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someone different by crestfallen
Chapter 2 : arrival to hogwarts
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Zlata was sitting in the empty train compartment, remembering the last days she spent at Durmstrang. Just two days ago, she was sitting in her Dark Arts class, daydreaming about the haunted castles of Transylvania that she and Ivana were going to visit over the summer. Now, however, she was in a train, on her way to mysterious British land, full of people who had no idea who she was. She was almost in London, for she already crossed the English Channel in a big boat. She thought that the way Muggles travel was funny, but then again, she hated Muggles. Karkaroff insisted that she travels that way, since he didn’t want to go through the trouble of portkeys and it is impossible to apportate into Hogwarts. So here she was, wearing Muggle clothes (large combat boots, baggy jeans and a shirt-she looked boyish with her short dyed hair) on her way to the world she didn’t know. Zlata remembered the last goodbyes before she left, a quick peck on the cheek from Ivana (“I promise, I will write often, I swear”), her mother’s lectures on how to avoid buying illegal dragons and her father’s cold “Farewell”. She just realized how much her head was hurting and that she was very tired. She rested her head on the back of her seat and felt asleep to the monotone sound of the train.
Zlata woke up because the train suddenly stopped. She was in London. She picked up her things (one suit case and a hand bag) and got off the train. The station was noisy and full of Muggles. Zlata didn’t like that. She was looking for the man who was supposed to meet her at the station and take her to Hogwarts. She searched her pockets until she found a little piece of parchment that had Karkaroff’s writing on it. “Severus Snape” it said. She didn’t remember the description of the wizard, for she was not paying attention. She looked around, but didn’t see anyone who would slightly resemble a wizard. Somehow she could sense it. In the mean time, it was getting dark, and the people were leaving the station. Zlata spotted a bench, where she sat down, opening a Japanese manga novel that she just bought before leaving. She put a charm on it, so the characters moved like mad. All of a sudden, an old man sat down next to her and started stoking a cigarette. Zlata didn’t like the smell and she was highly annoyed with the rude muggle who started talking to her, reminiscing on his youth, apparently thinking she cares.” “Nutter” she thought scooting over to another side of the bench. Five minutes passed and Zlata’s nerves gave up “I will curse you, you old raccoon with the worst bloody spell I know” She searched through her pockets for a wand, took it out and raised it pointing to a clueless old man, trying to remember the most devious spell ever created, when she felt someone grasp on her arm. Whoever was holding her was strong and had very cold hands. She did not like that touch, so she turned around a kicked the attacker. To her surprise, the man was wearing wizard robes and looked like the description that Karkaroff gave her. “Professor Severus Snape” he said with a slight tone of pain in his voice. “Oh, I’m sorry, Professor” Zlata said quietly. “Follow me” he said. And so they left the old man still sitting on the bench, unaware that he just escaped something horrid. Snape was walking very fast, so Zlata had to run to keep up with him. They reached a book store, which seemed dark and gloomy. Snape walked in first, leading Zlata. He handed her a book. “This is a portkey, leads right to Hogwarts” he said. She got a hold of the book and suddenly saw everything around her move in circles. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them, she was standing beside Professor Snape in a big hall that was bright because of the numerous candles. Now at the light of these candles Zlata can see Snape very clear. He was a tall man, very pale, with piercing black eyes and greasy jet black hair that was falling on his face. He wore black wizard robes and everything in him looked very dark and depressing.” Welcome to Hogwarts” he said in a morose voice as he brushed the hair off his face. “One could find him attractive” Zlata suddenly thought “in a morbid kind of way, I suppose”. It was rather late and Zlata was tired, and wanted to sleep. “You will see Professor Dumbledore in the morning, follow me now, I will show you the guestroom.” Now he was walking slowly and Zlata wanted to strike a conversation with him. “So…um, nice school” she said. Snape remained quiet, only gave her a stare from underneath his dark eyebrows. “Err…what do you teach, Professor?” she asked him in despair. “Potions” he said laconically. “Oh, that must be fascinating. I always had fun in my Potions class in Durmstrang. “I teach rather untalented students who can not tell a Wit-Sharpening potion from Veritaserum” he said in disgust. “Oh, that’s easy, Wit-Sharpening requires armadillo bile, and Veritaserum obviously doesn’t. That’s a wicked potion, makes you spill all your secrets…” she in an evil voice. Snape seemed impressed, but not quite convinced that her knowledge in potions was up to his standards. He asked her some questions about other potions and antidotes. She seemed quite skilled with the Polyjuice potion. They talked about the Dark Arts, Hogwarts and the sorting. Zlata was excited to find out that professor Snape was a head of the Slytherin house, which she wanted to make very bad. Her best friend, Ivana Krum, has a brother who came to Hogwarts for a Triwizard Championship. He told her that Slytherin was a very good house. Finally, they reached the door, which was leading to the guestroom, where Zlata was to spend a night. “ Thank you Professor” she said. “ It was very nice talking to you”. Unexpectedly, he smiled. It looked like he hasn’t smiled for years, so awkward was his expression. “Goodnight” he said and left swiftly. Zlata opened the door, walking into a beautifully decorated room with a large fireplace and a four-poster bed. There was a candle sitting on the night table, and a large dresser with a mirror above it. The room was nice and clean and smelled of fresh flowers. There was a set of pajamas laying on the bed waiting for her. She sat down on the comfortable cushion of the four-poster and thought of how glad she was that Professor Snape was the teacher of Potions. She knew that he was going to be the best teacher she ever had.

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someone different: arrival to hogwarts


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