít believe what Fudge is doing. I always thought him a respectable, sensible man. A little arrogant at times but a good man nonetheless. He just wonít admit that Voldemort is back.

Whatever may happen, I believe you Harry. Many people do. There have been too many disappearances. So many it almost seems impossible to discredit you, but the Ministry is covering everything up the best they can. Iím just thankful that youíll remain safe until this whole thing blows over, and it will. Fudge canít hold this charade forever.

Following the footsteps of the great James Potter and Sirius Black, are you? I wonder what animal youíll be. Whatever it is, I hope itís not slimy. I donít think I could be your friend if you were a snake. (Just joking) Maybe youíll be a bird or something else that flies. You like to fly so I would think that the logical animal for you. Just be careful Harry. Donít transform to soon and injury yourself. You canít bring in the reversal department in if you get yourself stuck as half an animal.

Be careful Harry. You mean a lot to many people, especially Ron and me. Write back as soon as possible.




Dear Severus,

I am delighted to hear such good news from you. The fact that you and Harry are getting along and Mr. Black is still alive is a relief. A bigger relief is that you are safe and sound. You are a valuable asset to our fight, Severus, as well as a valuable friend to me. It surprises me that Sirius is skilled in the healing arts. Heís always had a destructive nature about him. Muggle techniques? No wonder you want to kill him.

As to your question about what I am doing for Harry, I have much to tell you. I am sorry that I have not kept you informed as I should have but much is still in the planning stages. I have contacted the Weasleys and they are on board. Also, Mundungus Fletcher, Arabella Figg, Cassie Black, and numerous others have joined our fight. Our first priority is to expose the Ministryís cover up of Voldemortís activities. If the public knows that he has returned, Fudge can no longer blame Harry for Cedricís death. He may try and convince the public still that Harry is a dark wizard, but his credibility will be drastically altered when the wizarding world finds out he is lying. If all goes to plan, Fudge will resign and Harry will be cleared. This is our plan for now.

Your strongest ally will be patience. We cannot rush into things because frankly, we have only one chance to do this. I feel for you and your wanting to do more, but you are doing more than necessary right now and for that, I am truly thankful.

Your potion ingredients are on the way and show follow shortly after you receive this letter. I hope, for Harryís sake, that he can transform quickly. Heís fully capable and I do not doubt his success, it just that his nightmares may affect his ability to do so. You may be able to help him in more ways then you think Severus. Your skills in the process of becoming an animagus extend farther than potion making. You should share that talent of yours.

Keep me updated with any news on your end. Harryís condition especially. And do not worry; your secret is safe with me.

Yours truly,

Albus Dumbledore


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