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Friendship, Turst, Love Pain, Cold, Hate by Lili
Chapter 3 : Chapter 4 The Coldness of Draco Malfoy
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Harry couldn't help but grin as the school clapped in their delight that Harry Potter was still the Seeker for the team.
Draco Malfoy, however did not look happy and when Harry sat down he hissed right into Harry's ear, "Why, Potter? You can be the star Seeker in Slytherin!"
Harry looked coolly at him.
"Haven't you forgotten, Draco? You're the star Seeker on Slytherin. Not me. And I can be the Seeker and I'll have you bagging at my feet. With the Slytherin knowledge I will be the most powerful wizard in the world." He said very coldly that made all the Slytherin shiver in fear. Even Draco Malfoy shivered in fear. His face twisted into a silent terror.
"Very well, Potter. But watch out or you'll have in for you!" Malfoy warned then he turned and ate his eggs.
Harry cracked a grin and turned and saw Hermione looking at him. He frowned at her being that he was a Slytherin.
She looked sadly at him as if she had done something wrong and then she turned and walked out into the Great Hall. Harry felt his heart break into two pieces.
Then he saw Malfoy walk out with his cronies. Sensing that they were up to no good he quickly rushed out.
"Hermione!" he called.
No answer.
"Hermione!" Harry yelled again. High pitch screams filled his ears and almost made them pop.
He ran and followed the screaming.
Please let Hermione be all right and Malfoy hadn't hurt her! Harry thought as he ran. Then he saw her lying petrified. He turned to Malfoy who looked stunned to see Harry there.
"Give me one reason not to and I maybe consider it." Harry growled.
"She's a mudblood and deceivers it!" Malfoy hissed. "
You have till the count of 10 and if you're not gone by then I cruse you all." Harry said in a dead voice.
"Come off it, Potter. It's only a mudblood." Malfoy said calmly.
"One." He counted.
"Come on, Potter! You wouldn't attack your fellow Slytherin friends!" Malfoy panicked.
"Two, three, four, five, six."
"Potter, you're a Slytherin and Slytherin's don't cruse each other!" Malfoy screamed. "Seven, eight, nine!"
"Run!" Malfoy shrieked and then he and his cronies ran down the stone steps.
Then Harry leaped to Hermione who lay very still.
"Hermione?" He asked.
She didn't move
. Quickly he picked her up and ran to the Hospital Wing.
"What on earth happened to Miss. Granger?" Madam Pomfrey gasped.
"It was Draco Malfoy. He petrified her." Harry said surprised that his voice was so clam.
"I see. Well she's very lucky because I happen to have some Manrakes handy." She said.
Then she motioned Harry to lay her on the bed.
He did so but he wouldn't let go of her hand.
Madam Pomfrey sighed deeply.
James was always protecting Lily from something or another.
He once even saved her from a bludger that was set loose by Snape. "Give her this and she'll be fine. I'll be right back." She added.
Then she closed the door and smiled happily at herself. Harry took a chair and set it beside Hermione's bed and marked it as his own.

Harry Potter

There now Ron or anyone can sit on it or else they'd suffer a painful accident.
He picked up the bottle of the Mandrake potion and dropped a couple of droplets into her mouth. Then he sat back and rested his head on her bed.
The sun rose as Hermione Granger yawned and looked all around her.
She was in the Hospital Wing and someone or something was sleeping on her lap.
As she looked down she as that Harry Potter of Slytherin was sleeping ever so soundly on her lap. She blushed at poked him awake.
"Hmm?" he said sleepily. "
Harry, it's 6:00 and we have to went to Potions soon." She said.
"Oh right." He blushed.
As they walked together and then saying good-bye at the Great Hall Harry called her back. "Yes, Harry?"
"I want you to know that I didn't want to give you the evil eye but if any of the Slytherins saw me smiling at you they'll think that I'm still one."
"I understand, Harry. I really hope that you come back to Griffindor." Hermione said and she kissed on the cheek and hurried up the stairs to Griffindor Tower.
Harry stood there blushing like crazy then he hurried to the Slytherin common room and there he met an angry Draco Malfoy and Professor Snape.

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Friendship, Turst, Love Pain, Cold, Hate: Chapter 4 The Coldness of Draco Malfoy


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