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Vampires by Daphnie
Chapter 2 : Vampires
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Chapter 2
"Are you ready Emerld?"Spike asked.
"Almost!I hope you know that when we go there it will be storming 'cause Romania is vampire gentle"Emerld said.
"Yes I know"Spike said getting mad.
"Colm down!"
"Oh sorry"
Spike and Emerld left.When they got to Romania Emerld was right it was storming like crazy. Spike pulled out her umbrella to notice that her sister was wating for her Spike and Emerld ran to her.
"I thought i'll never see you two again. Let's go to the dragon center and I'll show you the dragon's i'm studding right now"she said
"Melissa I thought you traveled not staying"Emerld said.
"Well I was traveling with George Weasley"Melissa said affering them to come in.
"A Weasley, Are you lieing sis"Spike said looking at someone who looked like Harry"Is Potter and the other Weasley's here"
"Yeah but I don't know if they are in this building"Mellisa said.
"Isn't that Potter"Emerld said.
"Yeah that is and George is with them"Mellisa said loking at George with her I love you eyes.
"Mellisa snap out of it"Emerld said swaying her hands in her face"Do you have a crush on George Weasley?"
"No I don't ! He's u-g-l-y !"Melissa said pretending to puke.
"Look at Spike and her sister"Hermonie said.
"Mellisa Oh my gosh she is the woman of my dreams"George said going out into outerspace.
"George, who's Mellisa"Harry asked looking around the buliding.
"Look at Spike, the veela beside her is her sister"Hermonie said pointing at Mellisa.
"Ohh she looks 3 times taller than Spike."
"Harry veelas this age don't grow to fast thell get taller in there last year"Hermonie said pretending to be sorry for Harry.
"Oh sorry"Harry said looking into Spike's eyes that shined everytime she smiled.
George's group left the building. George showed them around. Everyone had an umbrella.
"Ron, Harry,Fred, George, and Hermonie I'm going to teach you how t be slayers"George said bending down to there hight.
"George, now don't be teaching the little ones how to be slayers"There mum said.
"They need to."
"Give me one good reason George"
"Ok mum there is vampires at Hogwarts"George said putting a little smirk on his face.
"Ok you can but don't let them see the routine with a real body."
"Mum don't worry I'll theach them to easy way"George said walking them to a gym

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