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The Princess & The Prat (Finished) by DanielRadcliffeandMe
Chapter 16 : Chapter 16 - The Dark Lord and a Dark Lily
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Chapter 16 – The Dark Lord and a Dark Lily

Lily landed on her feet, though very unsteadily. A hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her behind a large cherub, putting a hand over her mouth. Panicking, she flailed her arms, until she realized it was only Sirius. As she turned her eyes away and looked beyond the bush, Lily saw why he had hidden her. She crouched down, terrified.

The Dark Mark was floating in midair over the next clearing.

Trying to master herself, Lily looked away and thought of James. He’s going to die if we don’t go now! A spark of fear flared inside her, but she suppressed it quickly. Lily turned to Sirius mouthed, “We-need-to-find-James-!”

Sirius nodded. He motioned for her to come around the tree, away from the green luminous skull. When they had crawled past the clearing, the evil sign behind them, Sirius stopped and wouldn’t go any further.

“We have to keep going!” hissed Lily, pushing her friend on. He didn’t move.

“I don’t think… People aren’t supposed to give up their own flesh and blood! James will be dead before we even get there!” His anger wasn’t real, and Lily knew it. It was fear and despair, the same she felt deep down.

“We had better get going, hadn’t we?” Lily stood up, pulled Sirius to his feet and began to walk stealthily toward the next clearing. She had no idea where they were going, but they had to keep moving.

Keeping the hoods up, the pair managed not to be seen. They walked for nearly half an hour, though it felt more like a year. Lily had to weave through the trees and roots as she fought her way deeper into the forest, Sirius trailing behind her. Finally, through the eerie silence, Lily heard a scream. She froze in place, making Sirius nearly run into her.

“What?” Sirius whispered, adrenaline pumping through his veins. She paused.

“What are we doing here?” Lily turned to face him, and for the first time, Sirius found fear in her eyes.

“We… we cant stop now! James is at risk, and Jack is ready to hand over!” he said. Anger drove all fear from his mind.

“I’m… afraid.”

For a minute, he said nothing. Lily felt weak and alone, missing her family more than ever. James is your family now. Sirius could tell what she was thinking about. Thankfully, he knew what to do.

“Close your eyes,” said Sirius. Lily wasn’t sure, but she did as he told her. “Picture your parents, when you found them. Remember how angry you were, how alone you felt.”

Lily realized that her hands were balled into fists.

“Who did that to you? Who killed your family? Who is going to kill James?” he taunted.

“Voldemort,” she answered, hurt and furious.

“Yes. A lot of people think you did it, you know. If Voldemort kills James, those people will say it’s your fault.”

Lily’s eyes flew open and she had to hold herself back from slapping Sirius across his face.

“How dare you-” she spat.

“Don’t be angry at me,” he said, with no hint of resentment. “You know who deserves every ounce of pain and every death he caused. Voldemort.”

More yells of terror came from beyond their hiding place. A bright flash of red light illuminated the scene across from Lily. In that second they saw someone fall and several more rush toward the source of light. For the only time in her life, Lily felt a hate so focused that she wanted, not to hurt, but to kill. Voldemort is going to get everyone I love!

No! said something inside her. He won’t get James! I won’t let him!

Lily whipped out her wand, throwing all caution to the wind as she let her hood fall off her face.

“Let’s go,” she managed to say as she stepped through the brush separating them from the battle.

On the other side of the trees, a frightening sight met them. One body lay off on the far side of the clearing. About 20 yards away from the figure was a mass of people; at least 30 men in white masks were huddled in a protective circle, facing outwards. Trying to break the ranks were about that many cloaked Aurors. Spread all about the entire field were two or three Aurors against at least that many Death Eaters. Spells were flying everywhere.

Then, she noticed it. On the ground between the Death Eaters was another person, though he was obviously not one of them. His jet-black hair caught her attention.

“James!” Sirius said behind her. He ran forward, throwing a spell towards the closest masked man. Lily couldn’t take her eyes away from James.

Suddenly, a brilliant flash of yellow light shook the forest. One masked man stood at the center of what had been the cluster of Death Eaters, as all of his bodyguards had been forced to divide and scatter to fight off the remaining Aurors. The chaos was so great that no one had even noticed Lily.

She drew her wand, and walked straight towards Voldemort, weaving through the others, hurling curses left and right. In her wake there were at least seven still figures on the ground, knocked out by her spells. Unfortunately, this didn’t go unnoticed. Voldemort ordered his Death Eaters toward her, and she halted.

“Get her!” Voldemort yelled.

“Where-is-James?” Lily called, speaking in gasps through the hexes she shot at the looming Death Eaters.

“He is mine now, the stupid boy!” Voldemort hissed. Lily sent a spell at him with full fury. He stumbled back and threw a new curse at her with a flick of his wand, cutting Lily across the shoulder and knocking her to her knees. She refused to be smothered so easily. Though blood was obviously pouring from her gash, Lily managed to stand again.


James heard Voldemort above him, yelling and fighting away hordes of people. Suddenly, the wall of Death Eaters surrounding them dispersed, first a few a time, then altogether as they were drawn away into other struggles.

“Get her!” Voldemort yelled. James was confused. What ‘her’ are they talking about? Then came a voice like phoenix song, shouting back at Voldemort.

“Where-is-James?” Lily called.

Above him, Voldemort spoke. “He is mine now, the stupid boy!” As he tried to lift his head, to see her one last time, James felt someone kick him in the ribs and nearly fall over him. James recoiled into a ball on the ground, the pain still eminent from the last ‘crucio’ strike. James opened his eyes in time to see Lily fall, with the force of a hex having grazed her right arm.


Lily shouted, “Protego! Protego!” as Voldemort sent flashes of green and purple light at her.

“He’s mine now, girl, so just give up! There is nothing for you left! You can meet your foolish parents again!” sneered Voldemort in a murmur that carried through the clearing.

“You took my family! You cannot have James!”


As Voldemort called to Lily, hissing worse than insults, James mustered up as much strength as he had. “He’s mine now, girl, so just give up! There is nothing for you left! You can meet your foolish parents again!”

Lily said the only thing that could have helped James, and he knew she would find a way to get out, even if he couldn’t go with her.

“You took my family! You cannot have James!”

Voldemort pulled back, readying himself to send the final curse at her. Just as he drew back, James gathered up his energy and kicked Voldemort, moving his legs from under him. Staggering, Voldemort stepped back and looked down at James.

“You’ll pay for that, you silly boy!”

James saw a flash of red light before it was all over…

Hehe. Cliff-hangers are great, aren’t they? Especially when I know what’s gonna happen! Today’s quote: “Timmy Turner- It's educational, and violent. But mostly violent. YEAH! Violence!”

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